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Vintage Chunky JRS Sweater - Sz L

Can you guess what year this article was from?

Sideways Knit Sweater - pattern update 

So I made another sweater this weekend!

Just like the one a few weeks back but this time using 3 strands not 4. The sleeve shaping works a treat and I made a sime adjustment and collected 40 stitches along the front and back and decreased 5 at each end over alternate rows to get back to 30 stitches. noch 160 Wörter


Forest Fiesta

Goal #1 check! I finally finished the Forest Fiesta from Knit Swirl.

This is the second “swirl” that I’ve made from this book.

I started this one back in the winter and worked on it throughout travel volleyball season. noch 150 Wörter


Hazel Likes: Sailor Scout Jumpers

All my Sailor Scouts better gather ‘round!

You can’t always be saving the world in your Sailor Scout uniform. On your off days, you need something comfy to wear. noch 150 Wörter

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