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Endless Sleeves

I’ve been working on my sweater this week, mostly. I really would like to get it done before it gets too warm up here (though, since it’s Minnesota, I have until at least May). noch 80 Wörter


3Cs: Cozy Crochet and Congratulations!

Sweater Slouch Beanie ©2015 alecia goodman to present pattern by Crafty Ridge,

Sweater Fingerless Gloves ©2015 alecia goodman to present pattern by Crafty Ridge, … noch 71 Wörter


FO Friday - Vivido Cardigan

I declared my Vivido Cardigan done on Ravelry last week!  In reality, it wasn’t finished until this week…just in time for 70 degree days!  Fortunately, I know that won’t last!   noch 235 Wörter


How to mend- Sweaters and knits

I know you were probably expecting “How to hem pants- Part 2.”  #realtalk: I don’t have any dress pants that need to be hemmed right now.   noch 1.474 Wörter


An Old Sweater

I found an old sweater tucked away in a bag
I hadn’t touched since the move
And hidden away in its forgotten folds
Were memories I hadn’t remembered in… noch 88 Wörter