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Who doesn’t love matching Christmas sweaters. You can find matching adult and children jumpers in Primark this season.

Christmas Sweaters, starting from €7 / $8 for the children’s sweater.


Winter jacket

Jean jacket hen gets a new fleece jacket today.  I took her jean jacket away a couple of weeks ago, in the rainy time just before they went in the greenhouse, and immediately felt sorry for her, seeing her no-necking with the three feathers on her back standing up, for insulation.  198 weitere Wörter


The Mofo Moto Jacket

This has to be the HARDEST pattern I’ve ever tried. The Tara Jacket by Ashley Rao, is a gorgeous motorcycle jacket. I’m using Malabrigo Rios in Hojas (a gorgeous greenish blue 100% merino) – the most expensive yarn I’ve ever purchased. 27 weitere Wörter


How I Found Myself Freaking Finally!!!

For months I have been asking myself what is Emma Li all about? All I could come out with is fashion and photography, photography and fashion. 465 weitere Wörter


Holidays with Princess

It’s that time of year. Christmas music playing on the radio, temperatures dropping to below freezing, and the sun setting before it’s even 5:00 O’clock. It’s winter time. 332 weitere Wörter