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I have become a big fan of oversized sweaters not only are they stylish, cute,sexy and super comfy they are also versatile that way they can be worn to just about any occasion once paired with the right ensemble no worries this piece makes a classic outfit. noch 73 Wörter

Knitting Monogamy and Sweater Progress

I’m not normally the type of knitter that only works on one project at a time, usually I have quite a few on the go at any given time (if I’m honest it’s around 5 plus spinning projects) and I work on whichever fits the mood or situation best. noch 141 Wörter


OOTD Holy Shit! What Time Is It?

These two outfits exemplify my lack of planning and waking up late outfits. I’d like to think they look mildly put together, but they’re both pretty much my go tos when I’m running late. noch 162 Wörter

Beauty & Fashion

Laced Boots + Socks + Skinnies

Sweater:  old Ralph Lauren  .  Shirt:  old Ralph Lauren Outlet  .  Jeans:  American Eagle  .  Boots:  Kohl’s, check in stores, not available online  .  Watch: noch 96 Wörter



Today’s WIP has been part of The Ten (which is currently only 7!) for several months, but it wasn’t getting much love.  I decided to frog it and try something else this weekend.   noch 373 Wörter


OOTD Dressing Down Fancy

I love wearing dresses. Especially “fancier” dressing and dressing them down.

To be fair, one of these dresses is a skater style dress that can easily go up or down, but for these looks I took them both down. noch 257 Wörter

Beauty & Fashion