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Random haul

Hey shopaholics,
I bought a few cute things this weekend, which I’m super happy with!
If you go shopping now, you’ll find sale everywhere. I like to go through sale items, because there are so many different items in 1 place. 218 weitere Wörter


Adelaide for the Olympics

When the winter olympics were coming up I was deep into my lucca shawl, and knowing that I was about to watch a lot of distracting television, I cast on a simple sweater: … 158 weitere Wörter


A small subset.

As you may have seen, I’ve been casting on a lot of new things. I don’t tend to work on that many of them actively, so I’ve been making progress on just a few. 477 weitere Wörter


Summer Inspo Outfits

Summer is just around the corner and why waste time trying to figure out what to wear when you can be out having fun? Refresh your Summer wardrobe with some style inspo here ;) : 146 weitere Wörter


A Thrifted Retro Look

I recently thrift shopped at Haight Street’s Decade of Fashion with my friends, and as I said in a previous post, I got a super retro Adidas Original sweater from the men’s section I just had to show you all! 419 weitere Wörter

Outfit Inspo

Working on Carbeth

Well the Carbeth sweater is coming along. Surprisingly we haven’t had a really hot and humid day the whole time I’ve been working on it. I thought for sure the knitting gods would dump the hot and humid on me instantly. 561 weitere Wörter