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My Teal Sweater

This is my first adult-sized knitted sweater.  I’ve crocheted sweaters before and even knitted sweaters for infant and toddlers.  So, needless to say, I was a bit nervous about undertaking this project.  61 weitere Wörter

Needle Escapades

Another Sweater

This is the 3rd sweater I have made since last fall. I think it is the best! I wore it out this morning and got lots of compliments, plus it is warm, This sweater worked up really quickly. 196 weitere Wörter



There once lived a bromide named Salai.

To know her is to know she does not die.

Who’d believe such an obvious lie?

Untitled by Lady Polarity


A cozy wardrobe addition

The cold was back here after a few weeks taking a break and I was not well-prepared. Went out with a coat, a sweater and all my body was covered but it didn’t help. 129 weitere Wörter

Style File

The Fashion Update Blogletter ~ Februari 16 2018

A new fashion blogletter showcasing selected fashion with news, latest fashion items as well as makeup, hair, and nail styling tutorials and tips. Subject to availability you can find all the items in this post and more such as fashion week schedules and the latest fashion at the blog at the… 510 weitere Wörter


Growing into my own: Style ain't shallow, you hear?

I definitely didn’t use to have a sense of style.

I grew up lip syncing to Beyonce with my sisters and playing king of the hill with the boys in our neighborhood. 965 weitere Wörter