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FO Friday: Baby Vertebrae for PB

Okay, this FO has been done for awhile. Truth be told all it needed was a bath but a mild but persistent upper respiratory virus attached itself to this pregnant body and I lost all will to do anything but play with Jellybean while simultaneously laying on the couch and then surf Instagram after he went to bed for like a solid week back in early April. 81 weitere Wörter


Baby cardigan

Just a simple baby sweater. I made it last year for a very sweet boy in the family. I have used only blue  colors and white. 61 weitere Wörter

To Knit

Why a Cashmere Sweater Can Cost $2,000 … or $30


By Kim Bhasin and Justina Vasquez

A plain, yet meticulously crafted, sweater made of the world’s finest cashmere can cost $2,000 or more from premier fashion labels such as Loro Piana. 816 weitere Wörter

Current Affairs

t-shirts and sweaters

Hey you all,
That sad moment when you realize you don’t have money left to spend & there are so many clothes you like! Ugh, it’s the worst. 334 weitere Wörter


The Sweater

You’re like my favorite sweater,

The smells of places it’s been,

With tears caught in the fabric,

And my life sewn in the seams.

It’s seen a share of sunshine, 112 weitere Wörter

Knit Night: Wipping along.

Have I mentioned April is WIP month? I decided I was sick of projects languishing on the needles so I set out to do something about it. 315 weitere Wörter