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Sweater Weather in Brooklyn

When winter comes along, it’s easy to stick to sweaters and jeans all season long. However, if you’re like me and get bored with wearing just a sweater, here’s a way in which I try to change up my winter uniform. 179 weitere Wörter


Coral & Floral

The spring weather in Wisconsin certainly didn’t last long. 😣 But I was not deterred! Lol. The themes for this #OoTD look were coral and floral! 73 weitere Wörter

Outfit Of The Day

Another Chilly Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday!!!

It’s been that kind of week, and the weather has gone back to being cold and dreary, so I decided on a more comfy and cozy outfit for my Friday at the office. 29 weitere Wörter


Bye Bye Layers

Jeans/Rich & Skinny  Booties/Marc Fisher  Sweaters/English Factory  Jackets/J.Crew

Dear Fashion Blog,

All of a sudden it feels like spring and we’re loving it. It seems as though this coat is going to get little use in the next few days and we’re not complaining.


Sophie & Celine


Dailies 2/24/17: sweaters, war souvenirs, cypresses, & a contract between Forward and Reply

Sweater – Jane Hirschfield

What is asked of one is not what is asked of another.
A sweater takes on the shape of its wearer, 119 weitere Wörter

Food-Yoga-Writer Poem: Sweater by Jane Hirshfield

My new borrowed mantra: „You cannot write until you know how to inhabit your own experience“ is from Jane Hirshfield. According to today’s Writer’s Almanac… 182 weitere Wörter


Blue and Furry

When i saw this pattern i knew i needed to knit it – in mohair. Kidsilk mohair+alpaca yarn. Luxurious. Hoping for a slightly 90s type furry-ball sweater :-D… 40 weitere Wörter