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'Tis the Season for "Ugly" Christmas Sweaters

Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas will soon be upon us at last. This means that you’ll be spending quality time with family and friends, maybe you’ll attend an office party or two, or some other holiday event. noch 107 Wörter


Style Saturday- 28 November 2015

This week’s Style Saturday will be looking at some more of my Seattle purchases! M was absolutely lovely and let me stop in at quite a few places. noch 227 Wörter


Target: home of the best sweater ever. For under $20!

I am not a cold weather person.

Although born and raised in balmy Pittsburgh, I am convinced that my real parents are from some tropic island, hence my body’s refusal to adopt to it’s surroundings. noch 243 Wörter


From Ireland

Irish Pull: Carraig Donn Industries LTD, Ireland

I was very happy to receive this Irish sweater as a gift. Each knitting patterns tells a story and its design is inspired by the rich Irish heritage and an appreciation for the natural blend of soft shades found across this beautiful country: … noch 78 Wörter