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Street Style

Hello everyone,

For the past couple of posts I’ve been showing you guys the classy outfits I put together. For today’s post I have decided to show you guys my street style.You can catch me in a street style outfit during school hours, or when I’m running errands.


This Season's Hue

Every fashion junky is always excited to see what the “it” color is of the upcoming season. So, what is the color for fall 2015? Pale PINK! noch 83 Wörter


Trend Alert: Big Sweaters (Ponchos, Cardigan and Capes)

I’ve been loving the trend we are seeing right now that I’m calling “big sweaters”. The reason I’m giving this trend my own name is because every single website calls it something different. noch 645 Wörter


DIY Yarn Art

Dress:  Lily Rose from Kohl’s   .   Sweater:  old Banana Republic   .   Sandals:  Minnetonka   .  Watch:  Michele noch 262 Wörter



It’s.#inktober! So for this month, I have to do a drawing in pen, marker or ink of some type everyday.

Of course, I’m not going to post each and every one, though you’ll probably end up seeing them all. noch 164 Wörter

Autumn To-Do List: Apple Picking

If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while, then you would know from my Autumnal Musings post not too long ago that I am completely enamored with the fall season. noch 768 Wörter