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Ladiesss here I am again!

Hope everyone of you had an awesome week! Mine sure was superb!
I am still dreaming of the shopping experience… 361 weitere Wörter


How to take photos of clothes

Hello guys!

As I said before, I love to take flat lay photos, so I decided to write about three ways you can photograph your clothes. 300 weitere Wörter


Sweater Weather Day 3

And we’re off on Sweater Weather Day 3! Honestly, I’m loving sharing my favorite sweaters.

We’ll start again with my stack of sweaters. Today, we’ll be looking at the green sweater second from the top. 214 weitere Wörter


A Snowstorm Can't Even Halt This Sweater's Progress

During my post-surgery bedrest in November and December, I found myself with no project to work on, so I whipped up a couple of Fair Isle hats for two of my kids as last-minute Christmas presents, but that only took three days and then I was once again project-less.   1.034 weitere Wörter

In-Progress Knitting Posts

Vintage sweater

Hi everyone,

I am hoping you are having a good weekend so far :)  Today I am posting an outfit idea with my new favourite winter coat/sweater.   127 weitere Wörter


Cool in the Rain

Messy hair, knit sweaters, wide pants…

As a „minimalist“, I only own two knit sweaters. So, I’m pretty much screwed for the winter. I thought it was going to be challenging , but I’ve actually not struggled. 191 weitere Wörter