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1/4 - The Norway Sweater 

It’s been a while since I wrote about my latest knitting project and that might be due to the fact that I didn’t knit so much in the last weeks. 197 weitere Wörter


Crop Sweater

My sister gives me so many clothes. I love getting her hand-me-downs. Slightly worn clothes+free=happy Rachel.

Sometimes though the clothes she gives me are super cute, but not quite my style. 262 weitere Wörter


Episode 13: A Tale of Two Blankets

Happy to report that Episode 13: „A Tale of Two Blankets“ is up on Youtube! Show notes are below. Giveaway winner announced! Thanks for spending some fun time with me :) 72 weitere Wörter


Y A Y OR N A Y ?

                                      LONG   LONG   LONG   TIME  RIGHT ?

A big hello to all the lovely folks out there… its been a long that I haven’t uploaded any blog… so now onwards I will be uploading regularly.. 182 weitere Wörter


5 Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace

A beautiful statement necklace shows off a woman’s confidence, uniqueness and personality. A statement necklace can bring your outfit to the next level. Keeping the rest of the outfit simple and not busy on the eyes is a key. 82 weitere Wörter
How To

April Showers

Remember how last week I told you guys that the weather was finally warming up and it was really sunny out? Well That quickly . For the past two weeks it’s been gloomy and raining. 91 weitere Wörter


Virgin-killing sweater back on sale in Japan with all-new colours added to the range

From racy red to baby pink, now there’s a virgin-killing sweater to suit all tastes and occasions. 257 weitere Wörter