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Guido Fiani and his Suzuki! イタリア の もとくろっす!suzuk

We are at the on this 2015 , but we have a time to do some photos , before the end of tucany champioship!

Suzuki Nine Knights 2015 - Slopestyle in Livigno

Normally the Sportografers go home after the event, but sometimes we go from one event to another and have some leisure time in between.

After last weekend’s event I went to Livigno to explore the new flow trails because I was already close by. noch 196 Wörter

Photo Story

Welcomes September

Ah it’s September..

On Wednesday my Human celebrated he’s little human offsprings Birthday…She’s been around 22 years…a lot older than me!!

My Humans also started taking me to work :D Sorry brother Roary….It’s fun to go for a morning ride ^-^

<3 Sylvie


Violin? idk

So as usual, today I did literally nothing. Ever since I’ve been done with summer work (2 days now), I’ve had nothing to do all day. noch 1.328 Wörter


Dan Loeb and the Suzuki/VW Arbitration

Suzuki announced last Sunday that it will buy back its shares of VW after an international arbitration court settled a dispute between the two companies. Hedge fund bigwig… noch 366 Wörter


A Doggone Nice Surprise

Things have been super crazy around here lately (much to Jacques’ dismay). So much so, that I didn’t realize it was a National Dog Day until the day was almost over. noch 132 Wörter


Suzuki Jimny TRA Pushback vehicle is coming soon!

Do you think I should keep making drivable cars or start making pushback like this one? Tell me what you think in the comment box below!