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First-hand account: Anna Isaac on a date with Chennai's playboy Sunder Ramu

Chennai: Photographer and actor Sunder Ramu’s idea to date 365 women this year may be the talk of the town (nation?), but it was born with a simple agenda. noch 634 Wörter


An Interview with Sunder from Levelhead

The other day I was given the gift of being able to interview the wonderful Sunder who is a YouTube creator whom specializes in level design analysis with his show… noch 1.853 Wörter

Game Design

Some Animations are Just Pretty Neat to See

Although I have a few characters that use quarterstaves (primarily my casters, Rimuldar and Cantlin), Erdrique (Level 2 Rogue) is my first character to use a quarterstaff for primarily melee purposes.  noch 222 Wörter