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NUS National Conference: Hannah Webb for Block of 15

In the run up to the National Conference of the National Union of Students, we have offered all candidates for President, Vice President, and Block of 15 the opportunity to write articles for us explaining their priorities, their manifesto and why delegates should support them and elect them to their respective roles.

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bubble wrap jacket!

Yesterday, I made a bubble-wrap jacket.

This is not your ordinary venture, granted…but where imagination meets with momentum and a dash of glorious stupidity, anything is possible! noch 348 Wörter


In light of the upcoming Election...

12:10AM on a Friday night/Saturday morning and here I am; 22 years young, aggressively tweeting away about how much David Cameron has infuriated me with his behaviour of desperation, trickery and deceit. noch 1.131 Wörter

Two students create fundraisers to benefit the Holiday Center

By: Elisa Allino and Jessica Hachez

BERLIN/GORHAM – Facing the threat of closure from cuts to state funding, two seniors for Gorham High School came up with a plan to help keep the center open. noch 417 Wörter


University accommodation halls - What to bring with you

Many young adults move from their home country to study abroad. Why? There are plenty of reasons: independence, freedom, better education quality, better opportunities…They just pack their stuff, go to the airport and start a new life. noch 354 Wörter

About Myself

Chainsaw felling dangerous Southwood trees

We’ve been out chainsawing at Southwood Woodland to fell the hazardous trees that were identified in our tree survey last month. Sarah and I were joined by Tobias, a Merrist Wood student now armed with his chainsaw qualification and protective gear. noch 48 Wörter


Finding Order Amid The English Chaos

S Radha Prathi, April 18. 2015. DHNS

Even as our country is still weighing the pros and cons on the status of the English language in the department of education, it is time to have a subjective look at the topic. noch 706 Wörter

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