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The March For Our Lives: Cultural Beliefs and Worldview Conversations

Today, the March For Our Lives drew hundreds of thousands around the United States. People were marching for human value and against gun violence.

However, many don’t realize the worldview assumptions behind this any many other cultural beliefs. 298 weitere Wörter


Business Schools

Hello and welcome Again.

Today, I specifically want to talk about the business schools. You know, students who want to pursue their education in management and business fields have to go to business schools. 523 weitere Wörter


You can’t learn design online


Today, the number of online courses, online certificate, and degree programs, and the scores of eager students, has grown exponentially in all disciplines — design included. 1.364 weitere Wörter


The Go Green in the City Challenge

Scholarship Description

Build a career with Schneider Electric and win the international trip*. The Go Green in the City Challenge is a Schneider Electric’s international Business Case Challenge that organized by Schneider Electric. 756 weitere Wörter


Here are some of the best March for Our Lives protest signs


On Saturday, thousands of people from around the US hit the streets of Washington, DC, to participate in the March for Our Lives… 513 weitere Wörter


On grades

I teach ninth graders. I love their energy, they’re desire to learn a foreign language, they’re desire to take risks with the language.

The risk-taking took a bit of time to happen because students wanted to speak and write perfectly, but when they heard over and over that we make mistakes even in our language, that mistakes are proof we are trying, that we can learn from them, they changed their mindset. 484 weitere Wörter

A Collector's Cabinet

Sorry for the gap in posting, as so often; marking and a professional need to finish up some publications have coincided in an awkward way. But another one is now off to readers so I can manage a quick post, and the one that is up next is the one where I explain what I did with the discovery mentioned… 1.292 weitere Wörter