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York County Food Bank packs 1500 holiday dinners for local students in need

YORK, Pa.– Helpings of holiday cheer are being prepared this weekend to help local students in need, and their families.

For the third year, the York County Food Bank is teaming up with 13-school districts for its „Give A Meal Program.“ The food boxes include a frozen turkey and all the sides and will be given to students in the county who receive free or reduced meals. 107 weitere Wörter


Money Saving Tips For Students.

So, to kick off my blog into full swing, I thought I’d start by writing a post on money saving tips and life hacks, revolving mainly around students. 1.071 weitere Wörter


Homes, Hearts and Toothpaste.

Weird things remind me of home. For instance, getting to the end of a tube of toothpaste. My parents are ‘thrifty’ you see…they like to wait ‚til the very end of the tube. 626 weitere Wörter

Bucky's Family: Kieran Yeomans

Meet Bucky’s Family member, Kieran Yeomans!


Kieran is a new sophomore at Beaverton who transferred this year from Sunset. Born in San Diego, Kieran moved to the Portland-Hillsdale area where he spent most of his life before moving to the Beaverton area. 158 weitere Wörter


Congratulations Fall 2017 Graduates!

Fall 2017 Commencement took place Saturday, December 16, at the Colorado Convention Center. The School of Public Affairs hosted a reception for graduates and guests in the Terrace Room immediately after the ceremony. 303 weitere Wörter


Teaching (no more 9 to 5)

A week after arriving I got offered a job working 6 hours a week at a top-notch language school and I started straight away! 6 hours may not sound like much, but for a new teacher this was great for me.  386 weitere Wörter

How to Make the Most Difficult Students Not Seem so Difficult

I recently set a goal for myself regarding my interactions with two challenging students in my class, as I felt that I wasn’t always making use of my patient parts while talking, responding, or reacting to choices these students made.  779 weitere Wörter