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Contact with The Almighty (John 1:14)

After spending millions of dollars in a 40-year project, scientists have still made no contact with extraterrestrial beings. But their search continues. Robert Jastrow, director of the Mount Wilson Institute, says that he expects to find “beings superior to us … , not only technically, but perhaps spiritually and morally.” 210 weitere Wörter


Lack of Sidewalks in Palm Coast

In Palm Coast, Florida there have been many complaints about the need of sidewalks. Though the views on this topic vary depending on who is being asked. 341 weitere Wörter

Flagler Palm Coast High School

September's Athlete Spotlight: Edward "Eddie" Gatharu

By J.L. Stephenson, Grade 11

        He’s a rather unconventional hero, in many ways a true backbone to all he supports: September’s Athlete Spotlight of The Month is varsity football’s  Edward G. 455 weitere Wörter

Rival Teams Work Together to Allow Teen With Cerebral Palsy to Score Touchdown


Two rival teams in North Carolina displayed the embodiment of good sportsmanship when they worked together to allow a teen with paraplegic… 376 weitere Wörter

In Our Communities

Clinic Comments on FINRA Proposal to Change Arbitrator Chair Qualifications

As part of its mission of serving regular investors, the Investor Advocacy Clinic reviews FINRA rule proposals and submits comments after fully evaluating the proposal.  Earlier this week, 123 weitere Wörter


ACLO membership still the cheapest option for students in Groningen

By Bala Chambers

ACLO Sport’s Plus gym membership at the Zernike campus is still the cheapest gym across the city, despite efforts by other local gyms to attract students with other deals.In order to qualify for a gym… 230 weitere Wörter


On odd pets and limits.

„Miss, I have a watermelon for a pet.“
„It’s green.“
„Is it a big watermelon or a small watermelon?“
„A small one.“
„So you wouldn’t have to check it when you get on a plane, it’ll fit in one of those little carriers.“ 67 weitere Wörter

Stuff High Schoolers Say