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Dean's Award

Each trimester, a Bachelor of Business student is awarded the Dean’s Award, in recognition of their outstanding academic performance in their studies. This award is presented by the Academic Director to one special student, and is a celebration of their passion and hard work during their degree. noch 60 Wörter


Double Portion (2 Kings 2:9)

We can be tempted to put more trust in the leaders God gives us than in God Himself. History teaches us that, as wonderful as these godly people are, God always has another Moses, Elijah, or David. noch 165 Wörter


Kids and Inadequacy

One of my students, let’s call him Mike, is a sensitive and observant 8-year-old. Despite his indifference to all matters related to studying, he’s incredibly attuned and invested in analyzing his surroundings; he makes rather poignant observations about the people in his life as well. noch 1.089 Wörter

Gradeschooler (5-12)

Uhhh... Welcome?

Dear Person-Who-Is-Reading-This-Post,

Welcome to this blog!  My name is Alex and I am 20 years old. I am Greek. I am studying Mathematics at the University of York in England. noch 87 Wörter



Three kids draw boxes
One tells me, “This is torture.”
The others agree