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The Everyday Sexism rant. 

Hello, I must apologise for not updating. I’m so busy, it’s hard being a student!

I’m on a rant, instead of venting my anger at the person who was sexist towards me I’m going to vent on here. noch 397 Wörter


Registration is still open at FPNS, Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten

FPNS, First Presbyterian Nursery School & Pre-Kindergarten, register your child for September 2016.  

Call or take a tour of our school, 516-796-6221.

 A picture is worth a thousand words!   noch 135 Wörter

First Presbyterian Nursery School And Pre- Kindergarten

GTA Tutors: Join Alpha’s Network

We’ve always had strong relationships with the people we serve, including teachers, students, parents, tutors, homeschoolers, and other businesses.

For over a decade we have offered a free service that connects students with local tutors, as a way to give more to that community. noch 206 Wörter


Teachers Do NOT Have Favorites!?

Every year of my teaching career thus far, the students have taken it upon themselves to choose my „favorites“.  Sometimes it is the student with the highest GPA.   noch 326 Wörter


Microsoft Word Gets a Research Feature

Microsoft Word has gotten an interesting research feature. „Researcher uses Microsoft’s Bing Knowledge Graph to query content from the internet and then pull it straight into Word. noch 41 Wörter

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15 Tips for Future Exchange Students

Here are some general tips for future exchange students, wherever you may be headed. These tips will help you deal with the language barrier, homesickness, and just making your exchange as successful as possible. noch 1.223 Wörter


Educator Measures Upside of Educational Diversity in Classroom

When teachers greet new classes this fall, the odds are good that the students they encounter will vary not only by cultural background but also in academic proficiency.

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Fordham Graduate School Of Education