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World famous inspiring minds and thinkers of today inspire students and businesspeople

Some of the world’s top thinkers of today visited factory of Imagination, hosted by Lillebaelt Academy of Professional higher Education. noch 451 Wörter


Innovative verdensnavne fyrede op under studerende og forretningsfolk

Anerkendte navne gæstede Odense ved DOK 5000 og Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælts ’Factory of Imagination’ noch 485 Wörter



East Restaurant, located at the site of Lowestoft College, has received aTripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award.

Now in its fifth year, the award celebrates excellence in hospitality and is given only to establishments that consistently achieve great l reviews on TripAdvisor. noch 100 Wörter

I've got to be true to myself

“I blame my mother.”  How often do people say this and truly mean it?  Well this time I do.  I completely blame my mother.  Raising  two boys and girl, it would be fair to say that my mom took special care to ensure her daughter would grow to be a strong and independent woman.   noch 767 Wörter

Mixture of Feelings

The sch term has been really exhausting, but i’m really glad that tmr is the last day of the term and i’m unscathed. (: There are times when i really felt like giving up, and this is one of the term where so many different things happened, both good and bad alike. noch 1.013 Wörter

Goodnight Moon and opportunity: A worrisome gap between rich and poor

Shopping at a local gift shop, I overheard a young mother speak to her toddler with the precise diction of an English professor, “I want to  noch 595 Wörter