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I Have To Live With Myself and so, I Will Be Fit,For Myself To Know!

I said a few weeks ago that I was going back to just being myself, that I wasn’t going to worry about the guilt trips of others including my own family. noch 389 Wörter

61 How Do You...?

…keep yourself motivated?

When things suddenly felt bland and boring.

…keep your blood pumping?

When you are too tired from work but your mind doesn’t want to stop thinking? noch 32 Wörter


Money Costs Too Much

And what does it cost?  Time.

You’ll never get time back . But money can always be made.

Of course one needs money for shelter, clothing and food but what I experienced (and may still) is something called the “Joneses” That feeling to gain acceptance amongst others and belonging to the social class we yearn to be recognized as.  noch 77 Wörter


Depression + No Appetite + Cravings.

Since being back home and having no lead on a job in my field yet, I have been mildly depressed. I was really hoping that my internship would have led to a job out on the west side of the state but, I was sadly mistaken. noch 735 Wörter


Inside Out

Yesterday I went with my mother and my foster brother to see Disney Pxar’s Inside Out. I knew that by going I’d be seeing something cute with a good story (I mean after all, it is Pixar), but I was shocked to realize that this children’s movie had such great lessons to teach me as an adult.   noch 841 Wörter


Truth! . . .

This is something I struggled with this past week. In order to move forward in my life, I had to take a risk and this disease almost made miss an amazing opportunity. noch 22 Wörter

Chronic Illness

Chasing Anger With Self Recrimination. . . and Then More Anger

Yesterday I ranted about frustration with my husband. He had allowed our daughter to do something after I said she couldn’t.

I stayed good and pissed for the better part of the morning, but I actually felt better after posting and hearing back from you all who left generous and supportive comments. noch 846 Wörter