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Reduce Your Stress in Two Minutes a Day - Harvard Business Review - Pocket

Bill Rielly had it all: a degree from West Point, an executive position at Microsoft, strong faith, a great family life, and plenty of money. 6 weitere Wörter

The Healing Power of Silence

„Silence isn’t empty, but yet full of answers.“  How many times in your day do you hear silence?  Yes, I said „hear silence.“  Everyday we are bombarded by the texts, emails and calls pulsating through our phones.  423 weitere Wörter

Are you a highly sensitive person?

“The highly sensitive person has a sensitive nervous system, is aware of subtleties in his/her surroundings, and is more easily overwhelmed when in a highly stimulating environment.” (Elaine Aron, Ph.D.).   135 weitere Wörter


Tips for Beating Finals Stress

By now, finals are probably right around the corner, which means you’re in high stress mode. Personally, I think I’ve been on edge for the past 3 days, and I don’t think it’s going to get better for another week. 301 weitere Wörter

Living with anxiety

Anxiety is defined as “a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks,” in the New Oxford American Dictionary. 1.060 weitere Wörter


Millennials make us uncomfortable… (That’s why I love them…)

I was talking with a colleague recently about a vision I had to start a unique think tank of sorts. I expressed my desire to acquire a building where people from various generations could rent space for events, or utilize office space for their daily business activities. 693 weitere Wörter