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The Guide 19: More on the Stress & Vulnerability model of mental health and disorder

Let’s start by determining what the Stress & Vulnerability model of mental health and disorder is not. It’s not new. It’s the most recent version of a much more ancient understanding – the idea that stress and life events can cause mental health problems, ‘madness’ if you will. noch 3.165 Wörter

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A 5-Minute Breathing Exercise To Reduce Stress

In yoga, we try to balance the flows of energy and awareness as we raise prana, or breath. Pranayama (“conscious breathing”) creates this balance by linking the body with the mind. noch 505 Wörter


HOW TO COMBAT STRESS. Or: Help! I'm Trapped Inside A Trombone! I'm Flatulent! And It's Avalanche Season!


Your muscles are so tense, your shirt buttons shoot about like bullets from a Gatling Gun. Your nails are so bitten down, your wrists are starting to fray. noch 1.468 Wörter


Coping with a 45+ hour working week...

Yesterday I decided to take some medication as part of how I am coping with a huge increase in stress and workload.

I think that I am coping pretty well and taking steps to manage this which include being pretty honest that it isn’t always a walk in the park. noch 618 Wörter

What's your priority? Why it's ok not to do it all.

‘What’s the priority?’; ‘get your priorities straight’; ‘you need to prioritise’ – these are all phrases that we’ve either heard uttered or used ourselves at some stage, be it linked to work, an exercise schedule, romantic relationships, or family and friends. noch 693 Wörter



Help me find meaning
Stress creeping
Like a dead rose fading
Like drought
Thirsty of something
But can’t figure out
Not sure what to do… noch 30 Wörter