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#1: 5 Things I did to Get Back from Stress

Some people have problems with their relationship, some others maybe with their time management, well another group of people — maybe quite a big group of people — has problems with mood management, stress, or any other psychological terms.   noch 1.175 Wörter

Blogging Challenge - Day Five : Your Proudest Moment

This is a tricky one.  I have the world’s worst self-esteem so I don’t know that I ever feel proud of myself.  Which I should probably work on, I know.   noch 431 Wörter

It Doesn't Matter

I had a heart-stopping moment last week. Lately things have been crazy and, in turn, they’ve made me and certain members of my family crazy. We typically hold it together pretty well but this last month or so some of us have had random outbursts of tears or frustration. noch 611 Wörter


hard day but feeling better

I’ve been through a lot lately. Most of it’s emotional. and today, maybe yesterday I hit what I hope is my rock bottom. I had a hard time getting up this morning. noch 306 Wörter

War? Bring It On!

I hear you Wolfie. You want to put me down, drag me back to the bed, pin me under the weight of pain and discomfort. But boy, you underestimate me immensely. noch 133 Wörter

Are You Balanced?

Have you ever wondered what your purpose here on Earth was? Is it to be stressed, hustling through the day, going to bed late, sleeping poorly, getting up early, slugging your way through work, then taking care of kids or hubby and house, scrounging up the best dinner you can only to do it all over and over again every day? noch 345 Wörter


#aryakim: 18 months

Another almost 2 months have come and gone and our little AK is now almost 18 months old already!

Again, I am wondering why this is all happening so fast. noch 828 Wörter