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Another black woman has ended her life.  She’ll trend for a few days and her story will be forgotten. But hey, hashtag BraamSuicide

Paul Kagame could be president of Rwanda till 2034. 70 weitere Wörter


PTSD: The Aftermath of Trauma

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as its name suggests, is a disorder characterised by the stress that occurs post a traumatic situation. Trauma is the body’s emotional response to a drastic situation, such as rape, natural disasters, accidents, murders, bombings, etc. 253 weitere Wörter

Inside Story

Chores We Pay to Complete: Game Therapy

The role of chores in video games is a little confusing. The idea that video games, in many ways, resemble long lists of chores doesn’t sit well with us. 1.605 weitere Wörter


Parallel sleep

Sunny day and rainless office
Cannot stop my sleepiness.
Private and soft
It draws me to the land
of pink blankets and emerald fields.
I lull in this parallel reality
While the others rush.


Ex-hurricane Ophelia

Ireland is beginning to recover from ex-hurricane Ophelia the worst storm we’ve had since 1961. Before getting herself to a nunnery, she claimed the lives of 3 people and left 360 thousand people without electricity. 303 weitere Wörter


Blood Pressure

Everyone is always concerned about their blood pressure these days. Most are weary of keeping it from elevating to “high blood pressure”, but there is a population that actually has the opposite concern. 364 weitere Wörter



I’ve noticed a common theme happening with most of us in the light of recent political events and overall the general well-being of our world. Everyone seems  335 weitere Wörter