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10 things Motherhood has taught me

10 things motherhood has taught me.

A lovely mum blogger called challenged a few of us mummy bloggers to write about things we have learnt since becoming a mum. 1.346 weitere Wörter

The Little Things

So many things to be happy for

Yet I am always wanting more.

The sun glows through the trees

While the sunflowers wave in the breeze. 199 weitere Wörter

Here's How To Cope With Anxiety When It Grips You Unexpectedly

Even when life is running smoothly, chronic worriers focus on unknown disaster looming around the corner. If you are a worrier, you suffer on three levels: cognitive, emotional and physical. 766 weitere Wörter

Elena Mikalsen, Ph.D.
Section Chief, Department of Psychology
The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

Most children will have anxiety about starting middle school or high school. 697 weitere Wörter

Health & Wellness

Psych Appointment

Yesterday was my appointment with my psychiatrist. It went really well. I brought a list of everything I wanted to talk to him about, so I wouldn’t forget anything. 215 weitere Wörter


Thinking out loud...

…don’t mind me. I need to vent. This week has been bloody long, last week was long too. The weeks seem to be getting longer and longer. 942 weitere Wörter


UNB launches program to help first responders cope with witnessing trauma

A new extended-learning program at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) aims to help first responders better cope with stress disorders brought on by witnessing traumatic events. 323 weitere Wörter