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My Love For Coloring

Ok, so call me crazy but I really love to color and have since I was able to hold a crayon. I wouldn’t say I was necessarily artistic but I can definitely stay in the lines . noch 176 Wörter


When Polexia Aphrodisia spoke those iconic words, (“It’s all happening!”)
The way forth was clear; inspiring art forms,
Rebelling to their hearts’ content, much to their mothers’ discontent. noch 217 Wörter

Getting Kicked in the Face.

That’s right, I was kicked in the face, punched in the stomach, and had my heart ripped from my chest cavity. Ok…maybe not literally but last night, that is how it felt. noch 713 Wörter

Let it Go


Be still

Take a deep breath

And let it go



Say goodbye to everyone

you have ever known

because you will

never see them again,

I can’t shake

this feeling I’ve

got, two wrongs

don’t make a right… noch 11 Wörter