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Family finances under the microscope

In this guest article Clare Simpson, Project Manager at Parenting across Scotland, shares findings of a new survey that puts family finances across Scotland under the microscope. noch 375 Wörter

Children And Families

Truth to tell: self professed National Treasure

I am a self professed National Treasure, but maybe those who interviewed me on Monday differ in their opinion. They rang two of my referees yesterday, which caused a bit of excitement, but absolute silence today, so I am thinking they are of the ilk that checks every applicant’s references as part of their process; not just the front runner. noch 249 Wörter


Mindfulness for New Fathers

For new fathers, mindfulness really boils down to paying close attention to the subtlest shifts in your partner and baby, maintaining a feeling of connection to both of them, and being able to observe your own feelings rise and fall without becoming reactive. noch 969 Wörter


Getting an "A" in Self Care

By Jesse Turner

As the end of the term nears, stress levels rise. Time spent studying, writing, and reading goes up while time for ourselves and our health tends to diminish. noch 237 Wörter

Student Life

Redesigning our minds

It’s incredible to think about how well connected the brain is to the rest of the body. How and what we think all directly impacts our health. noch 1.410 Wörter

Physical Health