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Let's Talk About Dreams

Okay, so I actually spent 2 hours deciding whether to write this post or not. I guess because some people might think some shit in it is too much info? 1.007 weitere Wörter


Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms among Older Adults: A Review

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Anica Pless Kaiser, PhD, Jennifer Schuster Wachen, PhD, Carrie Potter, BA, Jennifer Moye, PhD, & Eve Davison, PhD, with the Stress, Health, and Aging Research Program (SHARP) 1.540 weitere Wörter


Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: 3 Ways To Declutter Your Mind

The B-Blog: „Stop Feeling Overwhelmed And Stressed: 3 Ways To Declutter Your Mind“ – Feb, 2017

Do you ever wake up in a surge of negative thoughts? 1.048 weitere Wörter

Study links long-term stress to obesity

(ABC) — The office, the commute, the kids, the laundry. Just a few possible sources of stress in our day-to-day lives.

Now, new evidence that the constant pressure from these commitments may not only take a toll on our minds, it could affect our waistlines as well. 144 weitere Wörter


Killer whales stress narwhals out just by being in the area


The warming of the Arctic is bad news for so many species, but for killer whales, it’s offering up a buffet. While the ice had previously prevented access to large areas—like Hudson Bay—the whales can now find their way into those waters during the summer. 756 weitere Wörter


PICADAY - Feb 23rd 2017

Feb 23rd 2017 – I need the weekend!

Firstly, sorry for being a negative mess haha but this week had been crazy! I posted on Monday about how great my week had started and rapidly it took a turn to the worse. 151 weitere Wörter

Picaday 2017

Working out of reverse culture shock 

I haven’t blogged much the last 6 months – for a number of reasons including my workload, and the stress related to moving my partner and dog across the ocean. 318 weitere Wörter