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Three Month Countdown

I’ve hit my sixth month of pregnancy and I’ve just realised that it feels as if time has gone by a lot faster than with my first pregnancy. noch 241 Wörter


Journal 3/3

Work was rough. It seems like every day gets worse and worse. I need a vacation. Just a week off. I can feel myself taking everything personally. noch 265 Wörter


Prayer 112: the pain of waiting

Dear God

Why do You make us wait so long for the things You want to give us? Surely it would be far better for You and certainly for me if You just decided what it was I should have and then allowed me to have it. noch 79 Wörter



I’m trying to sleep but I can’t because I’m so worked up over my job situation.

They are asking too much of me. Asking me to come in and work extra days because someone quit and another girl is out sick. noch 323 Wörter


Getting divorced? Pay attention to your kids' diet

We all know that stress causes binge eating. And now, the emotional turmoils of divorce have been proven to push kids to guzzle down sweetened drinks. noch 194 Wörter


First post . . . .

Hello, and welcome.

I do not know if anyone will read this and to be honest, I don’t care if anyone does. This is my second and last attempt at a blog. noch 53 Wörter