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On Stress

Sharp feelings twanging in my chest. The room is getting smaller then bigger then smaller again matching the rhythms of my heavy breath. I take all morning getting ready in order to avoid facing the dark hole in my mind… milk runs, elaborate recipes, long skype calls, painting my face on, a ten minute visit to my boyfriends apartment which transforms into an hour, hell even creating this blog. 69 weitere Wörter


Finding (and Keeping!) Your Inner Zen

Although I’m currently on uni holidays, this holiday season has been crazy busy. Between work, the gym, and inevitable errands, I haven’t actually spent much time relaxing! 669 weitere Wörter


Stressed Out

I’m a little stressed out. I am trying to make so many positive changes but it always seems like when I finally feel good and am doing the best I can, that life puts me to the test. 586 weitere Wörter


Life stresses.

Life is stressful. I’m not saying mine is more so than yours, but the universe has gifted me with a little more than I think is completely fair at them moment. 448 weitere Wörter

How Time Management Will Save Your Life

By: Ali Mastricova

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout high school, it’s that your biggest enemy is yourself. High school, in short, is four years of stress piled on top of one another and compacted into a huge weight of negative energy just packed upon your shoulders. 445 weitere Wörter


Sometimes I Just Need An 'Atta Girl'

It’s my senior year. It’s more than that though, it’s my senior year of college! And let me tell you how exciting, scary, and totally exhausting it is. 485 weitere Wörter



Coming out of a rather intense training session a couple weeks back, I had a few lines in my head.



Not sure.

So I played around with it, rewrote, rephrased, reworded. 164 weitere Wörter