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Day 93: Everything I Touch is Stressful

Everything is just stressful.

Everything. Just everything.

I touch a paper and it turns jumble.

Everything I hear is just annoying.

I went outside and it’s too hot. noch 97 Wörter



Stress is running up.

My life’s a rollercoaster

of high emotions.


Anxiety Struggles

I have struggled with anxiety on and off for years. It was at its worst when Will was a baby. I wasn’t coping at all. I was absolutely sure something was wrong, he cried incessantly. noch 336 Wörter


Here's Why Living on a Noisy Street Could Make You Fatter

The overwhelming hum from nearby traffic is often annoying, but it could also be making individuals more obese, according to new research from Sweden.

In an article… noch 172 Wörter

Exam nerves? (F)lump in your throat?

Exams are the worst. We’ve all been there: the frantic revision, the last-minute panic, the mid-exam crisis when you temporarily forget everything you learned. The sense of impending doom come May/June time is something that several students experience, whether that be during Sixth Form, college or university. noch 469 Wörter


Time Out

Ah, humans. They’re like the chillis of life; they’re great for spicing things up, but after a full course serving, some of us need a cool down period, or we can end up burned out, numb, and vowing never to try it ever again.  noch 241 Wörter