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Is this all even worth it?

I’ve never felt this anxious in ages. It’s like I’m a sitting duck just waiting for the world to crash around me. My entire future is dependent on a series of 7 days, where I’m tested on what I supposedly learned over the course of the last 4 months. 132 weitere Wörter


16 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Happy Sunday, everyone! A new school and work week starts tomorrow and I’m definitely dreading it. Since I work in accounting, the tasks are never-ending and can be quite stressful. 323 weitere Wörter


Being Kind to You

We all need to learn to be kinder. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it agin. Kindness is what is needed to make this world better than the way it is now. 539 weitere Wörter


Day 88 With Dora 

Wow! Training your own service dog is overwhelming! I thought it would be, but the scope of it is… it’s hard to put into words. Here’s a few of the pieces: 705 weitere Wörter

Slice Of Life

The Importance of Reading for Fun as a Full Time College Student

I get it – you see the title and shudder. If you are like me, you are taking around 18 hours a semester and you barely have time for bowel movements, let alone reading. 686 weitere Wörter


What is Depression?

It’s become quite common to hear people to use the term “depressed” to describe how they’re feeling after a bad day, a rough week, or after experiencing difficult life situations (e.g. 1.251 weitere Wörter


Losing It and Changing

Remember that time I went thirty two glorious days without yelling? Then I lost it and I haven’t gotten back. I’ve gone a day here and there but I can’t seem to get through without losing my cool. 1.250 weitere Wörter