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Ever had one of those days?
Can’t pull out of the tailspin?
Can you take a breath?
How do you feel now?

Ch'i Essentials

Help My Computer Has Been Hijacked by Windows 10 Anniversary Update!

My beloved computer was hijacked this morning.  I turned it on and without any warning it began an update.  It has been 8 hours of black screens & blue flashing lights with no sign of change. 176 weitere Wörter


Intensive Self-Care

Lately, I’ve been feeling really tired – exhausted even – mentally and physically. Recovering from a burnout (story for another post) is a tough, time- and energy-consuming process. 506 weitere Wörter

Positive Psychology

Day 450

What to do with gloomy Saturday? Bake muffins of course!

Today I made banana chocolate muffins – always delicious! The secret to good muffins: always use real chocolate – not the gross baking chocolate. 110 weitere Wörter

Daily Blog

Kiss my motherfucking ass

„What have you got to be stressed about?“

„You’re not stable enough to hold a job.“

„Why don’t you quit smoking and go see someone like you said you would?“ 975 weitere Wörter

Working Interview

Interviews in general always make me nervous but tomorrow is my first working interview. I am absolutely terrified. I don’t know how much working vs observing I will be doing which is what I’m so worried about. 113 weitere Wörter

Dear Mr. Principal;

The email correspondence is as follows:

Hi Principal,

I have an idea for a topic of discussion for the school culture committee meeting.  A lot of kids have been complaining that they miss study hall and need more time to complete assignments and tutoring.  421 weitere Wörter