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It’s been a gloomy week. The sun has been intermittent, and the rain has made an appearance.

Fitting, as I’ve been increasingly stressed. My husbands work has been slow, and the bills are piling up. noch 129 Wörter


It was back today. I don’t know why I’m surprised. I decided the world was against me, and that I hated everyone – against my better judgment. noch 252 Wörter



I have a terrible habit of picking at my cuticles. I often do it without thinking, when I’m meant to be writing or listening in class. noch 417 Wörter

Hotel stress.

Evening my lovelies.

NEED your help. 

Obviously, I booked a holiday to Florida in November. Now after more research and some Trip Adviser reviews we are majorly worried about our hotel. noch 271 Wörter


Are Malls Fun: a personal perspective

Is the mall a fun place to visit? I’m glad you asked. Though I must inform you right before I get into it that I may not be the best person to answer this question for you, depending on how you feel about the mall. noch 533 Wörter

Stretches for Breastfeeding

I haven’t been nursing for very long so I definitely don’t know all there is to know about that. We’re just getting the hang of things over here! noch 202 Wörter

Fit Pregnancy