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Last Days of Winter 2015

August and September was a crazy busy time and it also went by so fast, that I haven’t had much time to really dedicate to this blog. noch 36 Wörter



One thing that I really took away from my long weekend getaway was how important it is to go and get lost once in a while. noch 56 Wörter

Nike Presto.

The Nike Presto is renowned for their complex designs and the way it simply fits like a sock. The island blue re-release of the OG pair many years back has recaptured the powerfulness of such a strong colour and the design of the Presto.


89.91 Streetstyle #2

Photography: me.ofsam

*talk about VIETNAM StreetStyle photography.*
some “vietnamese” told me that vietnam streetstyle photo/grapher was not “true” with the meaning of “streetstyle”. So tell me why? noch 144 Wörter