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A Minimalist Look

Pants: H&M • Top: H&M • Shoes: DDs • Purse: Ross

I love this outfit and how fresh it looks and felt when I wore it. 92 weitere Wörter

Outfit Of Day | b&w

Today’s outfit consists of a b&w theme, straight to shoes.

Though it is almost June, May has been full of some rainy and colder days. This day just happened to be one of them. 142 weitere Wörter


Cafe Society

Photographer: Lisa Stephanie 

Lip Fondant: Caked in shade Fight Night 

Top: Muji, Ally Fashion

Booking enquiries: JR Management 

„I’ve asked young women to be models in front of my camera; to photograph them without any pretence of what they assume “looks good for social media”, on their “good side” of their faces with their hair smoothed over or makeup done up. 82 weitere Wörter


Straight Outta Thrift.

I know, I know I’m probably a tinnie winnie late for the camo trend party but hey, better than never.

You know one of those stand out pieces inside a pile of thrift clothes that is just begging for your attention? 123 weitere Wörter



Bangalore summer this year is almost as capricious as a girl on her periods. Our favourite, flowing summer dresses are likely to be soaked in water as we sweep the dirty roads if we don’t follow the weather forecast.( take it from an expert)so here’s my personal guide based on endless times I regretted my outfit choices as I braved the wrong outfit decisions (the winds almost flew my umbrella, let’s not even talk about the dress). 467 weitere Wörter

Weekly Outfit Inspiration

This weeks outfits are bit more minimalist which I didn’t realize until now. I think the images I chose were influenced a bit by what I wore today after work. 66 weitere Wörter

The Sole Women's Collab

I’m so excited to write about my collaboration with The Sole Women’s; a social media platform which finds the best trainer releases online and shows you where to buy them. 214 weitere Wörter