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Casual Smart ? 

Hi everyone,

Yes I know its been a long time since I last posted on my blog, but I have been making time for something new and special in my life. noch 277 Wörter

Style & Fashion

Get some inspiration

I’m quite new on instagram, but so far i’ve falllen in love with the app. It’s absolutely fab for streetstyle fashion and makeup looks.

One of the best instagram accounts on fashion inspiration that i ran into is… noch 25 Wörter

Chic Outfits

Outfit of the Week: Nov. 30th

This week’s outfit of the week goes to a look featured on the Shelby Hearts blog. Shelby looks ultra chic in an all black outfit. We love the way she accessorizes with an orange clutch to add a touch of color. noch 100 Wörter


lettera A

ITA — Aerodinàmica /aerodiˈnamika/ s.f. – 1. Ramo della meccanica interessato al movimento dei gas e al comportamento dei corpi in essi immersi. 2. Luogo immateriale del pensiero, là dove ingegno, fantasia e passione si fondono per nuovi progetti. noch 69 Wörter


Thanksgiving and chill 

This was a rather warm thanksgiving this year it was about 60 degrees which was perfect for my new velour sweatsuit I wanted to wear. So while the food was being prepared I snuck out to the backyard of my moms place and used my self timer on my canon to get a few shots. noch 91 Wörter


Colorful Dress with White Blazer

Photo by Joe Brinkerhoff

I love this colorful dress. I added white blazer, just beautiful combo. This outfit is perfect for church, dinner or party. I wore… noch 56 Wörter


Sparkling Monday

Honestly Monday is always a day I would love to avoid. Especially when the days are busy and chaotic like this one.
So how I tend to avoid the monday blues, I add glitter on my nails, make sure that I cook something I love, wear my favorite sweater and take a long bath. noch 225 Wörter