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Look Of The Day: Marsala Total Look

Inspirada en el post anterior les comparto mi #TotalLook en Marsala!!

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Style Inspiration

Style so good you have to see it twice…


Weekly Porter - March 3rd

Each week Mr Porter post a bunch of new product. Here at It Ain’t Raf we understand you don’t have time to weed through all the preppy crap they put up. noch 112 Wörter


Day 6 Interviews at Anderson & Shepperd, Dashing Tweed and Gareth Crowe (Fabric Dealer)

Yesterday was a day of full interviews! First stop Anderson and Shepperd

When talking to the workers at Anderson and Shepperd everyone seemed to get along well it was a very friendly environment but you could sense the competition towards the workers, however everyone seems to be very loyal to the company’s heritage. noch 201 Wörter