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Ann McFerran | Street Art Meets Street Style

I have to share with you photos from my shoot with Ann McFerran. She’s totally one of my new favorite blogger/models to shoot in LA. noch 44 Wörter

Photo Diaries

Huarache Returns!

Dear Stylers,

I’m in love with the Huarache Shoes by Nike! Actually, the white pair is very fashionable and easy to combine with your Street Style!


Style Inspiration

I’m starting a new series called What to Wear to Work Now. Partly because I myself am curious. What passes as work appropriate? What does casual Friday even mean anymore if denim is acceptable 5 days a week? noch 122 Wörter


Clear colors on my mind

Since we moved to our new apartment I’m so busy that I don’t have any time to shoot, even to post. But things calm down. And when we found this lovely pink parking door close to our home, I had to bring this new outfit from Zara.  noch 18 Wörter


This Week In Fashion (July 26-Aug 1)

There were SO many great looks this week. SO MANY! I realize that I haven’t been finding as many disliked looks as I used to, but why when there are SO. noch 353 Wörter