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Bronx, NY
Artist: Cope (Front)
            Unknown  (Back)


Asia’s Social And Political Issues Through The Eyes Of Pejac

Everyone is an Artist (Tokyo)

Shark-fin Soup (Tokyo)

Gulliver (Tokyo)

Seppuku (Tokyo)

Iron Curtain (Seoul)

Transfer (Seoul)

Icarus (Seoul)

The Re-Thinker (Hong Kong)

BERLIN: The Wall

Berlin is a city with it’s soul steeped in astounding history covered in multiple layers of incredible art, the greatest symbol of which is the Wall of Berlin. noch 342 Wörter


Footscrazy Wanderings, 30th June 2015

Wandering the streets of Footscrazy (Footscray to the uninitiated) with my 8 year old collaborator, Princess Missy Moo.  This collection of images is a combination of both her and my efforts for the day. noch 39 Wörter

Street Art