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Una galería de arte urbano al servicio de la población.

–   Mexico – Este central de la Ciudad de México (Pour version française)

 A lo largo de la avenida Congreso de la Unión, la parte por debajo del viaducto de la línea 4 del metro ha sido transformada en una galería de arte al aire libre. 444 weitere Wörter


Street Art

Street Art  –  Gatukonst – Offentligkonst, ja många vill sätta namn på konsten och det är mycket bra. Men här i Konstmanifestet kommer jag att lyfta Street Art! 6 weitere Wörter


Lets Get Some Ladies Up Here #ElleStreetArt

The street art campaign „Education Is Not A Crime“ (#NotACrime) brought together artists from around the globe to create 15 murals in Harlem, New York City to raise awareness of the human rights struggle facing Iran’s religious minority, the Baha’is – specifically their denied access to higher education. 248 weitere Wörter


Pokras Lampas

Pokras Lampas – modern calligraphy artist. He combines work on different design projects with many exibitions and perfomances, as well as workshops and street-art festivals. He creates some big scale calligraphic compositions within an urban environment and interior, and he’s always trying to experiment with forms and volumes of the typography. 52 weitere Wörter

Face of Immigrants

On my solo journey in New York City this past Saturday just walking around somehow I ended up in Tribeca. To my knowledge I had never been in this part of the city. 133 weitere Wörter


Nomart: On the democratization of Art

Have you ever been to an exhibition and felt like you’re not in the right place? Going to a museum or an art gallery can be intimidating, if not embarrassing. 615 weitere Wörter


2016 Art Basel 





Art Basel Miami 2016 -The Art, Sights + Sounds of Wynwood Walls last night

Contemporary Art