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Drumstick Astronaut, #Graffiti #Amsterdam

A confused image with echoes of royal costumes and spacesuits


Boy and Girl, #Graffiti, #Amsterdam

Chalk on the pavement, a favourite children’s pastime on the streets of Amsterdam


fight for your right!

Fight for your right!, kolaboracja, Szczecin, graffiti. Z ang. ‘walcz o swoje prawo!’.


"Take Flight" (Artwork by Nena, shot by @Oliviertof)

“We stare and watch the birds fly and imagine how life would be like if we could spread some wings and take flight like them. noch 122 Wörter


Lost in Florida

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”

We took some time yesterday to explore the middle our of state. Our main destination was the Leesburg Bike Festival. noch 283 Wörter

Art to Transform

Art is making inroads in Ski-Resorts. Where in the past there was a sportswear outlet, then a furniture store, then an interior design boutique, then a antiquities dealer, today there is an… noch 321 Wörter


"Seeing Double" (Artist Unknown, shot by @Ooshanapa)

“You’re staring at the bottom of that bottle, seeing double.
Demons creeping out your body,
reaching levels of anxiety you never thought were plausible.
You’re drunk. noch 35 Wörter