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Día 12: apunamiento en el Carmel

Lo malo de escribir sobre arte callejero es que puede haber desaparecido en el momento mismo en que se habla de ello. Lo bueno es que no deja de ser una forma de compartirlo. 168 weitere Wörter


Tuesday Streetart!

Very interesting streetart piece from the Muralfest Vancouver 2017. Love the design and the carefully chosen colors.

The Spidertag interview.

Spidertag is something of a streetartsuperhero. Covering his identity and leaving nothing but geometrical shapes behind him (he works with neoncables). In real life he is still Spidertag, this guy stays in character 24-7. 68 weitere Wörter


Nute produces men

Location: Fosswinckels gate

Artist: Nute

📷 by: Ove Jæger Eriksen, August 20th 2017



Blossoming with party & street art, there is always something going on in this neighborhood!

Since the early 1950s, Lapa has been known for its lively cultural life where there is a concentration of many restaurants and bars where Brazilian artists and intellectuals would meet. 17 weitere Wörter


Festivalphotography - The golden moments.

When I documented the ArtstreetHBG streetartfestival I mainly shot film. But sometimes I did actally turn the wheel on my Canon from video to photography… 18 weitere Wörter