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StreetArt por la capital

Para todos los aficionados del Street Art este es vuestro post! Aunque no sea una de las ciudades más conocidas por ello, Madrid también tiene muchos murales y espacios de arte urbano que merece la pena visitar. 224 weitere Wörter


Touchdown in Java and it took no longer than a brief walk around the block to find what we wanted. The fanatics of local outfit Persebaya, „Bonek“ (short for Bondo Nekat or „reckless people“) have gone out of their way to keep Surabaya, Indonesia’s 132 weitere Wörter


my yin from your yang

If only you knew, what our magic will do.

You’d never have doubts – you’d know it were true.

My best kept love, is so very beautiful today!




Not sure what’s best. The illegible wall of chalk or the thought provoking list. Now that’s irony folks.

This run of the mill pub in DC might not have much to write home about (it tries with the oh so original ‚Alice & Wonderland theme‘), but leave chalk in the bathroom, and people suddenly have a lot to say. 58 weitere Wörter


American dream in Berlin

I can remember one of the tasks from my English maturita exams, back on highschool.

-What are the differences between life in a city and life in a village? 479 weitere Wörter

Where to find the best street art in Georgetown, Penang

There is nothing better than a good piece of street art. Actually, I lie, there is something better – a whole neighbourhood filled with funky street art! 654 weitere Wörter