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Journal of an Artist-Poet - "Olcott in Progress"

Hi all,

Today I wanted to update about an initiative that was started an year back. It was the biggest, challenging and spontaneous personal initiative that has seen it’s share of ups and downs. 619 weitere Wörter


#269 (edge)

 small blades

piercing through

his nose right into

his forehead

orange oil

dulling the edges

the rest he sheathes

beneath deep sleep

© Matthias Geh, 18th May 2018


Walls of Berlin

We’re in Berlin so of course the first thing we do is see the infamous wall. We are in easy walking distance to the wall memorial where part of the wall has been retained plus other bits added to create an informative and thought provoking memorial site. 1.058 weitere Wörter

Eggleston's Time Capsule Goes Back to the Future

  • Images featured are from the: Festival of Photography: William Eggleston Portraits. An exhibition of his photographs of family and friends, casual acquaintances and strangers in a series of eloquent, poetic and character studies.
  • 314 weitere Wörter

Fake plastic love

She looks like the real thing

She tastes like the real thing

My fake plastic love

Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees


Video: Sheffield Street Art

After wandering around Sheffield city centre spotting the best street art, graffiti and murals I could find, I’ve edited together a short sequence to show them off… 11 weitere Wörter


Location: Rasmus Meyers Allé

Artist: Dypedal

📷 by: Cecilia Jæger Soulère, May 2nd 2018