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New York Street Art Part 2

Here are the rest of my photos of New York street art .


Bradley Theodore has quite a lot of work around the city and is easily recognizable. noch 14 Wörter

New York

09/10/15 Screening of the film TAKING OVER THE KING'S LAND

Next week at El Cabina,  there’ll be a screening of the film TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND directed by Gillian McIver which documented my 2012 mural project in London where I covered a whole housing estate in drawings of mythical and unusual creatures.. noch 79 Wörter


New Mural - El Cabina The Kings' Land creatures reborn

I’m currently working in Alexandria Egypt, where I’m developing some drawing education projects, working with the British Council and local organisations to deliver an in-depth advanced drawing course, the TRAVELLING SCHOOL OF DRAWING. noch 58 Wörter