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Read Harder: Books Published Posthumously

You think it’s hard to get a book published now, imagine how hard it is to get one published when you’re dead. But these authors did it, and here’s a list of seven books published posthumously to help you click off that box on the BookRiot Read Harder challenge. 101 weitere Wörter

He's a Genius Who Believes*

As this is posted, it would have been Albert Einstein’s 139th birthday. For many people, Einstein personified genius. And he was, of course, a truly remarkable mathematician, physicist, and more. 928 weitere Wörter


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millenium Series Book #1)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I must say, I wasn’t sure about this book at the beginning, but as I kept reading, it became an addictive book.

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Not Your Business

“There was a whole army of people who seemed not to have anything better to do than to try to disrupt her life, and , if they were given the opportunity, to correct the way she had chosen to live it.”

**Stieg Larsson


Continuing the Millennium Series: Lisbeth ‘Takes an Eye for an Eye’

Contra mundum.

In the wake of #MeToo and Times Up campaigns, this apt book places radical measures into the hands of our favorite hacker Lisbeth Salandar, who always wants to punish bullies and abusers. 471 weitere Wörter

Get Lit

A Review: The Girl in the Spider's Web

Happy, Monday, friends! I’m hopping on to make a blog post before spending the day buried in my DSM for a diagnostic paper. So let’s go ahead and take a quick look at my latest review! 635 weitere Wörter


You're the one that I want: Millennium series review

Please be aware that this review contains some spoilers. Do not continue reading unless you are fine with being spoiled. 

This series dragged onnnnnn and onnnnnn, and it turns out I was really only interested in one character. 411 weitere Wörter