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Stand By Me, Tracy Chapman

I love Tracy Chapman and this is a beautiful set and rendition.  When she sang “If the sky, that we look upon/Should tumble and fall/And the mountain/Should crumble to the sea” from Ben E King’s simple lyrics, I realized that what had always been a metaphor was no longer so and I wept.  noch 16 Wörter


Stand By Me

Part 1

This past week with my friends visiting me in Thailand has been just as wonderful as I could have imagined and then some! There was such a wide range of emotions with the excitement of picking them up from the airport only to feel the sadness a week later from dropping them back off and saying goodbye again.  noch 471 Wörter

Inspired Traveler

Stephen King, Stagioni diverse

Vabbè, dai, che ve lo dico a fare?
Ti amo, Mister King.

Nota: il giovane Todd nel racconto del criminale nazista è il personaggio più spaventosamente raccapricciante incontrato finora nei libri di Stephen King. noch 129 Wörter

Stephen King

50 Reasons To Laugh and Be Happy

Over the past year I’ve been through some dramatic changes but I’ve met so many new people it’s amazing. I’ve met so many new friends that I am going crazy with the love I have for them; However lately I have seen posts that tell me they are sad and slightly depressed and for me I want to help but how can I being miles away from them? noch 406 Wörter

50 Reasons

Leeches Suck

Stand By Me/The Body
Book release: 1982
Movie release: 1986
Where to watch: In a treehouse with your best friends in between games of cards. noch 632 Wörter


Tim Winton's That Eye, the Sky at the Book Group

Tim Winton, That Eye, the Sky (McPhee Gribble 1986)

Before the Meeting: That Eye, the Sky isn’t an obvious choice to discuss at a book club close to 30 years after it was published. noch 771 Wörter