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Global love for Stranger Things

On July 15th of this year, Netflix launched „Stranger Things“, directed by The Duffer Brothers, is a supernatural science fiction series based in the 80’s with 8 chapters and Stephen King „approval“. 307 weitere Wörter


Just Once (Personal Poem)

​Just once I want to be worth fighting for and stop being left alone crying on the bathroom floor.

Just once I want to believe someone when they say they won’t hurt me, and that they will never leave, so that I can stop holding my breath and let myself breathe. 337 weitere Wörter


30 Years Later: A Reflection on 'Stand by Me'

You can’t go wrong with a Stephen King adaptation! I’ve loved Stand By Me since forever, so my latest piece for takes a look back at this rather exceptional film. 7 weitere Wörter


Stand By Me - Ben E King, 1961

Written and sung by the former Drifters front-man, Benjamin Earl King (1938 – 2015).



Q: If Paper covers Rock, Scissors cut Paper, and Rock breaks Scissors, what defeats a Switchblade pulled on you by the school bully?
A: A Slush Puppie. 1.449 weitere Wörter

Book Seventeen: The Body

Book Seventeen of this year was another unsuspecting pick up. I can’t remember the circumstances which lead me to reading the first page of this novel. 479 weitere Wörter

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