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A Look Behind The Book With S D Robertson.

Bestselling author S D Robertson took a risk when he quit his job as a newspaper editor to follow his dream of writing a novel but, thankfully, it has more than paid off. 1.350 weitere Wörter


Oh Beautiful Nostalgia

There is a line uttered in Stand By Me right at the end, where our narrator, tells us of the friends he had when he was 12 and how it is difficult to find the same kind of friendship in life at a later stage. 278 weitere Wörter

Movie Musings


The older I get, the more I find myself loving the 80s. I guess it’s normal for everyone to look back at the decade when they were growing up and reflect on it with such immense feelings of nostalgia. 349 weitere Wörter


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This has to be my favourite movie of all time..but I can't watch it; it reminds me too much of my best mate (we were friends for over 25 years, from boyhood) who died suddenly some ten years ago, and there’s that line at the end, “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?” and that line kills me every time. I cry buckets and buckets and can’t stop. So, for that reason I can’t watch it. BUT, there will be a time when I’ll need to show it to my sons….I just know I’ll sit there weeping, watching it with them. What a movie. My absolute favourite. This is reblogged from: SteveMcSteveFace

If You Want to Hear from God, Go Stand by Him

There’s a story behind the picture in this post. This old man, praying over his bread. It’s actually part in a series because there is an old woman as well, in a separate picture. 841 weitere Wörter

The Essential Life

Watch, Re-Watch and Watch Again

There are certain movies that I can watch and re-watch and then watch again and I don’t think I will ever not watch them at least once or twice or three times a year. 1.313 weitere Wörter


My All-Time Favourite Films

A few weeks ago, I posted a list of my all-time favourite comedy shows, so, in the same spirit, I thought I’d create a list for my favourite films! 1.129 weitere Wörter

Stand By Me

Call It How I See It

Call me a shit talker if you choose. I don’t really care. But I have to address something I see quite frequently.

The person in the relationship/marriage, but is always alone at events. 441 weitere Wörter