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Florence And The Machine Final Fantasy Review

Florence and the Machine releases a surprise EP for Final Fantasy games last week this blessed us with the new single „Too Much Is Never Enough“. 230 weitere Wörter


Stand By Me 30th anniversary: 15 things you may not know about the movie

This classic movie is 30 years old (Picture: Columbia Pictures)It’s the film which transformed River Phoenix into a star, revived a 60s soul standard and is widely regarded as the big screen’s ultimate coming-of-age story.

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Pop Culture Affidavit Episode 65: Cherry-Flavored Pez

Thirty years ago, Rob Reiner directed the seminal coming-of-age film Stand By Me. To celebrate its anniversary, Michael Bailey and I take a look at the film as well as the Stephen King novella „The Body,“ upon which it’s based; as well as the music on its soundtrack. 76 weitere Wörter


A letter to my friend Jamie

12 years ago I text you to see if you wanted to go to the snooker club, sink a few beers and watch England play Ukraine in a friendly, little did I know then it would be your last night with us. 1.416 weitere Wörter


Stranger things

I made one of the best decisions of my adult life last night: I began the new Netflix series, Stranger Things. Holy nostalgia, Batman! For me, that TV show echoed some of my favorite pieces: the artful confusion of the Upside Down/World Between Worlds in… 677 weitere Wörter

I've Seen Stranger Things

I thought I’d take a minute to give you all some likely redundant thoughts on the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. Yep. I’m probably the five-billionth person to write a review with this exact same title. 501 weitere Wörter


Discovering the ukulele (and learning to play)

To say that I’ve always wanted to play the ukulele would be a lie. I’ve always had my sights set on much „grander“ instruments: the violin, the piano, the guitar. 463 weitere Wörter