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Heavy Love, Will You Stand By Me… I Wonder

An Interview: Bobby Bazini @ Media Club by: Daniel W Young

Genre:  “Hard to categorize genres.  I grew up listening to all sorts of stuff.   noch 756 Wörter

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Definition #159 Stand by Me

red glows Mom and Child:

one 6’4″ tall

dwarfs  her shrinking Mom


All The Best '80s Movies Streaming On Netflix

In our near and dear movie future, we will have a plethora of Ghostbusters, potentially a new Indiana Jones and even the return of  noch 536 Wörter


Bad Language

I have a confession. It’s not one that I’m proud of, nor is it one that I like saying out loud. But if I hope to get past it and move on, maybe even deal with it, I have to start by getting it off my chest. noch 858 Wörter


When the Cat's Away...Well, Not Much

Many years ago when I was still employed and got paid to write, the company for which I worked administered the Myers-Briggs personality test to its employees. noch 845 Wörter


A Look Back: Stand By Me

I first saw “Stand By Me” in my high school health class.  So as not to offend our delicate sensibilities (or more likely, our parents’), we saw the edited version, which removed such obscenities as “ass.”  Which, because one of the characters’ names included this, must have taken awhile.  noch 669 Wörter

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