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Countdown: My 50 Greatest Movie Scenes (40-36)

40. Parachuting Fiasco (The Longest Day)

The Longest Day is the greatest war film for me. One I’ve watched since I was young with family and continue to watch when I have the time. 383 weitere Wörter


The Sound of Inevitability

Last week I was round my mum’s house when she got a phone call and when she uttered her friend’s name and then promptly ran out of the room with her worried voice in full effect I knew, deep down, what the call was about. 653 weitere Wörter

Corey Feldman Proposes To Canadian Girlfriend Out Of Fear That Trump Will Deport Her

As they celebrated their 4th anniversary together, Corey Feldman dropped to one knee, took his girlfriend, Courtney Anne by the hand, and asked the question every little girl dreams of hearing.   225 weitere Wörter


Top 10 Promotional Songs in Video Games

You know what I love – music in video games.  Especially when it’s really good.  When it’s not, it sucks.  But there are so many truly amazing songs that transcend how I think about a game or that set the tone perfectly.  1.781 weitere Wörter


Stand By Me (1986)

Four youngsters hike across country to find the body of a missing boy.

A right of passage drama based on a novella by Stephen King, Stand By Me is an affectionate snapshot of boyhood and life in fifties America. 151 weitere Wörter