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Drama Review: Stand by Me

I’ve reached that point in my drama career where I’m starting to venture into unknown territory. Meaning I’ve started to look for dramas that don’t have a lot of English information on them, but nevertheless exist. 799 weitere Wörter


The day I saw the film "Stand by Me", thirty-one years later.

For my father:

One of my favorite days in my life was when it was so innocent.  I must have been twelve years-old and I remember how badly I wanted to see “Stand By Me”, which was rated R.  264 weitere Wörter

The Best Song Ever Written

The scenario is this: Aliens are real, they are present, and they are pissed. I have been chosen, via a randomized lottery too complex for my puny ape brain to comprehend, as the sole representative of mankind. 826 weitere Wörter


THE PLATTERS and THE DRIFTERS at the Ottauquechee Music Festival

Italian Version

Evening Performance at The 3rd Annual Ottauquechee Music Festival, Vermont, on Saturday, August 6th, 2016. A great evening of music featuring legendary THE PLATTERS… 172 weitere Wörter


Nashville Review: 5.08

My review of this week’s Nashville (along with some thoughts on season five as a whole) is up over at Yahoo, if you’d like to check it out!