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The love for "Stand By Me"and love, changes- a reflection

I wanted to cry because at the #RoyalWedding , Stand By Me started playing, I wanted to cry not because it was a wedding, or because of that oxymoron called love, but because Stand By Me has been my favourite song since I was 14. 393 weitere Wörter

Thoughts About "Stuff"

Coming of Age: Purely a summer’s Journey?

Coming of age movies are some of the easiest films for us moviegoers to identify with. Growing up is a natural part of our human development, and thus watching young characters we love discover more about themselves, whether it’s The Sandlot, Call Me by Your Name or Dazed and Confused, is always very fulfilling. 758 weitere Wörter

(Royal) Wedding SUITS – TV weddings

So the day after the big event, what do we do now?  Re-watch it of course.  Even thou we had no extra day off and it was on Cup Final day, not the best way to treat their subjects, but a great excuse to sit and watch TV for around ten hours straight. 385 weitere Wörter


Stand By Me

Let me issue this disclaimer right off the top: I have little to no interest in the private lives of the British Royal Family. While I do admire the steadiness, stamina and steely strength of the Queen, the antics of her extended family does little for me. 531 weitere Wörter

Favorite Things

Year of Self Compassion #20 #truthtopower

This week I have been chastised, metaphorically beaten up, listened up and loved up. The thread holding these diverse and sometimes divisive experiences has been that ancient maxim from the Quakers s… 869 weitere Wörter