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Trommeln, Stars und jede Menge Infos

So viele Eindrücke von einem Tag, dass man gar nicht weiß, wo man anfangen soll… Am besten wohl ganz am Anfang! Am sonnigen Morgen des Tages nach der Kick-Off-Party trafen sich alle 800 Volunteers in der Wiener Stadthalle. noch 1.034 Wörter

Vienna Calling

Culture for Families

Concerts for children
The House of Music organizes join-in concerts with Bernhard Fibich and Marko Simsa to get little toes tapping, while the cultural association… noch 226 Wörter

Family Events

Pension Stadthalle Understanding

The pattern of corule persisted, since Albert had to share the role with another younger brother Otto, Duke of Austria the Merry (1330–1339), although he did attempt to unsuccessfully lay down the rules of succession in the “Albertinian House Rule” ( Albertinische Hausordnung ). noch 272 Wörter


14.11.2014 - Stadthalle / Vienna


01. Mashup Intro #2
02. Guilty All The Same
03. Given Up
04. Points Of Authority
05. One Step Closer
06. Blackout
07. Papercut… noch 404 Wörter

Brad Delson

Pearl Jam @Wiener Stadthalle

Pictures (C) 2014 Pearl Jam

Seen: Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna June 25 2014

This entry is going to seem weird to those of you having read the blog so far and for good reason. noch 1.014 Wörter


Riding on a hot dog

Last night I had the great pleasure to see Miley Cyrus perform. I wrote this sentence beforehand because I wanted to start my post with it. noch 661 Wörter


Rodriguez @Stadthalle

Finding the Sugar Man

If you have seen Searching For Sugar Man then there is no need for me to explain the cult status Sixto Rodriguez… noch 669 Wörter
Stage Dive