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Confusing Concepts: The Reverse World

It is not the most clever of names being called so by the Doppelgangers who inhabit it. For centuries, most of Magitotum had no idea of its existence. 172 weitere Wörter


Exploring New Lands: Spiegel

The twinkling land of Spiegel was once a land inhabited by scientifically advanced humans. An unknown cataclysm caused their city to be in ruins and their land turned to sand. 86 weitere Wörter


Spiegel ./. Miroir

Blickst du mich an,

blickst du in dich,

luzid, wofür du sonst blind.

Literatur, Lyrik

VINTAGE ADS 1 - cigarettes & tobacco 1

I have a bunch of old magazines, which are of course full of cigarettes and tobacco ads, something we aren’t used to anymore, and I decided to share them because they are interesting and also funny in some cases. 481 weitere Wörter


Spiegel: Αν ήταν εκρηκτικός μηχανισμός η Ελλάδα, η Ιταλία είναι πυρηνική βόμβα

Σύγκριση Ελλάδας και Ιταλίας κάνει το Spiegel, σχολιάζοντας ότι οι ρητορικές κορώνες των Ιταλών λαϊκιστών θυμίζουν τις απειλές του Γιάνη Βαρουφάκη [φωτο].


Interview with Joschka Fischer: 'The U.S. President Is Destroying the American World Order'

In an interview with DER SPIEGEL, former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer talks about the danger of war against Iran, the deterioration of trans-Atlantic relations under U.S. 2.738 weitere Wörter


SPIEGEL ONLINE - Aktuelle Nachrichten

Hello friends, looking for #Spiegel #online, #Der Mirror, Spiegel #TV, #Germany’s leading news page. All important out #Politik, #Wirtschaft, #Sport, #Kultur, #Wissenschaft, #Technik

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