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This is (the gerund form of) a verb that means „to make a continuous murmuring noise“ or „to speak in an unintelligible or silly way, typically at unnecessary length.“ It is only ever to describe a brook. 3.4/5


The Magical Musical Journey...Gone Forever?

A few years ago I had my own radio shows, every Friday night I’d be rocking it loud & proud on local stations in Scotland.  Yes I know, listen to the music I make and you’d never think that’s I’d been to see almost every heavy metal and hard rock band going, but that’s just how it is;-) 731 weitere Wörter

Mark McCafferty Ramblings And Rants;-)

Unsoundly ~ a poem about living without making noise

I’m so sorry for trying to make sounds,

I’m so sorry for trying to make words speak,

I’m so sorry for trying to make anything happen. 125 weitere Wörter


Natural Wisdom: What is the Difference Between a Fjord and a Sound?

The name Fjord will, for many people, conjure up mental images of Norway. One of the world’s most famous Fjord’s, however, is known by a different terminology: Milford… 158 weitere Wörter


Back Yard Haiku Number 340

Grateful, while searching

out sounds, I manage to find

poetry instead.

Image and haiku © 2018 John Christian Hager