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DJ Remix Ringtones

The hottest melodies are here! Are you a fan of modern house music and DJ electric sounds? You enjoy the best rave music and the coolest loud beats? 632 weitere Wörter


Sounds And Alarms

Personalize your device with the cool ringtones

Would you like to have phenomenal melodies for your smartphone that are going to thrill all your friends? Well, your wish is our command and that is why we have designed the popular ♫Sounds And Alarms♫. 448 weitere Wörter


What Does the Fox Really Say?

A few years ago, the Norwegian duo Ylvis used a combination of techno and electronic dance music to produce a viral video about what a fox sounds like. 594 weitere Wörter


Ten Sounds You Miss from Your Home Town or Country

My vast work-in-progress moves ever nearer to completion. The narrator is living in exile. He has been thinking about the sounds he misses from his home country. 253 weitere Wörter


The Secret: Quadrille

The wind whispers a secret,

in sibilant sighs

it cries,

rattling windows, rustling at the door,

the sound it wants more

it moans,

Let me in… 30 weitere Wörter