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Home Theater Systems - Get the feel

Home theater are a setup in homes that being introduced with the end goal of giving a boost of screen quality with extra features and sound multiplications. noch 448 Wörter

F E A R (instrumental)

This is just a chunky soulful sample groove that gently morphs into live instrumentation– Crazy

Ive been feeding off of soundcloud for inspiration as of late.  noch 59 Wörter



Got an email from a young visual director telling me he loved my work– said he peeped my Ready, Aim, Beautiful project and wanted to shoot a video for it.  noch 100 Wörter



wōma, m.n: sound, noise.

Image: Petrus Comestor, Historia scholastica (‘Ashridge Petrus Comestor’), England ca. 1283-1300 (British Library, Royal 3 D VI, fol. 234r). From Discarding Images.

Old English

In the Daylight

Meet Myth, a growly motherphucker who prefers to haunt us in the harsh daylight of our existence.  Hold onto your mind and prepare for that three-minute swell.   …aaaaaahhhh.


Sound Clips - The Great Outdoors

Recently, whilst I’ve been out running / walking / cycling I’ve started trying to record some sound clips of the great outdoors.  I don’t think there’s anything nicer than hearing the natural world, especially first thing in the morning. noch 43 Wörter