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Mr. Robot Season Finale

Freeing puppies, Christian Slater channeling his inner Brad Pitt and Mrs. Wellick finally seen in the daylight! The season finale of the surprise hit of the summer had it all. noch 1.083 Wörter


Liars, Cadavers and Vultures

“The liar often suffers from amnesia. Amnesia is the silence of the unconscious.” (Rich, Adrienne. Arts Of The Possible: Essays and Conversations. 32)

Cadavers are Useful Things… noch 85 Wörter



Songs, they ring your head till you get their meaning stuck in your brain, it keeps replaying and you’re clueless on how to make it stop, … noch 251 Wörter



Absent echo
Wakes me.


Hotel California


Artistic talent comes in many forms and I enjoy finding talents that wow me. This particular acapella group sing Hotel California. It is fascinating because of the ability of the artists to contort their voices to the sounds of the instruments in the background. noch 13 Wörter

Weekly Trail

Sounds of Summer

As renowned neurologist and author Oliver Sacks, who died this week, noted in his book Musicophilia, music has the ability to recover the past. Memories are embedded in music, particularly in songs that you have sung. noch 578 Wörter

Sonya Subbayya Sutton

Unrecognised Emotional Trigger

I m not sure how you are guys … So that s sounds a bit weird but I would say normal triggers I m quite fine with them – recognisable and it s okay, bit feel after sad or afraid, but I can handle them because that s comes back as a memory or words what I remember… Emotional one is have a serious problem… Not recognised – I m just living it out without I m knowing what the f is that… I can t explain why I feel it … But on that case when is happening I get startled on the smallest… Unrecognised Emotional Trigger… noch 6 Wörter