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Sound - Spotting

Spotting for sound is the part of the audio post-production process where the pertinent members of the audio crew watch the film all the way through and create blank audio regions or clips that they place in a timeline where missing sounds need to be added in. 73 weitere Wörter


The Sounds of Progress

A leaf blower.
Dump truck backing up.

Below the sounds of progress

The stream gurgles,
the Downy gently taps,
Chickadees quarrel,
the Redbelly laughs.


Here’s where the sounds inside the Samsung Galaxy phones come from


Here’s where the sounds inside the Samsung Galaxy phones come from

Hint: Turn up the sound for this article.

You’ve probably heard this song dozens of times, even if you don’t own a Samsung Galaxy phone: 575 weitere Wörter


The AudioFile: Understanding MP3 compression


From anonymity to ubiquity


The rest of the series 
The AudioFile: Basics of uncompressed audio

Since its standardization in 1991, MP3 has gone from being a little-known portion of a video file format to the kind of ubiquity that most brands can only dream of having. 821 weitere Wörter


JUCE ADC '17 - Audio Developer Conference, 13-15 November 2017

Following the success of last years event, JUCE is announcing the Audio Developer Conference 2017 (13th – 15th of November), hosted at CodeNode in central London. 210 weitere Wörter


Thursday Thoughts--I Feel Sounds, I am an HSP

I have read about HSPs over the years–a highly sensitive person. I have a wonderful, treasured friend who is one. It’s more common, I believe among INFJ’s than other Meyer-Briggs personalities, and no matter how many times or ways I take that test, I am an INFJ.   960 weitere Wörter