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Editor's Space // Seen: The Shackletons x Pianos // NYC

I stopped by the Con Artist Collective gallery for their group show, Epic Epoch, and found myself wandering down Ludlow after I had gotten my art fix. noch 153 Wörter


The Wakeful

You who sleep believe the world stands still.
You miss the clatter of the postal trains,
The hiss of cats beneath the window sill.
But we, the wakeful, hear it all. noch 129 Wörter


Three Sounds (2015)

1. Rain.
2. Laughter.
3. Music.
Hearing plenty-
In the Big Easy.


ARTICLE ABOUT The Who FROM SOUNDS, November 30, 1974

The Who is one of the few bands were all the members of the original band made solo albums. With the exception of drummer Keith Moon, who died too early, all the other members have made several solo albums. noch 1.664 Wörter

For Sale


Listen – listen – across the land called Africa-
For the birds are singing here
The roar of the lioness – the whine of her cubs… noch 72 Wörter

Is Amrit Dasu the next ‘Jay Sean’ to go global?

We have been following him from the start and now he is about to make the ladies love him worldwide! Labelled ‘the one to watch’ noch 236 Wörter