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Tuas blaze: Fire was 'big like a volcano', says eyewitness


SINGAPORE: Security officer Subramaniam Krishnan did not expect to witness a fire the size of a „volcano“ when he got to work on Thursday morning (Feb 23).  406 weitere Wörter

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Soundtracks of a life

Last night, I went out into the dark garden and stood listening for hedgehogs.

It’s only three days since Spiky Norman returned with his new lady-friend Tigs and I hadn’t seen them – only the evidence of their messy dining at the hedgehog canteen. 729 weitere Wörter

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I love music:)

Hello My dear Readers!.I’m always listening to music especially the love song.This is the reason I made this blog!.The rhythm of music makes me alive. I really love music.

Sounds: Slow Turismo // You Were Dead

Our favorite Aussie’s Slow Turismo just put out some new music and it’s everything.

Listen to the new single below, produced by SAFIA’s Benjamin Woolner… 25 weitere Wörter



Sounds creeping and crawling through my ears,
as my soul trickles down like tears.

Is it a hum? Is it a whisper?
or is it just my fragile mind, 68 weitere Wörter



deep hollow warm

beating from the inside out

sounds flowing in my veins

rhythmic sounds

emanating from my soul

heart beats catching the rhythm

taking control… 18 weitere Wörter


StarlingSounds | Starling Sounds | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Musician (Pianist/Organist) – Over 25 years of musical experience. Online piano lesson instructor. Available for Weddings, Church Services, Banquets and Special Events. . Lawrenceville, GA. 29 Tracks. 18 weitere Wörter