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A Stop Along the Way ~ by Audrey ~

We took a break from our travels down the road in the quiet town of Portland, MI, where two rivers meet, for a walk by the water ~ the sounds say it all ~ Enjoy ~ Audrey

Audrey's Blog ~AH~

Please Forgive Me: A Drake Retrospect 

There are times Drake can come off as another generic rapper making the same generic Hip-Hop that everyone seems to gobble up but Drake has always had his own niche; a certain tinge of..well…Drake that makes his sound unique. 99 weitere Wörter


Ugly Monday playlist 

It’s 3 minutes to midnight. Sunday’s gone and the unbearable realization that work, school, traffic and all the other awful things that comprise the weekdays will follow shortly there after. 53 weitere Wörter


new track: 25Sept16

a slow and steady process:

gear used: #fender guitar, #roland tr-8, tb-3 & scooper, #electroharmonix 45000, #boss pedals , #arturia beat step pro, fm radio



An initial and simple analysis of sounds of the space. Each sound recognizable has been given a colour. Another colour is given to where dB levels increased but the specific noise is unidentified. 138 weitere Wörter

Bilgewater Music (Patch 6.19)

Hey guys, I’m back with another mod featuring Bilgewater event elements. 156 weitere Wörter