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doll (?)

The building was dark this morning. I turn on the kitchen lights to make coffee and things seem out of place. Others use the kitchen when I’m not there but it’s different today. noch 59 Wörter



a phone-quality recording of Michel Mayer (voice, face, piezo microphone) and myself (voice, distortedZoomH5, slow-15ANDbelow-tapeRecorder), interpreting pen1v111polygon1, posted here next to a… noch 15 Wörter

Sculptural and brutal silhouettes by Maartje Dijkstra

Today I want to spend a blog about the Dutch fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra. I accidentally found her while searching the internet and her designes supprised me. noch 180 Wörter



muted aggregates of, –

Dead Color

Lately I have become a disease
A touch for sadness, a word for death
Too perfect with sacred scars
Too beautiful soul with aching smiles.

noch 60 Wörter

Feeling Fruitful #India #travel #life #experience #world #market

Namaste: Good day to all,

Where in the world are you?

It’s always a feast and a friendly fight to experience shopping, Indian-style in the depths of a Market in Goa, picking up the bare necessities… noch 143 Wörter