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Archaeology Corner: James William Guercio & Electra Glide in Blue

No, it’s not a name anyone is immediately familiar with, unless your interest in the band Chicago extends to the man who produced their early albums (James William Guercio ) or you are such a rabidly fanatical Beach Boys fan that you know the name of their manager in the mid-1970s (James William Guercio ) or you’re even more of a Zappa freak and have read the list of “material contributors” to their ground-breaking first (double) album, … 918 weitere Wörter


Monophonic Moss Piglet

So, I got this idea into my head (years back) where I wanted to hear soil, fungus, non-human sounds. I want to collaborate with these organisms and sounds. 242 weitere Wörter

Small Noise

fog has a sound
if you listen
droplets burst
low to ground
on atomized air
the small noise
of conflict
encounters of cold
vying warmth… 59 weitere Wörter


Sounds - Shelter Island


I was given a film called „Shelter Island“ which features Leonardo DiCaprio. Even though the background music was taken off from this file, the vocals still remain. 270 weitere Wörter

Unit 58 - Animation Soundtrack

OZY: A Fight Is On To Save The Sounds Of Turkey

OZY: A Fight Is On To Save The Sounds Of Turkey. „For years, the cacophony of Istanbul’s Kumkapi fish market evoked happy memories of childhood for Pinar Çevikayak Yelmi. 119 weitere Wörter

Around The Search & Social Media World

wu.014 — Propaganda Tool Of Heaven

Genres: Ambient, Experimental, Field Recording, Industrial, Noise, Speech, Tribal
Originally recorded in Prague, 2016
Format: 5 × File, FLAC
Label: Lotus Temple

Get the Album: 6 weitere Wörter

Lotus Temple Records

Justin Timberlake's Cry me a river - sheet music

Last week I released this arrangement of Justin Timberlake’s tune „Cry me a river“.

Today, I am giving as a present the sheet music I wrote prior to the recording, because I believe music is made for sharing! 161 weitere Wörter