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Everyday sights, smells, sounds… secretly, selectively… rejuvenate objectives, goals, purpose… that we already have.



In your absence a serene calm,
Soaked the sweat from my palm.
It was all I wanted, as a healing balm,
No fear and almost no qualms. noch 35 Wörter


Washe Koda

“Washe Koda”

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Synth Sound

CTK2100 keyboard midi using DS2 with Moppletron VST

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bȳme, f.n: trumpet.

From Discarding Images blog: ED ELLI AVEA DEL CUL FATTO TROMBETTA. Rothschild Canticles. Flanders, 14th century. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, MS 404, fol. 134r.

Old English

Sounds, Breaking Hearts and Monsters

What noise does a breaking heart make?  Does it sound like glass shattering?  Is it the soft sound of ice cracking?  Is it a loud thud? noch 359 Wörter

Searching in Sounds

Recently I have come to know my muse

in the sounds that trigger moments

dear to my inner peace.

If a certain melody can remind me of a time… noch 108 Wörter