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music. - Ben

music might be all there is for me.


a happy disease

sounds translating to smiles.

no-one ever told me it was possible

so i killed the dream in my heart… noch 19 Wörter


An interview with the first westerner to study in North Korea

I pitched this story to the Newsbeat editor, conducted the interview and co-produced the segment for two live Newsbeat broadcasts. You can listen to it here.


Bangerz with an Xmas

I produced a regular new  music show for University Radio Bath called Bangerz with an S, and for Christmas I produced a special version of the show with an original EP of Christmas covers by current and past Bath students. noch 29 Wörter


The sound of not so silence 

I write this installment from the top carriage of the 38A (not my preferred seat, the one parallel, so it’s still ok I suppose)

I woke up today with a bang, a literally banging sore head. noch 788 Wörter

Three Strange Sounds At The Other End Of A Phone Line (2007)

1. Static.
2. Crackling.
3. A live voice.
If given the choice-
Most would prefer to nix the computer, for the human voice.


The Strangest House On The Street


an unintelligible voice from outside.

aarrghh… (from outside)

(door slams)

the sound of traffic

(the sound keys being tapped on my keyboard)

the sound of draws opening and closing… noch 16 Wörter



Perhaps in isolation, time stood still, only for hours to pass by without my knowledge. Sitting still while the silence melts into white noise and my focus blurs, turning into static. noch 192 Wörter