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About Flow, Senses, Writing - part I

Running at the Sunrise. Santo André, São Paulo. Photo by Ana Villas Boas. January, 2017.

What inspires me to write?
Would be the beauty of life, the sound of the birds, the aurora of the day, the wind in my face? 108 weitere Wörter



What was that sound?

Was it the tv? Maybe I’ll turn it off. Right, that’s better.

Wait what?

Who said that? And that sound again. It’s repeating like an alarm bell in my ears. 54 weitere Wörter

Stream Of Consciousness

The Greatest Sound in the World 

Each day I check my weather apps. Yeah, you read it correctly. Apps. Plural. More than one. „App“ with an „s“. I check each app in search of a few things. 365 weitere Wörter


Innkeeper Diary: One Man's Transfer Station is Another Man's Transfer Station

Keeping the Inn running smoothly is mostly an act of deception. Like most professions, it seems to me, we present the public with a carefully-manicured outward-facing sheen that distracts from the fire in the kitchen, the dogs shedding all over the floor, and the rotten part of the ceiling. 1.398 weitere Wörter

Field Recordings

Sounds: Reptilians from Andromeda // Blood Planet

Istanbul-based garage band Reptilians from Andromeda deserve to be placed on a larger scale, and without a doubt, this video is for the freaks like us. 115 weitere Wörter


Pointless Thoughts

A couple days ago I wasn’t feeling so great. A friend told me to do something that is „me.“ So I wrote a song smashing up some chords I’d been playing around with lately and scribblings in my journal over the past few weeks. 109 weitere Wörter