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White Noise

The Rainchain

Turns a necessity

Into something so beautiful

Sight and sounds of nature’s tears are captured

By the decorative Rainchain

Elements work together




Letting go

Record diggers see an LP priced at $2 or $3, and they want to know one thing.

„What kind of shape is it in?“

As I sold records near the back door of the Green Bay Record Convention last Saturday, I often had the same answer. 374 weitere Wörter


Roots Reggae & Rebellion

British rapper, poet and political commentator Akala visits Jamaica to examine the cultural and sociological significance of Rastafari and its music.

It’s a complicated synergy of the Old Testament and the teachings of pan-Africanist Marcus Garvey who predicted in the 1920s that „a black king shall be crowned in Africa“ ushering in a „day of deliverance.“ When the Ethiopian prince Ras Tafari – who was also known as Haile Selassie I – became Emperor in 1930, the descendants of slaves in Jamaica took this as proof that Garvey’s prophecy had come true. 9 weitere Wörter


Every Album I Own: Andy Bey, Experience & Judgement

We’ve reached B, and the temptation to ramble on about the Beach Boys, and the brilliant octet of albums that followed the over-rated Pet Sounds, … 1.018 weitere Wörter


Sounds x Premiere: Bat House // Chemical X

You might think it’s just another Tuesday, but you would be wrong. So completely wrong …

Today us nerds on the Left Bank are happy to premiere this amazingly energetic track by Boston-based psych/math rock quartet, … 170 weitere Wörter


Korean VoiceOvers

The long-awaited Korean Voiceover pack is here! This time, I’ve included the announcer in the main download. :D

I highly encourage you to watch this tutorial video for installation! 209 weitere Wörter


The Sensation That You Are Feeling Is Expressive Of You

In my homeopathic practice, I often hear a patient talk about a particular sensation or feeling they are experiencing. Here are some of what I have heard patients say and express to me in words, sounds, gestures, movements and images: 459 weitere Wörter