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Song of the day: 31 July 2015

In 1974, Minnie Riperton wrote a song with her husband, Richard Rudolph. The track was produced by Stevie Wonder, who also did the backing vocals. It was written as a distraction for their daughter, Maya, who was a baby at the time. noch 30 Wörter

Song Of The Day

Song of the Day

Hey, I am back home and will get back to my posting routine from today on. That means a lot of word. Some awards and challenges are waiting for me, and of course I have to do my big Thank You and Introduction post for two weeks. noch 257 Wörter


Song of the Day - 'Dolly My Baby'

A lot on my mind but (I think) I’ll live through the weekend.

Let’s kick it.


Song of The Day

The only good Filter song and the best Rendition of Happy Together out there.

Also, my alarm in the morning. 😏

What are you listening to today?




Song of the Day: Fit For A King - "Hooked"

Since it’s #TBT I figured I’d do somewhat of a throwback to early this year. Today’s Song of The Day is Fit For A King’s “Hooked”. noch 70 Wörter


Song of the day: TV On The Radio - Careful You

Absolutely love this song, SO. DAMN. GOOD.

“Oui je t’aime, oui je t’aime
À demain, à la prochaine
I know it’s best to say goodbye… noch 176 Wörter