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SOTD 24/1/17 - Goldfrapp: Anymore

‚Anymore‘ by Goldfrapp is song of the day:

This track is the first to be taken from the electronic duo’s upcoming album ‚Silver Eye‘, out on 31st March. 28 weitere Wörter

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Song of the Day: White Lies - Don't Want to Feel It All

On their latest, Don’t Want to Feel It All, White Lies looks to take their inspiration from the 1980’s and yet they still manage to keep a modern flair about it all. 15 weitere Wörter

The Telltale Mind

SOTD: Divisionists // Say Can You

‚There was always something‘ about this song that would catch your ears. Divisionists have pretty much nailed an enchanting grunge psych sound that will leave ‚Say Can You‘ etched in your mind. 22 weitere Wörter


Song Of The Day: The Karl Hendricks Trio, "What Everyone Else Calls Fun"

We were saddened to read that Pennsylvania-based indie-rocker and all-around nice guy Karl Hendricks lost his battle to cancer this past Saturday. While happily retaining a cult status, that didn’t mean he couldn’t rock, and his trio could deliver the goods. 82 weitere Wörter

Song Of The Day

The Song Of 01/23/2017: José González - Stay Alive

It should be self-explanatory.

There’s a rhythm in rush these days
Where the lights don’t move and the colours don’t fade
Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams… 33 weitere Wörter

23/365 Hot Thoughts by Spoon

23/365: „Hot Thoughts“ by Spoon

Nearly a quarter century since the release of their first EP, Spoon is still cranking out indie rock hits with clockwork like consistency. 49 weitere Wörter

Song Of The Day

Strange Entity

Oscar and The Wolf

/ Strange Entity /

But you’re heartless, you’re heartless

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