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Song of the Day!

Today’s song is something very special. I love Paul McCartney and here he is with Linda McCartney. She was the love of his life, his muse and the woman who stuck to him, backed him up, and supported him whatever. noch 447 Wörter


Song of the Day - 4/1/15

80’s action movie training montages were a topic of discussion today so it seems fitting to include one of the songs that defines Jean Claude Van Damme’s decade long dominance. noch 20 Wörter


Song of the Day - 'Something to Talk About'

This is actually a nice song in the ‘outside my natural wheelhouse’ category.

Damn you Will Ferrell that I can’t listen to it with a straight face…


Song Of The Day

LL Cool J at his best

Guys, I know I know i said not only rap songs, but as this is first post in this new category I wanted to put some real banger. noch 68 Wörter


Happy Easter

to all and everyone Have a great one :)))

but remember when you put the costume on, put the right way LMAO…