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Monday 20th saw me experience what uni is all about – people in industry teaching you first hand knowledge of a job you potentially could be in! noch 648 Wörter

Fcp Reflection

Travel Friendly Social Media: timeBlend!

For part of my research, I have been looking high and low for social media sites geared for travelers, to find travel buddies and maybe get some advice from other travelers. noch 218 Wörter


"Reflect Respect" campaign resurfaces with new name

Qatar revives strict ‘Reflect Respect’ dress code campaign…
HumanRightsObservers (@hromedia) May 06, 2015

Last year, a dress code movement in Qatar started a commotion on social media.

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Human And Civil Rights

Deflategate Leaves Me Deflated

What do you think of these conclusions? Here are the details from the #DeflateGate report:

— CNN (@CNN) May 6, 2015

It’s not that Tom Brady was on a wanted poster, or was caught on a TMZ video.

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A Game of Yik Yak

Yik Yak is a relevantly new form of ‘social media’, where the target audience of University students can post anonymous comments.

It allows students to see other ‘Yaks’ within a ten mile radius and these posts can be voted on, an up-vote will push your comment to the top and if it receives more than five down-votes, it is removed. noch 515 Wörter


Chapel Hill man say daughter's controversial photo taken 'out of context' – WRAL TV 5

The Political Agitator response: First of all I believe in Freedom of Speech but I be damn if anyone can tell me what should be offensive to me. noch 170 Wörter