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Internship - Farewell to the 4th

I’ve had meetings all morning. That’s right, meetings. I’m not used to pow wows that center around informative updates, pep talks, and praise. Typically, I’m used to hearing the opposite. noch 309 Wörter

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"Join @BlackGirlsCODE New York July 24-26 as a Hackathon Mentor" #Coding #Tech

Join @BlackGirlsCODE New York July 24-26 as a Hackathon Mentor (apply) or Volunteer

— BlackGirlsCODE NYC (@VolunteerBGCNY) July 5, 2015

New York – July 24-26 – Project Humanity All Girls Hackathon…

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Social Media

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Small Businesses

Twitter is one of the largest and most active social networks, with over 302 million active monthly users sending more than 500 million tweets a day. noch 8.581 Wörter

Social Media

Action, Camera, Filter

Action, Camera, Filter!

We’re not shooting movies, but we focus on capturing life scene by scene. Are we acting or living? Don’t miss the moments. noch 599 Wörter

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