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Snapchat: Semester at Sea

On September 27th, Snapchat broadcasted a „Live Story“ of students embarking on the MV World Odyssey as they began their semester at sea. Of course, once I saw a ship, I was hooked and kept checking back to see if more Snaps were added. 528 weitere Wörter


A Latte Moment

One of the perks of working from home is the ability to leave home when I want to. Today, I dropped off the kids at school, picked up a book from the library, then headed home to do some social media work for clients. 161 weitere Wörter


Why Spotify buying SoundCloud would be t

Why Spotify buying SoundCloud would be the best thing ever – Yesterday, we reported that Spotify is in ‘adavanced’ talks to buy SoundCloud. I couldn’t be happier. 67 weitere Wörter

Social Media

Vilifying the Victims

It’s raining. He’ll be soaked. I passed him on the way down the Ormeau Road. He was vomiting up cheap red wine. He was on his side, curled up in a ball, barely conscious, barely feeling his pain. 925 weitere Wörter

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New Social Expectations?

Public Service Announcement: Emails and Texts vs Blogs, Articles, and Social Media Posts

Does this really need to be said? I’ve run across this problem so many times over the last several years and it’s really starting to get on my nerves how few people have any communication skills whatsoever. 866 weitere Wörter


Connect and Follow the NYC DOE on Social Media

Open to: All teachers

Opportunity at a Glance: Are you networked in to all the NYC DOE streams? Here is a list of feeds to get you started: 34 weitere Wörter

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