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Week 13 Article Annotation

Greenhow, C., Gleason, B. (2012). twitteracy: tweeting as a new literacy practice. The Educational Forum, 76 (2012). 464-478.

In this article by Greenhow and Gleason, the authors explore the burgeoning new world of literacy in the digital era.  noch 336 Wörter

Stay Connected to Your Kids With Technology and Social Media

I had been mentally preparing myself to send my kids off to college for years, but when the baby of the family left the nest, it was traumatizing. noch 308 Wörter

Empty Nester

Advent: A Time to Refocus

Last Sunday I was assigned to preach God’s Word at Evergreen Community CRC in Fort McMurray, AB.  These classical appointments are a blessing, as they give me a chance to meet new people and experience a different worship service.  noch 371 Wörter

Pro-Lifers Just Showed Us How Not to Respond to the Planned Parenthood Attack

Source: US Uncut

Written by James Woods

In Colorado Springs on Friday, an armed man entered a Planned Parenthood clinic and went on a shooting spree that ended in his surrender after shooting at least 12 people, killing three. noch 324 Wörter