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Zoolander 2: PR News

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson hit the Paris runway to help promote the sequel to the 2001 comedy Zoolander. They were dressed as both… noch 73 Wörter

Ben Stiller

What Kind of Meat are You?

Way back when, back before I had teenagers, back before I knew what a blog was, back when Microsoft had Front Page and we did html by hand… noch 330 Wörter


Hidden Gems in the Grocery Store

If there’s one thing I love snacking on, it’s chips and salsa. I will take chips and salsa over potato chips and other snacks any day. noch 405 Wörter

Digital Marketing

#AskSeaWorld A PR Crisis

By: Helen Hernandez

SeaWorld launched campaign #AskSeaWorld this Thursday March 26, 2015.for its new website SeaWorldCares for people to ask them questions through Twitter. The website is also designed to ease the tension and rebuild its brand image. noch 287 Wörter

Public Relations

The Facebook Debacle

I think I am going to put it out in the open. I am the least confident person out there. I have low self-esteem and tons of insecurities that could probably level the Chrysler Building. noch 762 Wörter

Ladies. When You Decide #JulienBlanc Is The Most Hated Man In The World....

You ignore the company he associates with and the man that made him a trainer in the pickup game they play.

Real Social Dynamics AND founder Owen Cook (Aka Tyler) noch 297 Wörter

Social Media

A delay? Right on Target.

Hello everybody!

I’m getting all tied up with various projects at the moment, my final computer part (Scythe Mugen) arrived 5 days ahead of schedule, ground shipping from Japan is not what it used to be huh? noch 155 Wörter