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How to Convert More Traffic on Social Media.

Most people when you ask them „What’s the #1 thing you target as a marketer for your business on Social Media?“ The vast majority of them will tell you… 903 weitere Wörter

Civil Discourse - Then and Now


In the mid-to-late 1980’s, I ran with a crowd of artsy folk, a very passionate and opinionated assemblage and not one of them was shy about holding forth. 1.107 weitere Wörter

Personal Growth

Fan Girling

Fan~ a person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing

Fan Girling ~ behave in an obsessive or overexited way. 321 weitere Wörter

Wasting my one wild and precious life

The sale of my late grandparents’ house completed yesterday and brought with it a sense of the end of an era. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately and I miss them so much. 494 weitere Wörter

Family Life

Bernie Brilliantly Beats Trump at the Twitter Game

Early this morning, Little Tweetolini bitched and moaned on Twitter as per his norm. He is probably grumpy from not being able to take a fourth vacation so soon. 456 weitere Wörter

Beauty in YouTube

YouTube is somewhere where one can express themselves. Over the past two years I have really come to love watching YouTube Videos. I watch several different types including DIY’s, Life Hacks, Lifestyle, and my favorite Beauty. 963 weitere Wörter


News from Vilia Adventures

Now in our 18thmonth of living full time in this RV, our Vilia, we have a rain day. We have had a few along the way but we have often commented on our good fortune with good weather for such a large part of our travels.

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Bob Janis