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Why the Internet has not imploded on 25th May 2018

Unless you have been living under a rock you will now probably be sick of hearing about those 4 little letters ‚GDRP‘, especially if you run a small business yourself! 762 weitere Wörter

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TNW Conference attendees tell us what te

TNW Conference attendees tell us what tech they want to see next – As amazing as all of our existing tech is, some of the best is yet to come. 56 weitere Wörter

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I don’t know about you but I’ve found myself reading a daily horoscope prediction every morning just before my day starts to get insight as to what my stars are up to. 492 weitere Wörter

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How to live a remarkable life

This is Thalassa. Thalassa is happy. Not just because of the Tony’s Chocolonely in her hand. Because she’s engineered a way to make her work fit her life goals. 642 weitere Wörter

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GDPR - Are we there yet?

So by now, you’ve probably had your fill of emails from various websites emailing you, nay pleading with you, to stay on their mailing lists. 404 weitere Wörter

Just Freakin' hire me..

Since attending my first semester at Master’s school I have been trying to look for a job that allows me to be both creative and analytical. 631 weitere Wörter

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LinkedIn Seminar for Doctors

Improve LinkedIn Account

This seminar is for you if you seek ways to improve your LinkedIn account.

➡️  Did you start using LinkedIn some years ago but you never saw any profitable results from this social media channel? 460 weitere Wörter

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