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Is Content Marketing Dead?

I’ve been in the content marketing game for years now. And I love that something so genuine has been a successful part of many companies’ marketing strategies. 868 weitere Wörter

K.L. Wightman

LIKE This Post Or A Puppy Will Get A Tumor

So…for once I am not gonna rant or wax philosophical about mental health issues.

Today I want to address how we, as human beings, have been reduced to vapid „like“ clicking social media mongers. 515 weitere Wörter


Facebook expands Safety Center to 50 languages, doubles down on bullies with 60 partners

As Facebook, the social network with 1.7 billion users, has come under fire for how it has handled its editorial role as a “media” company, it is also trying to launch more ways for people to control their experience on the platform. 38 weitere Wörter

Social Media

Social Marketing Suicide - Why Your Strategy Isn't Working

In our quickly changing digital world, for companies, social media presence is more important than ever. Although, many business owners and marketers, who are used to traditional media, are not sure exactly how to approach social media marketing. 774 weitere Wörter

Digital Marketing

Algorithms Might Be Everywhere, But Like Us, They’re Deeply Flawed

What’s the problem?

As algorithms become entrenched into society, the debate about their effects rages on.

In essence, algorithms are sequences of instructions used to… 1.281 weitere Wörter

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