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Trending N'at: Social Media Reacts to Tom Brady's Overturned Suspension

Yesterday around 10:00 am, a New York federal judge overturned Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for tampering with the footballs during the Super Bowl… and that’s really all you need to know. noch 463 Wörter


Google's logo update!

It’s official! Google have changed their logo to the much friendly, updated version and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Although the logo is still a font based logo, Google have updated it by changing the font type to sans-serif typeface which makes the new logo feel friendlier and more modern. noch 369 Wörter

Social Media

You deserve a prize! 5 reasons to enter more competitions

It’s a nightmare.  A formal awards dinner would be easy in just about every other industry I can think of – at least for us boys.   noch 791 Wörter

Salon Marketing

Snacks of Scripture

I enjoy scrolling through my social media feeds and seeing encouraging notes and images:

In fact, I’ve recently shared all of these images on the… noch 253 Wörter

My Life With God

Top Ten Tips For Planning Holiday Campaign

Holiday 2014 retail Ecommerce grew 7 percent to a total of over USD 100 billion, and Cyber Monday 2014 drew in USD 2.038 billion in sales on desktops alone.   noch 449 Wörter

Social Media

10 rules of engagement for effective content marketing, Memeburn

This article was published on Memeburn. Definitely worth sharing!

By Dee Stephens on 4 September, 2015

We have all heard that content marketing is new wave of marketing, and that if you are not in content marketing you stand to fail miserably. noch 1.514 Wörter

Social Media

Facebook Marketing Techniques

Technological advancements are growing every single day. It becomes more relevant in our everyday lives. We used it in work, communications and our businesses. One product of technology is social media sites, where we can communicate with people across countries using the World Wide Web.  noch 455 Wörter