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Terrorism in the Social Era

Daily news wake up the world by broadcasting images of death, destruction and terror. The globalized, developed world we live in is today under the continuous threats of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, better known as ISIS, and this makes it one of the most treated topic on a global scale. noch 745 Wörter


How your Facebook page is like a cactus

Everyone always says you ‘can’t kill a cactus’, but in my experience, I haven’t found this to be 100% true.  If you water a cactus too much, its roots will rot and it will fall out of its pot. noch 212 Wörter

Social Media

The Fist Post

The first post is one that brings about a mixture of emotions. The feeling of anticipation when writing something that will be released into the world of cyberspace to be read by many is juxtaposed against the reality that my writings may not be read at all. noch 154 Wörter


Resource: My PR stack - a practical guide to modern PR tools and workflow

This is a free pdf e-book and is an useful guide to all sorts of tools that you might find handy in relation to digital marketing activity. noch 15 Wörter

Networking / Training

Real Estate Marketing Strategies that Generate Leads

Whether you’re marketing a $5M dollar beach front home or a $200,000 bungalow, all properties should get the same professional service to ensure they sell or lease. noch 928 Wörter

Real Estate

Location: Tinder. Locative social media as a dating tool.

By Charlotte Launder

The rise of location-specific dating applications has led to a decline in traditional dating and transformed the dominant approach to romantic relationships. In decades past, the courtship process involved a number of dates, letters, phone calls, and possibly drunken chats in bars, but now dates are just a swipe of a phone screen away. noch 1.507 Wörter