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Aaron Edwards: social media and Buzzfeed

Aaron Edwards, former Editor-in-Chief at The Ithacan and current mobile editor for Buzzfeed News, Skyped into our class Feb. 8 to talk to us about social media, diversity, and working at Buzzfeed. noch 571 Wörter


The Digital Age of Journalism is here, and the Audience has a Say

Evolution of Interaction

The innovators behind the advent of call-in radio in 1945 set an incredible precedent; suddenly, rather than through a strongly-written (and seldom replied to) letter to the editor, listeners with paricularly feverish opinions concerning any topic under the sun could voice their politcial ire easily and instantaneously, for the world to hear. noch 254 Wörter


Franky's Favourite Instagram Accounts

I spend quite a lot of time on Instagram (that I probably shouldn’t but whatever) and I have come to have a few favourite accounts. They are basically just blogs with pretty pictures but Instagram form. noch 127 Wörter


Why Small Businesses Need Social Media

For small businesses: getting the word out there is gold.

Who you know is important, but your reach and exposure in the community is an absolute must. noch 668 Wörter

Why Snapchat is raking in the cash

To a lot of people, Facebook is 2016’s Myspace: it’s quite outdated and not really run anymore. While 89% of young adults (ages 19-27) still use it on a daily basis, its use has evolved, and less people post personal things on it, and more professional posts. noch 330 Wörter


ISIS Calls Out the Democratic Debate on Twitter

ISIS and its supporters have gone to great lengths to have a presence on Twitter, frequently (sometimes daily) using new accounts as old ones are suspended. noch 144 Wörter

In Your Words 6

Michelle McNally: The Brand

With only a year left in my undergraduate college experience, I have put a strong focus on  what exactly I would like to do in my future career. noch 935 Wörter