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The Dynamic Duo Live on Blab Today

Today, September 3rd at 5pm CST, Marki Lemons-Ryhal and I will discuss how to bridge your networking with Off-Line and On-Line Marketing using a new LIVE Streaming product noch 59 Wörter

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#AskJax @JacquelineJax : Q&A for Driving 100,000 🎯Traffic To Your website.

Use your passion to drive your content into the hearts of your readers. Don’t change so people will like you, instead be honest & authentic so the right people will find you. noch 601 Wörter


Become a Socialite: 5 Tips to Networking online

Having a presence on social media has countless benefits including sharing content with potentially all your contacts – worldwide, with one click of a button. If you’ve mastered the art of being social to make contacts, bringing your social media skills to par will help make you a fully rounded ‘socialite’! noch 465 Wörter


Alone Together

In this blog I tend to concentrate on the benefits of the internet and the networked culture that it has spawned.  However, the reason why I started the blog was because I was aware that digital life is not without its negatives.  noch 1.467 Wörter

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Still not convinced about Google+? Here are 5 reasons that will change your mind!

If you belong to the vast majority that believes that Google+ is a ‘ghost town’, you are missing out on a great tool to add to your business marketing/ branding arsenal. noch 491 Wörter

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Real Estate Networking with a Purpose on Social Media

Are you using social media on purpose? Or are you just logging in and watching from the sideline?  Is your purpose to have as many followers, likes, groups, friends or connections as possible?  noch 539 Wörter

Real Estate Networking

Simple Social Media Marketing Advice You Want Is Here

Social media marketing is among the fastest-growing and best-loved methods of expanding your business. A variety of ways exist in which social media can facilitate business growth and customer recruitment. noch 17 Wörter