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"Social Media Time Out" With Montage Africa Ltd!!!

Social Media Time Out” With Montage Africa Ltd is an event aimed at making Abuja The Hub Of social Media networking.

Event Highlights:

Social Media Site For All Ages: Frienedy

Frienedy is the first site of its kind that lets users of all ages manage life in groups. Engineered with parental permissions at the core, the company has created a private online environment that leverages parental engagement for users under 13 to guide the social media experience. noch 407 Wörter


Digital Lives are different from Real Lives

This topic has been a big debate ever since Social networking as a concept has emerged in India. I don’t know whether to support it or not but here are a few instances that will raise a big question in the end. noch 396 Wörter

My Thoughts

Community building and rapport through social media

Connection and rapport are the main essence in building a close working relationship with a customer, regardless of whether the customer is in a B2C or B2B situation. noch 135 Wörter

Web And Social Media

How to plan your Social Media content

When managing your social media accounts, it can be hard to know what to post, and even harder to analyse the results of each post. It’s useful to monitor the results of each post as this enables you to continue posting interesting and engaging content to your readers. noch 262 Wörter

Business Tips

50 Social Media Tips & Statistics

Navigating the minefield that is Social Media can be a headache, but it’s a lot easier once you know how (isn’t that the way with everything?!). noch 1.612 Wörter

Business Tips

Social Media Networking Bascics

How do you feel when you think about using social media for your business communications and marketing? Nervous? Apprehensive? Excited or overwhelmed? Feeling any one these feelings or a mixture of all them is perfectly normal. noch 1.693 Wörter