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Putting the Social Back in Social Media

Talking is something I generally like to do. I will find any excuse to chat with people at any time. Writing – to me at least – is just a more permanent form of chatting with people. 192 weitere Wörter


I don't know what I'm doing BUT I will learn.

Okay so as you visit my blog and check to see if it’s worth your time you will quickly see that I am a total blog/social media networking dinosaur. 79 weitere Wörter

Using Organic SEO Services For Increasing Your Website’s Ranking

There is no doubt that good SEO services can boost the visibility of your website by increasing the ranking in the search engines. An increase in the ranking means an increase in traffic and number of visitors to your site. 295 weitere Wörter


Growing BOOM for Social Networking Sites

Today, we have gathered some fascinating information on social networks – the most dominating industry segment in 2017. Impeccable growth observed in social networks is constantly luring business owners. 558 weitere Wörter

Social Media & Networking

How To Make Business Network Similar To LinkedIn

Some Quick facts and Figures About LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn – The Only Pioneer in Business Networking Segment With No Real Competition
  • Founded in December 2002
  • Widely spread across 200 countries, Currently having world- wide user base of 467m with 2 new members per second…
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Social Media & Networking

Advantages Of Marketing Through Social Media

In the past decade or two the world has shrunk and has become a global village. No matter how far or how distant you are from someone, nowadays these distances don’t count as you can communicate face to face through social media just like you are sitting in front of that person. 387 weitere Wörter

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How to Build a Personal Brand And Why You Need One

The need of the hour is building a personal branding name on the social media networking sites.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is referred as a marketing strategy in which the branding is done of an individual and not of any company.  524 weitere Wörter

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