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Community building and rapport through social media

Connection and rapport are the main essence in building a close working relationship with a customer, regardless of whether the customer is in a B2C or B2B situation. noch 135 Wörter

How to plan your Social Media content

When managing your social media accounts, it can be hard to know what to post, and even harder to analyse the results of each post. It’s useful to monitor the results of each post as this enables you to continue posting interesting and engaging content to your readers. noch 262 Wörter

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50 Social Media Tips & Statistics

Navigating the minefield that is Social Media can be a headache, but it’s a lot easier once you know how (isn’t that the way with everything?!). noch 1.612 Wörter

Business Tips

Social Media Networking Bascics

How do you feel when you think about using social media for your business communications and marketing? Nervous? Apprehensive? Excited or overwhelmed? Feeling any one these feelings or a mixture of all them is perfectly normal. noch 1.693 Wörter

Kendall Meets Prague!

Prague is my new home this semester! I am studying abroad in Prague, attempting to learn the language, and hoping to travel all over Europe! noch 31 Wörter

Future Of Social Media

3 Geo-Targeting Tips for the newbie

Hi everyone!

One effective tool that you can employ to maximize your conversion rate is by using geo-targeting. Now for the uninformed, geo-targeting is defined as a marketing strategy wherein… noch 401 Wörter

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What About the About Us Page?

Hi everyone!

One of the most neglected and probably unnoticed but a great show window to your site is the about us page.

Okay before you go off and start editing what you have scribbled down there, let me give you… noch 431 Wörter

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