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Twitter make big moves for the health of the platform, which include modifying search based on behavioral signals and user conduct. I think it’s a positive step forward for the platform.

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How do I sleep when I have a billion thoughts in my head? Eh…

Social Media Networking

Getting writing help.

So I decided to better my comedy writing skills I enrolled in a comedy writing workshops. I took my first workshop 2 years ago and they helped a lot with writing. 8 weitere Wörter

Social Media Networking


My brain is always cluttered my problem is my mind iant orgainized. I feel like nothing is going to inspire me to write.

Social Media Networking

My back hurts

The sky is blue, the grass is green and water is supposed to be clear. Is clear an actually color?

Social Media Networking

Big B is most engaging Indian actor on Facebook'

Amitabh Bachchan is the most engaging actor in the Indian film industry on Facebook, a survey has found.

The Score Trends India post categorically announced Amitabh as the number one actor with 100 points on Facebook, where as many as 30 million fans are following his page. 165 weitere Wörter