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The Top Three Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Making sure that you track your reputation for your business online is a very critical part of taking your strategy online. What this means is to simply… noch 465 Wörter

Social Media Best Practices

Busting the Myths about Social Media Monitoring

Over the last few years I have worked with a number of organizations helping them to envision and implement their social media monitoring strategies. Across all my interactions with these organizations, there have been a few “myths” that kept recurring, so I thought its time to bust these myths once and for all. noch 597 Wörter


German Banking Network Monitor and Respond to Conversations at Scale

In the banking industry, reputation is paramount. After all, customers need to know a bank will be consistently reliable, convenient and secure before they entrust their savings to it. noch 231 Wörter

Case Study

The Problem With Salesforce (Radian6)

I have to be honest. When I was shopping around for social media monitoring software, one name kept coming up over and and over again – Radian6. noch 656 Wörter

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring Review 2013 | Compare Social Media Tools | Social Media Networking - TopTenREVIEWS

This website wasn’t kidding “We do the research so you don’t have to”TM

With this information one can make a well informed decision as to which platform is right for their business. noch 12 Wörter

Social Media

Subway ranks #1 for gaining currency on social media

Study highlights best performers but finds social media success doesn’t always correlate to better business results

An interesting study that puts Subway, Google, Heineken, Target and Verizon in the top five spots for “social currency” found that even brands that sustain buzz through social media struggle to translate that success into a better bottom line. noch 957 Wörter

Monitoring and measurement improve execution

With so many tools to choose from, finding the right one to dig into your social media results is easier said than done

Course: CDPR108… noch 1.494 Wörter