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Gain the competitive advantage while lowering your start up costs with IaaS.


In this paper, I focus on private cloud services that provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) specifically for Small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs). While no solutions are practical for all SMEs I will provide insight into when it is most advantageous for SMEs to utilize IaaS, as well as the trade-offs involved with IaaS and why some content does not belong in the cloud. 2.359 weitere Wörter


Startup HR: Should You Be Outsourcing HR?

When you think of startups, I bet you think of the popular companies that are raking in millions of dollars in revenue. From Uber to Tesla, startups have been a growing trend in today’s society. 511 weitere Wörter

Human Resources

This Blazing Quasar Got Wave Motion Gunned Clear Out Of Its Galaxy

Astronomers still have yet to directly capture an image of a black hole—they’re working on it—but they know where some of the largest ones are: inside the hearts of galaxies, where they power brilliant and powerful quasars whose light can be seen across the Universe. 427 weitere Wörter


Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Fee Accountant

When you need someone to help you manage your finances and perform bookkeeping tasks, you should make sure that they are reliable, professional, and trustworthy. The process of choosing a fee accountant can be just as rigorous as hiring a full-time employee. 168 weitere Wörter

Fee Accountant

Is The Startup Boom Fizzling?

The Silicon Valley tech bubble did not burst yet, but it is clearly punctured.

Rents in San Francisco are as high as ever, yet in the past 12 months the market has… 406 weitere Wörter

Is It Time to Modernize NAS?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are the cornerstone of most organization’s storage architectures. For decades they’ve replaced legacy Windows or Linux file servers to provide SMB and NFS access from a single system that can support many more users. 164 weitere Wörter


Small Business Cybersecurity 101

Compared to big businesses, small businesses can’t spend as much manpower and other resources for their security. But, small business security doesn’t always have to be expensive. 153 weitere Wörter