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PBA Capsule: San Miguel Beer tightens grip on no. 1 spot

While the second spot in the PBA Philippine Cup is up for grabs, San Miguel Beer continues to stay at the top after beating GlobalPort, 106-100, on Saturday in Cebu. 182 weitere Wörter


Disable SMB1!

SMB is a fundamental part of Windows environments. If you’ve ever used File and Printer Sharing then you’ve used SMB. Its been around since the 1990s, developed and used by a number of vendors. 322 weitere Wörter

中小企業を狙っている!攻撃用クラウドサービスまで出現した「ランサムウエア」とは? [ #cloud ]



Cultivating Physical Networks from Electronic Contacts

Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D.

The FINAL post in the series on Cultivating Your Professional Network is being published by Career Connectors, a Phoenix-area nonprofit that provides resources for people seeking to advance their careers or start a new one. 80 weitere Wörter


1件180円で給与振込を代行するクラウドサービス「楽たす給与振込」、MJSが提供 [ #cloud ]



中堅・中小企業のIT活用展望、IT提供企業は「複数企業向けIoT」や「適度な自動化」の訴求を~ノークリサーチ調査 [ #cloud ]



StatX: Mobile Dashboards for Small Business

Laurie: Today I’m talking to Prasad Raje, president and CEO of a new company called StatX. I met Prasad this fall at Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect Conference, and was intrigued with the demo I saw of the StatX solution, which provides users with a mobile dashboard for QuickBooks Online and several other top small business applications. 961 weitere Wörter

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