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10 IT Security Questions Every Business Should Ask

In this face-paced, ever-changing, technological world, small and growing businesses must be prepared, now more than ever, to not only address the danger of cyber-security threats, but also to have the in-house expertise to implement information security programs that handle these types of issues. noch 524 Wörter

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Should sign be more dynamic?

In the last few years, especially with the dramatic drop of digital signage implementation costs, it is becoming clear to everybody, including the SMBs, that digital signs are far more efficient than the old traditional printed signs: the ability to change content, no matter how remote it is in a split of second, with a physical effort that sums up in few clicks on your PC mouse. noch 285 Wörter

Digital Signage

Roll Call: Best Apps for Your Small Business

Tyngu– The E Learning Experts

It’s a tech age in which plenty of small businesses are developing the types of apps that add rocket fuel to our personal and professional lives, but where do businesses turn to when they need some rocket fuel of their own? noch 686 Wörter


8 Steps to Ensure Your Startup is Generating Revenue

Someone once said that in this age of Information Technology, One can acquire all the wealth their parent ever had in a life time in One year or even a Month as the case may be. noch 782 Wörter

Back To The Grind!

Things are finally getting back to normal after 6 weeks of being in lots of pain and attempting to recover. My foot is still healing, but I am back to my job and back to my second job of writing awesome posts for you, my followers. noch 162 Wörter

Tyngu's Top Five Picks of the Week

Tyngu–The E Learning Experts

Here’s another weekly roundup of the top five trending stories in social media for this week.


Social Media Week Takes Center Stage… noch 312 Wörter

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