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SAP's Digital Transformation Story For SMBs

“Digital transformation” is one of the top trending buzzwords in technology today. But what does digital transformation mean? In broad terms, many define it as using digital technology to enable innovation and new, often disruptive, business models. noch 1.582 Wörter


Increase your Enterprise or SMB Organization Security via Internet Application & User Control. Limit Threats and Internet Abuse at the Workplace

Learn how to enable and configure internet application control for the Enterprise and SMB network using GFI WebMonitor. Allow or block any application, Active Directory user or IP address with the click of a button.

VC & SMBs disclosed raising $688 million last week

During the seven day period, the Regulation D market contracted at a slightly faster pace in terms of transactions while the pool of money raised shrank at an a milder clip. noch 34 Wörter


5 Big Data Benefits for Small Businesses

Data makes up a large part of all businesses. But so far, the massive amount of data generated by businesses have been an untapped resource accumulated in the storage of the business database. noch 48 Wörter

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