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My Lunch for Today (Part of Slimming in Action)

This is an update of what I had for lunch. A watermelon, milo as well as the dish you see above.

It consist of the following: 89 weitere Wörter

My Breakfast for Today (Part of Slimming in Action)

As part of my Slimming in Action plan, I had no rice involved but had the above breakfast.

It consisted of:
1) Egg
2) Boneless Fish… 67 weitere Wörter

Wednesday, January 17th - Getting Smaller

Wednesday of the Second Week of Epiphany – Year B
Psalm 38
Genesis 9:18-29
Hebrews 6:1-12
John 3:22-36

Getting Smaller
John 3:22-36

It’s that time of year when everyone wants to lose weight.  521 weitere Wörter



Sup y’all, it’s yo boy OJ Pac!

DISCLAIMER: This gon‘ be a long ass post so if you haven’t read anything since the last time a semi-authoritative figure assigned you a reading, sit this one out – I won’t be mad, just listen to the song and move along, ya dig? 1.130 weitere Wörter