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Efectul BodyShape SLIM NO GYM GEL, de la elmiplant

Împletind puterea naturii şi a ştiinţei, elmiplant creează aliatul unui corp suplu: gelul SLIM NO GYM întregeşte gama BodyShape şi este un produs revoluţionar, ce ajută la remodelarea siluetei. noch 307 Wörter


Whatever your size, shape or color your beauty is unique and is like no other. Your beauty may be short or tall, thick, curvy or slim.

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Weigh-in 28: Getting Closer!

Hey everyone

After the weekend of trying to be really good, I thought I was on for a good loss this week. Not happening though. … noch 67 Wörter

Slimming World

What if you don't have any "bass"?

(Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own)

If Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor are anything to go by, my „buns“ won’t be exciting an anaconda any time soon, and I don’t have a lot of booty for the boys to hold at night (although my boyfriend may beg to differ). noch 232 Wörter

Feeling Good