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Little Girl Measuring

Monoprint of a little girl measuring herself. Eating disorders can start in girls as young as 6 and they can grow up seeing their bodies in a negative light.


Choosing Products for Your Personal Plexus Journey

Not sure which direction to go with Plexus? Not sure what your options are? Here are a few ideas…I use #3 along with Accelerator+.

Option #1… noch 343 Wörter



The lyrical samouraï
The one who rose after the fall
His words cut like swords
Uncoming undone
Losing the battle before it begun
Shooting with his gun… noch 60 Wörter

Can people learn to curb their chocolate cravings?

Can you really cut your cravings for chocolate by pretending to eat it? Michael Mosley has been finding out.
I have a confession to make. I am addicted to chocolate. noch 958 Wörter



Assalamualaikum semua pembaca SCB (from now on, i’ll be referring my blog as SCB..hihi ;)

Anda masih dalam mood raya ke..sorry sangat2 sebab saya tak sempat nak update blog..saya bizi sangat2 dengan raya..huhu..Siap buat makan-makan kt rumah lagi..hehe.. noch 1.089 Wörter