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Of Mice and Men ~ Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is a text often used for GCSE English examinations, and it’s easy to see why, for this is a play which could be analysed over and over, and then analysed again! noch 393 Wörter


Esti (pe) barbaT(a)?

nu esti barba, daca porti barbat(ul de azi)

Boss… – ca daca incepi asa, da bine la camere, cum ar veni. Ce??? Da!
Boss… – sau mai e varianta sa fii considerat un cocalar infect de mahala. noch 195 Wörter


17Struggles Only Skinny Girls Will Get

While it’s considered rude to walk up to an overweight person and comment on their weight, most people consider it “fair game” to comment on the weight of a naturally skinny woman. noch 235 Wörter


(before reading: i dont think theres anything wrong with being naturally skinny and tall. i do think there’s something wrong with the way that its seen as the only acceptable body type. noch 694 Wörter


Slim Line G-spot Vibrator (22 CM)

Slim Line G-Spot vibrator, good quality, cheap price. Speed: multi-speed Material: Jelly Package: Blister package + paper card Feature: Vibration, waterproof Leight: 22 CM Certifications: CE AND Great anal sex toy in red. noch 16 Wörter