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Mynt vs Tile: Which tracker is best for you?

If you are like me, your worst fear is losing anything. Whether it be your wallet, phone, keys, or otherwise, I hate not knowing where all my things are. 745 weitere Wörter


Learn To Lose Weight & Keep Fit - The Healthy Way


Have you been complaining about your body in the midst of losing weight? Working hard to shed those extra pounds but feel disheartened when you gain back the weight with a single hearty meal? 1.069 weitere Wörter


Australia police seeking Singaporean man missing in Brisbane


The police in east Australia are seeking information on a missing Singapore man.

„Police are seeking public assistance to help locate a Singaporean national who may be in the Brisbane city area,“ Queensland police said in a press release on Wednesday (Jan 18). 78 weitere Wörter

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Stay healthy, friends!

However, When I checked out this morning, the little pumpkin was not around, it dropped premature. It happened often in our life too. Some of us, we are not appreciate for whatever we own in life, we take it for granted. 245 weitere Wörter


Self Defence, Retreat and Invitation

“In war it is all-important to gain and retain the initiative, to make the enemy conform to your action, to dance to your tune. When you are advancing, this normally follows; if you withdraw, it is neither so obvious nor so easy. 1.047 weitere Wörter

Practical Karate

Sexy Slim & Long Legs in Shorts

Sexy Slim and Long Legs in Shorts

Sexy Slim and Long Legs in Shorts

Sexy Slim and Long Legs in Shorts

Sexy Slim and Long Legs in Shorts… 49 weitere Wörter