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Weighing/measuring Day

So two weeks are finished and  Wednesday is my day to weigh and measure. I weigh when I get up in the morning and even though I tell myself oh the scales don’t matter and when you start plexus you are encouraged to measure and not weigh because the scale can be your worst enemy if you don’t see results fast enough I am still excited to see what’s changed. noch 190 Wörter


The Secret to Six Pack Abs

Dear Bradley: How do I get washboard abs? — Georgie from Houston, TX.

Dear Count Snackula: Your question and name with the fat suggesting suffix “ie,” coupled with being from Houston (the fattest US city), have lead me to take certain liberties in how I address you. noch 282 Wörter


5 Day Slim Down Simple Detox

Ever wanted to cleanse your body from harmful chemicals and toxins that we get simply by our environment. Well now is your chance to slim down and feel great! noch 66 Wörter


Measuring and weighing day

Its Wednesday which means it’s the day to weigh and measure. I’m excited to see if I’ve lost more inches and pounds.  I feel like I have but I’m not sure. noch 207 Wörter


Exercising Energy

I am out of shape. I mean my job require lifting and being on my feet for 8 or 9 hours at a time but I still am out of shape.   noch 207 Wörter


GO Launcher Z Prime v1.002 (Unlocked) Premium Apk

GO Launcher is a stylish, smart & slim system for your Android phone. The 2015 brand new version “GO Launcher Z’ provides 365-day updated themes & HD wallpapers to decorate your screen, and abundant widgets, gestures & tools to make your ideal phone. noch 15 Wörter