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Compared with the billions of other stars in the universe, the sun is unremarkable. But for Earth and the other planets that revolve around it, the sun is a powerful center of attention. 423 weitere Wörter


Sea kissed

I stood under the umbrella of the velvet sky that looked so irritatingly ravishing, that it would make you stop and steal your breath for several minutes together, ensuring you pay undivided attention to it; … 475 weitere Wörter

The Birth Of Dust

Why all the burning lights in the sky?

For what purpose do they shine?

Rocks do that?

But what set the rock on fire to burn forever till it dies to dust once again? 11 weitere Wörter


Night & Day

Today I show you two pictures Night and Day  both picture you know what the meaning Night and Day but I show you the same place night View look WoW and day look WoW.   498 weitere Wörter

Both has No Limits

Travelling to Leh-Ladakh is one of the most cherished dreams for many. Experiencing the sights of vast and desolate expanse of hills and valleys combined with the thrilling experience of enduring the harsh climate is one of its kind adventure. 835 weitere Wörter

Fly High , Talk High

Birds Birds are some of the most amazing animals on earth. Most have the ability to fly. Some use ground travel. Some use claws, others use only their beaks. 826 weitere Wörter