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A Lincolnshire Sky

Following on from yesterday’s post with Maggie on the beach, these were some photos I took of the sky which was amazing in contrast by moving just a few inches to one side! 113 weitere Wörter



Segala sesuatu memiliki masa dimana gelap dan terang silih berganti. Laiknya waktu yang silih berganti. Ada siang dan malam yang selalu bergantian dan berkelanjutan.

Manusia pun sama, gelap dan terang selalu bergantian berada dalam diri manusia. 55 weitere Wörter


I want to meet him!

His name is Rob, he’s living in Tromso and he is a scientific amateur who study sounds from space and nature… He is exactly the kind of guy I want to meet and discuss with :-) 120 weitere Wörter


The day the sky fell in

That day, last week, when all the Saharan dust sat in the sky and made it glow with a strange end-of-days kind of feeling, I was at work all day and couldn’t get out to take pictures. 15 weitere Wörter

Blue on Blue

“The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night.” ~ Haruki Murakami


How to FALL in love with the environment


Fall in Upstate New York (really anywhere that experiences the glory of four distinct seasons) is an incredible manifestation of the power and beauty of change. 845 weitere Wörter