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Friday Midnight

Hello guys, How are you guys doing? How was your day today? I had a long day at work and today was kinda busy. A little bit tired but that’s okay. noch 128 Wörter

Among the dead

So the understanding being

that I don’t have to explain myself

that the sky is blue

and life is just because

Now the problem being…

noch 61 Wörter
Kait King

Greece Day 1

For this Easter holiday trip, we will be going to Santorini –> Mykonos –> Athens for 7 days. We didnt stay long due to exams, but we had a really great trip. noch 195 Wörter


Patience & Gratitude

Life can be unpredictable
Unfair…and unexpected
But there is always hope
Like sun shining bright
In the cloudy sky

#Good news come when you least expected… noch 15 Wörter