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Here's why we're excited about 'No Man's Sky,' one of the most creative games ever made


Even the youngest among us won’t casually explore space. Not like this, anyway.

Humanity is still far from space travel, but one incredible-looking game is promising the endless exploration of space all from the comfort of your living room. noch 339 Wörter


How to keep

How to keep—is there ány any, is there none such, nowhere
known some, bow or brooch or braid or brace, láce, latch
or catch or key to keep… noch 18 Wörter


Manchester United appoint Mourinho as manager - Sky Sports News


LONDON: Manchester United have appointed Jose Mourinho as their new manager, Sky Sports News reported on Thursday.

The 53-year-old Portuguese replaces Dutchman Louis van Gaal whose two-year reign at Old Trafford ended on Monday, two days after United lifted the FA Cup. noch 40 Wörter

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Crows Nest Sky

One brief look out of my rear view mirror and the race was on. A hectic and speedy dash to find a nearby parking spot, then a sprint through blocks of buildings to find a clear shot of the sky. noch 22 Wörter