Schlagwörter » Sky


the mountains were awaiting the celebration,
sky was dancing in it's own glory,
love was in those white stuffed pillows, thundering it's way out,
a beautiful sacred ceremony was about to take place,
rain and the forest were about to marry, 
Vows were taken,
Rings were exchanged,
A little drop on the ground,
made them the happily ever after...

Customer service.

These people want death
– drinking pint sized cans
of horrible energy drinks
that taste grim and
are horrible for your

***the devil in me likes that feeling of someone glancing up at me behind the till and seeming to instantly form an idea of how long i’m going to take serving them (delaying them) and start sighing and whatnot but bam.. 343 weitere Wörter


Peace and Promise

Today I spoke with an old friend who shared with me she’s getting divorced. She is broken hearted and afraid.

I turned on my computer and the first thing that popped up was a shooting at an elementary school- a teen, who also killed his father. 153 weitere Wörter


Our Daily Bread

Autumn is here and „the weather“ is officially transitioning into a new gap — a „fortunate combination“ of longer nights, shorter days, weaker sunshine, and cooler breezes.   216 weitere Wörter