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empty spaces
non-echoing chambers
clogged now
with spring pollen
„smell the roses“
i wish i could


Silencing sinus

Since my sinuses have decided to
start acting up over the past weekend and have given me a case of the Monday blues, I’ve decided to… 458 weitere Wörter

Nasal cavity - sinuses

  • Sphenoidal sinus
    • opens into the sphenoethmoidal recess superior to the superior nasal conchae
  • Frontal sinus
    • infundibulum connects to anterior portion of semilunar hiatus in the…
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Home remedies for sinusitis that can bring relief faster

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a problem that has been caused when too much of mucus builds up in the nasal cavities. The sinus passages swell which develops an infection. 643 weitere Wörter

Herbal Remedies For Sinus

Chronic Sinus Problem? Check Behind Your Bed

The environment you live in plays a big part in your health. Spending time in an unhealthy room can bring on a multitude of problems, especially for your respiratory system. 409 weitere Wörter


Migraine is a periodic, rapid onset of severe headache that enters in or around both the eyes accompanied by visual disturbance nausea, vomiting and even speech difficulties. 134 weitere Wörter


B. Clear Tea Blend

Yes, to be clear. To be open and moving and free. These are the qualities this tea brings in as our bodies awake from their winter stagnation.   165 weitere Wörter