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Silent Hill - Intro

There are some sounds that can instantly strike fear into our hearts.  The creaking of floorboards, the hiss of an agitated animal, or the low moan of some otherworldly creature are all noises that register on the list of stressful sounds.   noch 185 Wörter


Robyn Loau - "The Last Time"

As the GLBT community finally gains its rights and full respects in the eyes of the law, it seems like the worst time to genuflect before its faults. noch 100 Wörter


Welcome to Silent Hill Month

Autumn has finally arrived and so has my first ever theme month. For the entire month of October, I will be playing through Silent Hill 2 on the PS2 and if I can complete it before the 31st, I will also play Silent Hill 3. noch 107 Wörter


Spoopcast 1 - Horror Games

Good evening everyone!

To celebrate the second anniversary of Player’s Guide Jackson and Daniel have something special in store. Since there will be three podcasts posted in October, they have decided to devote the entire month to the horrifying. noch 101 Wörter

News Updates

My Top Twenty PSOne Games (10-1)

And we have arrived here, the final countdown, my top ten games on the PSOne and I think it is a representative list that will keep even the most hardcore fans happy! noch 2.015 Wörter


Productive Procrastination: DIY Costumes

Maybe these articles are about fun ways to get stuff done without feeling like you have to work. Maybe these articles are about new ways to be productive that you might not have considered before. noch 1.216 Wörter


Meg vs. Silent Hill: Homecoming - Round 1!

So it has begun! Starting with the scariest game in my collection (naturally, how else would you do it?) Silent Hill: Homecoming. I knew little about this this game in particular, but the franchise is infamous; I knew they were terrifying with scares teetering on the psychological end and that I would… noch 562 Wörter