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Why Are Video Game Tech Demos So Effing Haunted?

By Loryn Stone

Video game hardware and software creators like to showcase the boner-popping capabilities of their systems. When you have a system as complex as one that creates video games, you want to make sure the public knows of said system’s capabilities. 851 weitere Wörter

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[Article] Survival Horror: Mid-life Crisis

By the early 2000s, the sub-genre of survival horror had become so enshrined and pervasive within video game markets, that it had even begun to stray out into popular culture: Resident Evil and Silent Hill had both enjoyed varying degrees of success as cinema and comic book adaptations, certain images, concepts and lines from the games became enshrined within popular culture, largely thanks to the escalating phenomena of the internet.

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Adaptation April #5: Silent Hill: Dead/Alive Issue #5

Chapter 5

Christabella thinks that Connie looks like a goddess. “I hate that.

Fuck, I am so screwed. I can feel this thing’s power. It doesn’t give two shits about being worshiped. 2.136 weitere Wörter

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Silent Hill and Memory

In Silent Hill 2, James comes to terms with the memory of something he did

In Silent Hill 3, Heather comes to terms with the memory of who she is… 123 weitere Wörter


Adaptation April #5: Silent Hill: Dead/Alive Issue #4

Chapter 4

Right off the bat, this issue is different than the others, because Nick Stakal has made a major shift in his artwork. It’s much more colorful than it was before. 1.014 weitere Wörter

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Adaptation April #5: Silent Hill: Dead/Alive Issue #3

Chapter 3

Ike cocks his shotgun. “Let’s party like it’s 1999, bitch.”

Both Kenneth and Christabella say, “O-kayyy…” Acknowledgment that Ike is supposed to be cheesy in-story. 875 weitere Wörter

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Silent Hill: Book of Memories Review

Developed by Way Forwarded Technologies

Published by Konami

Played on: PS Vita

Not available on any other official device

You awake the day of your birthday, alone, in your small apartment like you always do. 2.039 weitere Wörter

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