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Claudia Wolf: a Character Analysis of Silent Hill 3's Tragic Pharisee

„I can picture a place where everybody feels it too.

It might be fiction, but I’m seeing ahead!

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do…there’s nothing I wouldn’t do!“

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Katie Plays Stuff: Silent Hill, Part 2

In the last post I gave a rundown of the events of Silent Hill. For this post, I want to take a quick look at the game’s characters and what makes them tick. 1.308 weitere Wörter

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Silent Hill 2: the mysterious and feral sounds at the beginning

After so many years, Silent Hill 2 is still a game full of secrets and hidden symbolism. The magic atmosphere of this game it is not only visual, but especially in the deepness of its sounds. 347 weitere Wörter


Revisiting Silent Hill 3

As a big gamer (I’ve completed over 2 games), I am a huge fan of a wide variety of video game genres.

The first game I bought with my own money was ‚Tomb Raider: Legend‘, and boy did I play that game to death. 1.378 weitere Wörter


Silent Hill Ranked

I’m all about rankings right now apparently. Similar to my Mainline SMT and Dragon Ball OPs rankings, these are my personal rankings. I’m not trying to make any grand statements about what makes a „true“ Silent Hill game or anything. 4.059 weitere Wörter

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My Silent Hill

On the weekend I attended a birthday party of a dear friend who I rarely visit. She lives in a small town I once ought to call home as well, but never could and never will. 285 weitere Wörter