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Supernatural/Silent Hill Fan Fiction Part 6

Castiel stood in the bathroom of the second story of the Visitor’s Center. It was covered in years of dust. 39 years of dust to be exact. noch 1.217 Wörter

Fan Fiction

Blaugust Day 26 - Boo!

This coming October has become something of a blessing to me in terms of video gaming.  Joel Bylos has announced a standalone game based on one of my favorite areas in The Secret World, and fans of the game will likely know what area when I give the title. noch 822 Wörter

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The Making of "Stonebrood," Part 3

Note: This is the last of three posts in which I discuss how I conceived and wrote my novelette “Stonebrood,” the lead story in the October issue of… noch 1.092 Wörter


Supernatural/Silent Hill Fan Fiction Part 5

CAS! Dean’s desperation stung Castiel’s head like a metal spike. Castiel was now in the street outside of the Visitor’s Center that Dean had just met Pyramid Head on the second floor. noch 1.226 Wörter


Indie Game Radar: Banned Memories

On this blog I’ve repeatedly talked about my affinity for a certain era of 3D graphics, specifically the flat-shaded textureless kind you might see in SEGA Model 1 games like the original  noch 699 Wörter


Save Points: Tension, Terror, or Terrible Choice?

I am a fan of the save point system as it is used in the older survival horror games. I admittedly did not beat a lot of those games, which I am working on even now with the Resident Evil remake on the Playstation 4, but the concept is sound for the genre. noch 849 Wörter

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Supernatural/ Silent Hill Fan Fiction Part 4

The commercial district of Silent Hill was maybe 4 blocks by 4 blocks, surrounded by a few blocks of houses. It surprisingly had all the amenities of a much larger city without the population. noch 2.198 Wörter