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What Inspired Silent Hill?

Previously, I published an article about Silent Hill. I talked about how the game’s story line progressed and how Silent Hill was made into two different movies. noch 782 Wörter

Guest Reviews - WESLEY STEPHENSON - Silent Hill (2006)

Edit: I’ve now placed a link at the end of this review to a video of all our bloopers. Hope you enjoy!

Weekly Games News - 20/11/15

Terror! Skydiving! Pornography! It’s my pick of the games news from the past week. Real news for real men, that’s not about sports or cars. Let’s kick off. noch 791 Wörter

Weekly Games News

Akira Yamaoka

So on Guy Fawkes night Akira Yamaoka visited Glasgow.

Queues were really long, as to be expected from such a lege. The price tag of £29 was perhaps rather pricey, but definitely worth it for a performance from one of the defining musicians of gaming history. noch 478 Wörter


Silent Hill and Its Many Tales

Throughout the video game industry, there have been quite a few games come along that show us what it means to be afraid. The fear that can be inflicted via a television show or movie, simply cannot compare to playing a game and then feeling as though you are living in a nightmare. noch 894 Wörter

The Never-Ending Nightmare - My Guest Post about how the First Silent Hill Game Changed My Life

I did a guest post over on Wagging the Fox about how the first Silent Hill game got me into horror as a genre, how it influenced me as a horror author, and how it influenced… noch 16 Wörter