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7/10 game-a-thon: Deadly Premonition: My investigation of quality (review)

“I’m Special Agent Francis York Morgan. Please call me York, everyone does”

These words sum up ‘Deadly Premonition’ better than I ever could! If everyone calls him “York” then why go to the bother of introducing yourself with your job title, full name and end with what you prefer to be called!

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Silent Hill

Wicked Plays: Deadly Premonition

Welcome, readers to Wicked Plays! In this segment, our team here at Something Wicked will pick a video or computer game to review.

This week’s pick is Deadly Premonition.  noch 237 Wörter


Lost Carol

Full Text: Lost Carol

Publish Date: December 16, 2006

Brief Summary: James and Maria are on a trip to Maria’s parents’ for Christmas.  When they get there, everything is tense.  noch 1.057 Wörter


Session 9 and the Structure of Horror

One of my favorite video game series is Silent Hill. The games are works of horror that delve into deep, disturbing psychological issues of the characters. noch 571 Wörter


Zombie Games

The best zombie games I’ve played are the ones some gamers may not consider zombie games at all. They may contain elements of other genres, yet the underlying theme has to do with either raising the undead or killing the undead as a means to save the world. noch 463 Wörter


Favorite Video Game Sequels

Today we’re looking back at some of our favorite video game sequels. Lots of video games are sequels, so what makes a good sequel? Let’s find out! noch 1.710 Wörter


Silent Hill Homecoming : Going home is always good. . . . .NOT. . . . . . (Searching)

Welcome to my second day of replaying Homecoming for the fifth time, this article will cover up the few parts of my game play until the point where i finish my play through because i need to browse something on my internet sites, so, i’m going to share to you the experience of my walk through. noch 1.072 Wörter