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Black and White?

Once in a while, as a photographer, you come across a view and know that this will be the shot of the day.
This is very satisfying. noch 167 Wörter

addicted to Buschwindröschen

Es scheint als rauben mir die Wälder die Worte. Nicht nur den Atem, nein, ganze Sätze wischen sie weg. Wollen nur gesehen und bewundert werden, nicht beschrieben mit wohlüberlegten Wendungen. noch 94 Wörter


Another Fairy Tale from the Seven Hills

Having taken place on the 14th December, the Siebengebirgshalbmarathon is ancient history now, in internet terms. But it took this long for me to get my pictures from my tech-illiterate father and, truth be told, I wouldn’t have had time to write about it before, anyway. noch 696 Wörter


A Cup of Coffee and Three Mountains

I had planned to go and spend the weekend in Heiligendamm in the north of Germany to see the Baltic coast and a narrow gauge steam railway called the Molli Bahn. noch 464 Wörter