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Gun Buying Tips for New Shooters

Your first gun is the most exciting gun you will ever buy. Mine was a Norinco HP9 pump shotgun I still have to this day (tricked out a bit). 961 weitere Wörter



Shotguns in Fortnite are the kings of close range combat, followed closely by the SMG. In version 5.0 of Fortnite, they removed the capability of using a double shotgun by adding a shotgun firing cooldown after firing a shotgun and weapon swapping. 200 weitere Wörter


Winnipeg officer injured after vehicle rammed by stolen car: police

Winnipeg police said an officer was injured and several service cars damaged during an arrest Monday.

It started with reports of a stolen truck in East St. 140 weitere Wörter


I Accidentally Spent the Night in a Haunted House

Everything I’ve written here is true. The only thing I’ve changed in this story are the names of my friends in order to protect their identities. 1.156 weitere Wörter


Victim of Norwalk assault gets 18 months for not retreating?

Jeffrey Sumpter, of Bridgeport, charged with first-degree assault and risk of injury to a minor in Saturday melee at Dunkin Donuts.

STAMFORD — A Bridgeport man who was assaulted by three juveniles while he was at work in Norwalk will have to spend 18 months in jail for stabbing one of the attackers.“I was defending myself,” Jeffrey Sumpter, 21, told Judge John Blawie on Monday morning at the Stamford courthouse when he was sentenced for stabbing one of the males in the leg last October. 205 weitere Wörter