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New Short Story on Amazon!

I’ve got a new short story for sale on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions.

If you like paranormal adventure with a hint of B-movie humor, I think you’ll like it. 147 weitere Wörter

Magazines Tips for Canadian 3-Gunners

One of the things that was hard for me to accept about 3-Gun was the proclivity within the sport to drop magazines.  Training in the Canadian Army in the early 2000’s, dropping a mag was a push-up worthy sin and I’ve seen it where an 150 soldier Company would spend days combing through a training area to find a missing one (your tax dollars at work). 1.718 weitere Wörter


Hunting Chronicles: Fly Bye

Every hunter has a set of experiences that stand out above all others. Talking to anybody who has spent their fair share of time in the outdoors will eventually lead to a story about a certain animal, or experience in the wild. 792 weitere Wörter


Following Up

Picking up right where I left off yesterday, the story is rain and more rain, and a raccoon that needed to be dealt with once and for all. 400 weitere Wörter


Snapshot of a fun project I did recently: Designed graphics for special edition shotguns that commemorate veterans from the 4 branches of the US military. These guns were sold at a charity auction which benefits the NRA for a combined $7k+.

Design Blog

An Evolution of Thought on the Three Gun Battery...

When Robert and I first started writing this blog, we specifically wrote that we reserved the right to change our minds based on new experiences and evolution of thought. 862 weitere Wörter

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