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A Muslim Cleric Confirms Islam And Democracy Are Not Compatible

This is response of a Muslim Cleric, Mazin AbdulAdhim, to Mehdi Hasan’s video that was broadcast on Al Jazeera TV:

“This video does not discuss whether Islam is compatible with democracy, rather he is discussing whether Muslims can handle living under a democracy. 235 weitere Wörter

Political Islam

Sharia and tsunami in Aceh

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia that enforces Islamic law, also known as sharia. The province capitol Banda Aceh was completely ruined by the well-known 2004 tsunami. 627 weitere Wörter


Deport Muslims

Deport Muslims

R. Steinberg truebearing

Muslims here gravitate to engineering, scientific, or technology curricula and frequently use their infidel university – obtained educations to engage in various forms of jihad – cyber warfare, design and construction of explosive devices, etc. 419 weitere Wörter


The Clarion Project Newsletter for Wednesday September 28, 2016

issue 339


First Presidential Debate: How to Fight Radical Islam?

Trump and Clinton had their say on their respective strategies to combat ISIS, Iran, nuclear proliferation and radicalization. 435 weitere Wörter

Islamic News


Egyptian Clinic Treats People with Camel Urine Per Prophet’s Advice

A recent Egyptian TV program showed how Islamic Sharia law’s many prescriptions do not merely clash with modern-day concepts like free speech and religious freedom, but even with medicine and science. 61 weitere Wörter


‘We cannot live among people who support Islamic law’ – Nicolas Sarkozy

Express, Sept. 26, 2016: (go to site for video)

An opinion poll carried out by the Montaigne Institute, a liberal think tank, revealed that 29 per cent of Muslims living in France were hardline – known as “ultras” in France – who believe the country should respect Islamic law. 154 weitere Wörter

Counter Jihad Report

"Sharia Is Hate"

by Supna Zaidi

Front Page Magazine
October 6, 2008

Imagine Dodger Stadium full of loud and whooping fans cheering on, not baseball, but your weekly stoning and flogging of adulterers, thieves and other errant citizens of southern California. 64 weitere Wörter