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The Letter 26 – Topic 4 – Matter 4

The Letter 26 – Topic 4 – Matter 4: The instinctual soul, desire, doubts, and Satan exercise great influence over man. In order to damage his faith, they are much of the time able to take advantage of his negligence, to trick him with their wiles, and thus to extinguish the light of belief with doubts and uncertainty. noch 46 Wörter


Texas Lege Update

For yet another year, the inherently conservative structure of the legislative process in Texas is working to thwart the radicals who call themselves “conservative.” The short timeframe of each session, the numerous informal rules that stymie legislation, and a pretty miserable work ethic (the session amounts to a long series of lobbyist parties), make it nearly impossible to get anything besides a budget passed. noch 506 Wörter


In which ISIS imitates Kim Jong Un: teen executed with a bazooka

In 2014 the al-Sheitaat tribe in Syria revolted against ISIS. Hundreds of tribesmen died in the massacre that followed ISIS’ reconquest of the area. Perhaps in revenge for his people, or perhaps out of a simple desire to fight a heinous enemy, a young man of the tribe fired a rocket-propelled grenade that killed two ISIS savages. noch 317 Wörter


National Cathedral Presents More Kumbaya Islam

Family Security Matters, by Andrew Harrod, May 19, 2015:

The Very Reverend Gary Hall declared “one of the great blessings” in his life as being able to “encounter Islam” while introducing in Washington, DC, an April 21 National Cathedral  noch 1.262 Wörter

Counter Jihad Report

In a Hand Basket

Pope Francis plans to recognize the non-existent “state of Palestine,” lending weight to a Palestinian push for international support for sovereignty and bypassing stalled negotiations with Israel. noch 376 Wörter


Christianity withering away in Christendom - Kanchan Gupta

“Increasingly faithless Europe cannot but eventually morph into Eurabia. Switzerland may have banned the minaret, France may have banished the burqa and centre-right Germans may be rallying against Islamism, but these are at best feeble attempts at building a dyke after Europe has been flooded by Islam. noch 1.028 Wörter

Psychological Warfare