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Oklahoma Beheading Case Another Example Judges and Attorneys Resistant to Linking Barbaric Behavior to Islam

Understanding the Threat, by John Guandolo, May 26, 2016

How many Muslims who kill in the name of Allah have to profess their loyalty to the teachings of Islam in open court before judges and attorneys realize Islam mandates violence according to sharia (Islamic Law)? noch 300 Wörter

Counter Jihad Report

"We Will Take Advantage of American Kindness, Gullibility, and Compassion"

The following article, submitted by a former Muslim and published at „the Muslim Issue“ blog on WordPress, was written nearly three years ago. Many in Europe and a few isolated places in America have been seeing this for years, but for most Americans this kind of picture is only really starting to come into focus in 2016. noch 1.076 Wörter

Collapse Of The West

U.S. Welfare Now Pays for 4 'Wives' per Husband (Wry Smile)

The territory of Utah applied numerous times in the late 19th century to become a state of the Union, but its applications were repeatedly denied by the U.S. noch 479 Wörter

Collapse Of The West

8 Months of Future Past

The future home of the Museum of the Future. I’m sure Alicia Gali appreciates it.

Address to the Czech Parliament

The following is the transcript of an address given to the Czech Parliament in May 2016 by Dr Klara Samkova. Can you imagine anything so sensible being said at Westminster or on Capitol Hill? noch 2.625 Wörter

Ban the burka

Life today for Muslim women in the UK is completely different to when I was growing up in a Muslim home. You know you are getting old when you start saying ‘the good old days’ when talking about the past. noch 1.283 Wörter

Religion and the Politics of Distraction

“There is no significant far-right or nativist party in our politics; in January 2016, the noxious British National Party quietly slipped out of existence, crippled by internal feuding and financial debt (mostly brought about, I am pleased to say, by legal action I took as chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission).” Trevor Philips – Race and Faith: The Deafening Silence. noch 2.369 Wörter