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I like to introduce this article with the description of the Armenian genocide, where 6,400 women and children from Yozgad were murdered, slaughtered and torn apart. noch 1.605 Wörter


The Paris Attacks: a Few Thoughts

The massacre in Paris has led me to wonder whether there is a solution to terrorist attacks other than strikes. I keep reaching the same conclusion. noch 873 Wörter


A Biblical Response Concerning Syrian Refugees

As Christians, we are called to show the love of Christ in a dark world. Jesus declared that we are to be peacemakers (Matthew 5:9); be the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13); let our light shine before others, so that they may see our good works and give glory to our Father in heaven (Matthew 5:14-16). noch 720 Wörter

Are Muslims Really Peace-Loving?

More and more I disbelieve in what my leftists friends claim, that the vast majority of muslims are peaceful and want to live in freedom . noch 186 Wörter

Current Events

Catcher in the Rye

In J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, you should all remember the image of the main character in a field of rye grass, trying to keep children from charging over a cliff. noch 602 Wörter


Post Paris: Can Sharia Law and the Constitution Coexist?

Published on Nov 18, 2015 PJ Media

After the terrors in Paris, Bill Whittle asks if we should just listen to our President and accept Islam as a progressive path for America… Can Sharia Law and The Constitution coexist?

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