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Muslim hypocrisy & bigotry.

We hear word „bigotry“ often in western society specially from fellow muslims. Being foreign to English, Initially I was not aware of this word till 9/11. noch 823 Wörter

11 Quotes From “Answering Jihad”

Answering Jihad by Nabeel Qureshi is an excellent resource to get clarity on all of the terms floating around about Islam, Muslims, and the use of jihad. noch 688 Wörter

Q&A: Divine Reason (‘Ilah)


As-Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Dear Sheikh, can you please answer the following question? It is regarding divine ‘ilah, where does it come under in the Speech of the Legislator relating to the actions of the worshippers? noch 1.011 Wörter


What the West Must Understand About Islam

For the purposes of understanding how Muslim immigrants behave in western nations there are a few key points everyone should be familiar with.


1- Islam has Not been Hijacked. noch 739 Wörter


Islam and Liberal Principles

Published on Apr 27, 2016 by Political Islam

Bill Maher is a self-declared liberal who has the courage and sense to condemn Islam’s brutality against women. noch 133 Wörter

Counter Jihad Report

Through the looking glass

Always keen to learn new things, I enrolled on a short online course given by the University of Groningen entitled Religion and Conflict. My special interest was… noch 2.340 Wörter