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The Incomprehensible Argument

Understanding the Threat, June 20, 2018:

When U.S. federal courts side with a terrorist group (Hamas/CAIR) making a legal argument that muslims must be given the opportunity to abide by foreign law (sharia), it is dangerous and absurd.  296 weitere Wörter

Counter Jihad Report

Sharia Crime Stoppers Podcast - Will We Allow Michigan to Transform America?

The United West, June 18, 2018:

In a few short weeks, Michigan voters in the Primary elections could make history that will reverberate across the Republic.  417 weitere Wörter

Counter Jihad Report

Street prayer

FRANCE/SWEDEN. As ramadan ended last friday over a thousand muslims in Nice prayed on the streets, even though it’s against the law.

The mayor of Nice tweeted that nothing could justify street prayer and disturbing the peace in that way. 246 weitere Wörter


Somali teens beat brick to mans head

USA. The population of Somalis have skyrocketed in the last couple of years in Lewiston and the neighbouring towns and they have been described by the media as… 345 weitere Wörter


Lesbian couple thrown out of Uber by muslim

USA. The two young women in NY gave each others a quick kiss in the backseat of the Uber, but that was more than the muslim driver could handle. 159 weitere Wörter


Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden!

SWEDEN. I often think about what Trump said because it sums up my feeling perfectly. I could never have imagined that this would happen here. 95 weitere Wörter