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Muslims make up only 1% of the population, but file 40% of workplace discrimination complaints.

We would re-title this, Corporate America – Led by Big Media – is Ushering in Sharia. And Obama is enforcing it. Just another form of jihad. noch 466 Wörter


•Muslim claim to Jerusalem is false•

​•The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem is False•

There were no mosques in Jerusalem in 632CE when the Prophet Mohammed died… Jerusalem was a Christian city… noch 438 Wörter


DABIQ - Issue 14

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#Dabiq issue #14 – (Rajab):

„The Murtadd Brotherhood“


Islamic State

2 prayers rooms in new WA hospital - 1 dedicated to Muslims only

Fiona Stanley Hospital has a multi-faith prayer room and a dedicated room for the Muslim community. Similar facilities are planned for the new $1.2 billon Perth Childrens Hospital. noch 134 Wörter