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Eight years of failure from a socialist

The last eight years displayed the failure of the socialist ideology that was forced on the public by an arrogant and repressive government.  Barak Obama missed no opportunity to dismantle the American dream and force citizens into poverty and government dependence. 243 weitere Wörter

Barak Obama

Terrorist-tied co-chairman of Women’s March relies on the stupidity of liberal American females to push sharia

By M. Catharine Evans
Linda Sarsour, the radical Muslim activist who helped organize the national Woman’s March this past Saturday, is a „nasty“
interloper hoping to spread the oppression of sharia law to American women. 513 weitere Wörter

Women’s March towards Islam? - Cheri Berens

Abortions are illegal in Islam, yet Muslim groups targeted pro-choice groups for this event; homosexuality is despised in Islam, yet Muslim groups targeted the LBGT community–why? 8 weitere Wörter


Women's Rights are Human Rights, and Islam Respects Neither

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of women and men converged on Washington to protest the democratic election of Donald Trump, and his barely-begun presidency.

Many wore what they called a „pussyhat.“ 465 weitere Wörter

Bangladesh Joins Malaysia in Codemnation of Atrocities, Crimes Against Muslims, In Myanmar

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md. Shahriar Alam, MP led Bangladesh delegation to the Extraordinary session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers on the Situation of the Rohingya Muslim Minority in Myanmar, held in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia on 19 January 2017. 876 weitere Wörter


The French journalist Ilana Navaro has made a superb four-part radio documentary series for France Culture on social policies towards immigration and integration in France and Britain. 327 weitere Wörter


Women's March on Washington is a Farce

I just came across a bunch of people taking out a protest march in San Jose. They called it the Women’s March( ), I looked it up once I got home and apparently it is some sort of protest against Trump. 228 weitere Wörter