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Young Muslims “Fuel Huge Rise In Sharia Marriage”?

The Times front page today runs a curious headline: “Young Muslims fuel huge rise in Sharia marriage”.

The headline is a bit like the paper’s declaration last year of a “rise in the Muslim birthrate” that was, it turns out,  noch 761 Wörter


Decapitated Head of Female Sharia Judge - Um Abdullah al-Saud - Sent to Rival as Wedding Gift from ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Daily Mail — ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi personally sanctioned a woman to be beheaded as a wedding present for a sadistic female ‘judge’ in the terror group’s feared religious police, MailOnline can reveal. noch 108 Wörter


Ignorant Americans MUST Learn the Terrible Truth about Islam - or Pay the Price!

Time to Educate Yourself and your Family – Self Imposed Ignorance of Islam WILL be Deadly to Americans for generations to come….

Danger of Islam in America… noch 1.215 Wörter


MEE: Morocco's skirt length battle: What are the deeper questions?

When two Moroccan women were accused of gross indecency earlier this month, for wearing clothing deemed “too tight” as they walked through a market in Inezgane, near the southern city of Agadir in Morocco, the headlines were focused on yet another Muslim country’s seeming obsession with women’s sartorial choices. noch 1.311 Wörter


The Mysterious Case of Ben Shapiro and the Radical Muslims

I know I’m late to the “Are all Muslims terrorists?” game.  This video below and the clip that inspired it are almost a year old now, and it’s been a few months since Bill Maher has said anything too egregious about Muslims or Islam. noch 1.243 Wörter


Abdullahi An-Na’im’s Philosophy on Islam and Human Rights

The relationship between Islam and human rights forms an important aspect of contemporary international human rights discourse. Current international events and the increasing public role of Islam in modern Muslim states have made the subject more relevant than ever. noch 499 Wörter


Photos : ISIS allegedly cuts off a thieves hands in front of People

This is the gruesome moment ISIS butchershacked the hands off two men in a chilling public display of their idea of ‘punishment’.

As hundreds of men and young boys look on, the two men are dragged into a square to be disciplined for allegedly being thieves. noch 106 Wörter