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Die Macht der Saudis

Der gefährliche Verbündete Saudiarabien – #Jihad #Wahabismus #Salafismus #Sharia – mit Geld des Öls wird der #Islam mit dem Schwert in allen Ländern gefördert ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste.


RetroSaudi: Crime

RetroSaudi continues with this piece I wrote in 1987 about crime in Saudi Arabia. My commentary thirty years later suggests that much has changed since then. 1.367 weitere Wörter


Tejoori #TJI - Vote FOR delisting, potential 20% quick gain

Good news on Tejoori – they are delisting and returning cash.

There is something of a hurdle to be reached as they need 75% of shareholders to vote in favour of delisting in order to get the cash back.  211 weitere Wörter

When women gang rape little girls...

It’s hard to write about this, what is being done to literally millions of young girls.

Even when one attempts to write about it, to expose it, we are left with impersonal abstractions like: Female. 1.810 weitere Wörter


State Department Supports Saudi Corruption Sweep, Urges ‘Fair and Transparent’ Process

The real reason: MBS is confiscating $800 billion because SA can’t support their war budget. No wonder the US supports ‚restructuring‘.

The State Department offered support for Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s ongoing crackdown on huge swaths of the Saudi Arabian power structure Tuesday, echoing, albeit less wholeheartedly, endorsements by the White House. 237 weitere Wörter

Book Publisher : The Islamic Texts Society (ITS) - Part 2

Part 1 –  Click here


The Work of Day and Night: Suyuti’s Collection of Prophetic Practices and Prayers (Translated by… 8.632 weitere Wörter


Why Multiculturalism is Bad

First, let’s be clear. The Kingdom of Yehovah God is multiracial, but „multicultural“ is completely different.

And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open its seals; for You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by Your blood… 515 weitere Wörter

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