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Problems creating list or library views based on created date

The situation

Data retention and deletion…I’m sure this is a something that anyone involved in Office 365, SharePoint on information management in general gets fed up of saying since the recent GDPR legislation! 494 weitere Wörter


No Code #SharePoint Solutions : "I want to display a Like option"

We follow quite a few groups on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and often see requirements come in that can be solved pretty easily using no code. 240 weitere Wörter

SharePoint 2010

RequireJS - SharePoint Online [O365]

In 2016 I wrote about RequireJS on SharePoint 2013.  It is no longer needed to inject RequireJS from the master page or do complicated jquery calls to add the RequireJS script to your solution.  185 weitere Wörter

SharePoint 2010

Fix Server Timeout issue while using SPQuery

The ListItemCollectionPosition property is used together with the RowLimit property to define paging in a query(to fix server timeout issue while using SPQuery) 284 weitere Wörter


Update page layout using Visual Studio Feature Receiver

If we have branding project with Page Layout and this project is deployed, now client asks for some changes in branding project page layout, in this case one can update page layout using SharePoint designer, this would be a manual approach, if there are multiple page layouts need update, one can do it using feature receiver. 70 weitere Wörter


Create Bar chart in office 365

Here I have added Basic Bar chart, this is of rudimentary level, if you detailed level of chart, you may have to play with chartscript.js file accordingly. 247 weitere Wörter


New renewable Office 365 developer subscriptions

Microsoft is planning to release a change for developer subscription in Office 365

  • It will be possible to get a free Office 365 developer subscription with 25 user licenses and it will remain active with some exceptions.
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