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Share Your Family Holiday Stories!

Can’t start the holidays without a wonderful family photo… If you have a crazy, hilarious, or insane story about your family during Thanksgiving or Christmas please send me an email and share it! noch 26 Wörter

Blood Moon

Ternyata..djo gagal meliat blood moon…Hiks..hiks…

Seari sebelum munculnya blood moon..djo dah baca judulnya di salah atu media elektronik yang mengabarkan bakal munculnya fenomena alam yang disebut dengan blood moon… noch 187 Wörter

My Live

One of the aims of this site!

i want to know how many people suffer from anxiety please answer the poll and leave us a comment of your experience with anxiety.

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10 Phrases Incompetent Leaders Keep Saying

You can try and fail one or two times. But, persistent failure – in the same area – signals incompetence. Everyone who gets ahead establishes a track record of reliability. noch 11 Wörter


SHARE : Mengapa Karbu Vakum Selalu Berukuran Lebih Besar?

Karburator tipe Constant Velocity atau lebih dikenal dengan karbu vakum merupakan salah satu “jembatan” teknologi antara karburator konvensional dengan sistem injeksi elektronik, dimana karbu vakum memiliki efisiensi konsumsi bahan bakar setara sistem injeksi namun memiliki simplisitas seting seperti karbu konvensional. noch 341 Wörter


YouVersion pictures /

The Bible app YouVersion has made a cool and easy way for pictures to be uploaded with Bible text. They have great templates and you’re even able to choose your own! noch 27 Wörter

The Spirit and the Story

We are all called to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him.  Where do I have to go to do this?   noch 338 Wörter