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What Share Means to Me

Today Dexcom Share changed my life.

An inconvenient hypo had delayed the dog’s afternoon walk. This walk was to have been the final prelude to the playing of a video game. noch 554 Wörter

My Week Away From Facebook

So the first day was harder than I thought. But as the days went on it was easy not going on Facebook. I thought a few times like oh I want to share this or that thought. noch 318 Wörter

Everyday Life

The Wrong One....

So we’ve all had that one person who we thought was the “one”. The one you would do anything for, tried to do anything for. But everything just isn’t enough for some. noch 128 Wörter

From the Author

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed? Maybe like nobody could possibly have it worst then you? I think we may have all had a moment, maybe a few like this. noch 199 Wörter