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The Places We Share

There is a place on the face of this planet that we share
where a certain colour of skin was considered superior
to another certain colour, noch 310 Wörter



My son recently visited the Grand Canyon. He captured some beautiful snapshots of its grandeur. There were pictures of magnificent golden sunsets; skies as blue and clear as I have ever seen them; panoramic views that seemed to stretch into infinity. noch 853 Wörter

Gak bisa tidur kalo gak ada musik

Malam semua..
hari ini hari Senin tgl 30 maret 2015, tepat pukul 01:34 gye kagak bisa tidur. ini emang jadi satu kebiasaan gue yang terbilang aneh, karena susah tidur kalo gak ada bunyi lagu. noch 74 Wörter

My Story

Why Busy Bee Parent?

“Children who are exposed to reading before pre-school are more likely to do well in all facets of formal education…”

Many parents do not understand the critical role they play in their children’s success and do not know how to properly develop or teach their children… noch 62 Wörter

Photography: A Light in The Dark

You can try the electricity saving thing, not the Bloody Marry. Setidaknya keindahan cahaya pemantik api di dalam gelapnya kamarku cukup indah. *Earth Hour Indonesia… noch 34 Wörter


Hello people!

We are two girls – Nicole and Louise. Here’s our idea – we will tell our readers fashion&accessory ideas + do it yourself + we will create our own designs! noch 40 Wörter