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Dobro veče. Tražimo da se povuče nacrt zakona o zaštiti ličnih podataka. Razlozi su ozbiljni

— SHARE Conference (@ShareConference) November 26, 2015

Vesti Dana


Good morning ladies, good morning gents!

Wonder how you are doing this nice morning.

Would you be counting the remaining November mornings, or maybe counting your blessings? noch 126 Wörter

A Table Prepared

A Table Prepared
by FT Ledrew



sweet and savoury
smells from the heart
dance in harmonious step
with single notes
sung in six-eight timing… noch 47 Wörter


Fashion News: Sama Eyewear

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Kitchen Designers Share Tips on Designing Chic yet Functional Kitchens

If you are like most homeowners who are dreaming of remodeling their kitchens, you may be most interested in improving the décor of your space. For example, you may be replacing old, worn out cabinets with designer cabinets, and you may be exchanging laminate counters for an upgraded material like granite. noch 120 Wörter