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Pop Shots! With...@Renaldz_

This week is the turn of more Twitter fam. It’s @Renaldz_

Name Scott

How long have you been a collector? On and off for around 4 years, but upped my game the last year or so. 219 weitere Wörter


4 stocks this week [17 Apr 2017]: Ascott; Keppel; SGX; CapitaLand Mall


On the back of the results season this week, 4 Stocks This Week column looks at companies that have announced a decline in its business. 1.181 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

From Messy to...

Keep reading if you want to find out about something you might like….

Ah!!! Okay so as the weeks of finals are getting so close I bet I am not the only one who is running around trying to organize things that need to be done am I not correct? 286 weitere Wörter


Dealing with Long Distant Friendship 

I was thinking of doing a simple makeup tutorial since I planned on doing that, but I decided to postpone that until next time and concentrate on something that has recently affected my life. 741 weitere Wörter


Old Poem 

I wrote this poem years ago, but its words still touch my heart. I have only ever shared it with a limited audience, for fear of it being silly or clumsy or misunderstood. 510 weitere Wörter


There’s not enough of it .

There’s not enough of it like it was way back many years ago .

I think today , people are too scared of the dark content and quickly turn to the safe side . 81 weitere Wörter


When it's dark

When it’s dark we feel scared and lost. We feel sad and sometimes lonely. But do you now that dark is only a subject of our fears that don’t exists? 82 weitere Wörter