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Those words... 

People underestimate the power of words all of the time. Often I hear people say, “words mean nothing, actions show everything”. Well yes, actions show everything, but without words what are you really doing? noch 220 Wörter

New Music Video: Future - Where Ya At

Its finally out! Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 is packed with bangers, but “Where Ya At” is my favorite song on the album and the video made me love the song even more. noch 195 Wörter

Hip Hop

Medications For Ptsd ?

Hello, I just want to share my story and see if anyone can relate. I lived on and off of the streets of Denver since I was 12 years old for strarters. noch 81 Wörter

Slips, trips and falls

Monday morning has fallen upon us. This morning I was met with feelings of lethargy after a busy weekend and discontent regarding the fact I’m working from another office some distance from my house. noch 576 Wörter