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My NYC Diary

I’m staying in Jacksonville for more than 8 year and it has become second home for me. Life has been full sunshine here just like the Florida state! 97 weitere Wörter


Building Relationships Through Class Meetings

One of the most influential books that has helped me stay positive and proactive in my teaching is Positive Discipline in the Classroom. This photo of my copy doesn’t even do justice to the notes, stickies and warn pages. 352 weitere Wörter

Teaching And Learning

First blog post: New to This

Hello, konnichiwa, annyeong haseyo, Bonjour!, namaste, hallo, hola!, Buongiorno!, xin chào, здравствуйте   there! aha I don’t really know how to do this blog thing since I’m new here. 126 weitere Wörter


What Are You Really Using Social Media For In Life?

Photo Credit: Aaron Mello

Disclaimer: This might come off as a rant, but I want you to learn something about yourself through reading this. 

We all go to work, put in our hours and then come home and possibly work some more making sure everything is neat, tidy or at least…manageable. 756 weitere Wörter



Bats fly off into the night.

You will feel the amount of fright

It involves those big black cats

And sometimes scary top hats

Children dress up in search of treats… 28 weitere Wörter

Facebook is testing its own version of Snapchat in the Messenger app


Facebook is testing Snapchat-like photo and video messages that disappear after 24 hours — in its Messenger app.

After TechCrunch first spotted… 169 weitere Wörter


Justicia transicional

Zarette Canales

Cristian Gabriel

Faviola Molina

INF 105 Sec. 3

Titulo del articulo: Transitional Justice: La relación Derecho-Poder en los momentos de transición.

Autora: Adelaida Maria Ibarra Padilla… 26 weitere Wörter

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