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5 Important Traits You Need In A Friend

The one who will call you out on your sh*t
Sometimes you need someone to hold up the mirror and tell you that you are not the fairest of them all. 213 weitere Wörter


Share: my recommendations this week

I’ve been doing a lot of reblogs in the past and have been thinking of making a more personal post with why I recommend something. So this is my first little list. 378 weitere Wörter

Reblogs & Shares

Day 413: Putting Ourselves Out There

Lately I have met many interesting people, with new views and perspectives on reality, that would assist and support if they became common knowledge. However, a point that I have realized as of late, is the importance of making sure that one share those ideas/perspectives in some way with the world. 586 weitere Wörter


Delayed Sunrise

If 6am is too early to do anything then how do people get up for work?

Let the dog out, that’s all I can do with the tiny battery percentage I have on my energy storage. 117 weitere Wörter


4 Stocks This Week (Announcements) – Rowsley; M1; HC Surgical; CapitaMall Trust


Updates On The SGX

This week, the SGX announced two changes. Firstly, lunch break will be introduced again, allowing stock traders and remisiers a noon break. 746 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

All Times

An amazing friend texted me out of the blue today just to ask how I’m doing. No agenda other than to express love and concern for me. 236 weitere Wörter