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I spoke up for the first time

Tomorrow is Monday. Technically, today is Monday but I haven’t slept yet. So we have 5 hours till it’s Monday. A fresh week, which I feel, is gonna to waste because I’m too lazy for life. noch 294 Wörter

give. receive. BE OPEN to ...

I drew this a while ago, but this day of LOVE seems the most appropriate time to share it :)

Have a LOVE-filled day today and always !!!


To What Shall I Liken the Kingdom? -- The Faberge Egg

I awoke this morning with this phrase ringing through my mind, “To what shall I liken the Kingdom?”…

And I remembered, when I was a little kid, the fabulous Easter Egg Dioramas. noch 731 Wörter

Little Monk

Sunday Share 16

This week was the week of 300. No, we’re not Spartans. But we are Sparta strong! Nah… This post is my 300th. Hard to believe I’ve written that much since… noch 202 Wörter

Coffee Time

Dear Friends,

Do you miss your childhood days ? Do you often listen to the old music of 80s and 90s? . If yes, then you are on the right page. noch 109 Wörter

Coffee Time

What's Available: CSA

We have several types of CSA available on Manchester Locally Grown.  "What is a CSA?" you ask. "How does it work?"
Typically, a farmer offers a certain number of "shares" of his future produce to the public. noch 132 Wörter