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Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Frontier, Part I (Review)

The fifth season of Star Trek: Voyager arrives at a point when the Rick Berman era of the Star Trek franchise has hit its midlife crisis. 7.983 weitere Wörter

Star Trek

Star Trek: Voyager - Bliss (Review)

Bliss is a textbook example of Star Trek: Voyager doing textbook Star Trek.

The episode feels like a stew composed primarily of leftovers, the residue of past meals thrown together to serve up something lukewarm and familiar. 4.673 weitere Wörter

Star Trek

Random Review: The Omega Directive (VOY)

Star Trek: Voyager

“The Omega Directive”

Season 4, Episode 21

First aired: April 15, 1998

Network: UPN

Teleplay by: Lisa Klink

Story by: Jimmy Diggs and Steve J. 700 weitere Wörter

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Star Trek: Voyager - Infinite Regress (Review)

As with One from late in the fourth season, Infinite Regress is an episode that uses Seven of Nine’s cybernetic mind as a vehicle for psychological horror. 4.655 weitere Wörter

Star Trek: Voyager

Existing in between: how Seven of Nine helped me lay claim to my sexuality

When I was ten, I had a black velvet jumpsuit. Catching my reflection in the dressing room mirror, I said “I look like Seven of Nine!”. 1.122 weitere Wörter


out of the spotlight

My dad shot Super 8 films of us when I was a kid. I can still feel the abrupt cold dullness of the world that came back once he’d turned off the hot, bright light he used to get a good exposure. 432 weitere Wörter

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Star Trek: Voyager - Hope and Fear (Review)

Hope and Fear is a reasonably solid conclusion to the fourth season of Star Trek: Voyager.

To be fair, the episode has a number of very clever ideas. 6.500 weitere Wörter

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