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Becoming human: The AI in Star Trek

Star Trek consistently takes a humanist approach to science fiction. There are a multitude of species and worlds but the focus always stays with Starfleet and its largely human-crewed ships; advanced technology is certainly present and often plays a major role in the plot, but it’s a tool, a setting, more than it is the focus. noch 1.225 Wörter

Ten Minute Trek: Random Thoughts, Part 6

Tuvok is taken to a dungeoney place and shows Guill some more violent thoughts. I think one of them is the explosion of Veridian 3, but I could be wrong. noch 484 Wörter


Ten Minute Trek: Random Thoughts, part 3

It’s a crime to think about violence.

Well, that’s brilliant.

So I’m just going to throw out there, that if that was your rule, you might, as a precaution, want to mention that to visitors. noch 795 Wörter


MAC Cosmetics Trek Inspired Collection

Load credit card and prepare to fire glitter! We are LOVING this! MAC Cosmetics and Star Trek are going on a joint mission to create a Trek inspired collection. noch 678 Wörter

The Trek Life

When Star Trek Voyager got really interesting

Yes, I know. You’re gonna think I’m such a pig by the time you finish reading this. Well, I’ll try not to be too lecherous. No promises, but I will try. noch 1.054 Wörter

Pop Culture

Star Trek: Voyager Review

Saw this also on Spike TV back in 2005 and it seemed okay. Now watching it on Netflix you can understand it a bit better. Something about a Starfleet ship near DS9 called the Voyager to stop the Maquis, a rebel faction stopping the Cardassians in this demilitarized zone of space. noch 204 Wörter