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Top 5 Things You Do Not Say to Star Trek: Voyager Fans

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

1. Mulgrew as Janeway is so boring. They should have stuck with Bujold.

2. Seven of 9 is the epitome of pointless characters. noch 116 Wörter

Top 5 Things You Do Not Say

International Women's Day

I was delighted to play at the preview day of Debi Keable’s inspirational exhibition celebrating the creativity of women artists living and working in Hull and The East Riding of Yorkshire. noch 128 Wörter

Songs And Stories

Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan Star Trek Voyager Latinum cast figurine vintage 1998

This is a limited edition cold cast resin figurine created to capture the likeness of Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in her famous silver suit from the Star Trek Voyager TV series… noch 75 Wörter

March 2015

Leonard Nimoy: The Cosmic Ballet Goes On

It never occurred to me that there would be a time when Leonard Nimoy wasn’t alive. It’s not that I had conflated the man with the role and assumed Nimoy’s life cycle was that of a Vulcan’s, running several centuries longer than a human’s. noch 1.093 Wörter

Film News

hey remember when Jeri Ryan first started filming for voyager and her catsuit had a really high, stiff collar that would push on her carotid artery and literally make her pass out and they would make her keep wearing it and filming?


Seven of Nine in One Small Step (06×08)