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Star Trek: Voyager - Revulsion (Review)

Revulsion is a solid episode elevated by a superb guest performance.

The most notable aspect of Revulsion is the guest appearance of veteran character actor Leland Orser. 6.130 weitere Wörter


My crazy Star Trek Voyager movie dream

When my mind picks a TV franchise to dream about, most of the time it picks Star Trek.  And 90% of those dreams involve characters from The Next Generation.  825 weitere Wörter

Star Trek

Star Trek: Voyager - Day of Honour (Review)

Day of Honour is a reminder that, while Brannon Braga is clearly the heir apparent, Jeri Taylor is still the showrunner on Star Trek: Voyager… 6.409 weitere Wörter

Star Trek: Voyager

For some weird reason this feels like a Seven of Nine aesthetic...

For some weird reason this feels like a Seven of Nine aesthetic to me.

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Star Trek: Voyager - The Gift (Review)

The Gift belongs to a very particular subgenre of Star Trek episodes.

It is an episode that fits comfortably alongside the other second stories of the other fourth seasons, alongside… 7.314 weitere Wörter


Star Trek: Voyager - Scorpion, Part II (Review)

Scorpion, Part II demonstrates the real strength of the blockbuster two-part episodes scattered across the run of Star Trek: Voyager.

Generally speaking, the two-part episodes of… 4.582 weitere Wörter

Star Trek