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Star Trek: Voyager - Retrospect (Review)

Star Trek: Voyager is a very nineties show. Sometimes that is endearing. Sometimes it is not.

Retrospect is an episode that made a great deal more sense in the context of the nineties. 4.802 weitere Wörter


Star Trek: Voyager - Prey (Review)

Prey is a fantastic piece of television, and stands as one of the best standalone episodes of the fourth season of Star Trek: Voyager. 5.619 weitere Wörter


Star Trek: Voyager - The Raven (Review)

Seven of Nine is something of a mixed blessing for Star Trek: Voyager.

In some respects, the character is a transparent ratings ploy designed to refocus media attention on and attract young male viewers to a television series facing major audience attrition. 5.946 weitere Wörter

Star Trek

The Anniversary

On the 10th of March, it will be the two year anniversary of my facebook page.
As such, I would like to celebrate by making a music video featuring Janeway and Seven of Nine. 200 weitere Wörter


Star Trek: Voyager - Revulsion (Review)

Revulsion is a solid episode elevated by a superb guest performance.

The most notable aspect of Revulsion is the guest appearance of veteran character actor Leland Orser. 6.130 weitere Wörter


My crazy Star Trek Voyager movie dream

When my mind picks a TV franchise to dream about, most of the time it picks Star Trek.  And 90% of those dreams involve characters from The Next Generation.  825 weitere Wörter

Star Trek

Star Trek: Voyager - Day of Honour (Review)

Day of Honour is a reminder that, while Brannon Braga is clearly the heir apparent, Jeri Taylor is still the showrunner on Star Trek: Voyager… 6.409 weitere Wörter

Star Trek: Voyager