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Star Trek: Voyager - Someone to Watch Over Me (Review)

Someone to Watch Over Me is a decidedly atypical episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

The episode’s subplot, focusing on Neelix and a disorderly alien ambassador, harks back to the old diplomacy subplots of  6.075 weitere Wörter

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Meditations for Queer Femmes -- Insufficient

We are desperately trying to make our abusers love and accept us when they do not love and accept us, when they do not love and accept us without them doing their work, and you can’t do their work for them. 777 weitere Wörter


Star Trek Voyager: Series Review

So I finished watching Star Trek Voyager over the weekend.  I enjoyed it, but it seemed a little more uneven than Star Trek Enterprise.  There were some episodes that I really loved and there were some episodes that I had to fast-forward through in order to watch.   401 weitere Wörter


Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Frontier, Part I (Review)

The fifth season of Star Trek: Voyager arrives at a point when the Rick Berman era of the Star Trek franchise has hit its midlife crisis. 7.983 weitere Wörter

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Star Trek: Voyager - Bliss (Review)

Bliss is a textbook example of Star Trek: Voyager doing textbook Star Trek.

The episode feels like a stew composed primarily of leftovers, the residue of past meals thrown together to serve up something lukewarm and familiar. 4.673 weitere Wörter

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Random Review: The Omega Directive (VOY)

Star Trek: Voyager

“The Omega Directive”

Season 4, Episode 21

First aired: April 15, 1998

Network: UPN

Teleplay by: Lisa Klink

Story by: Jimmy Diggs and Steve J. 700 weitere Wörter

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Star Trek: Voyager - Infinite Regress (Review)

As with One from late in the fourth season, Infinite Regress is an episode that uses Seven of Nine’s cybernetic mind as a vehicle for psychological horror. 4.655 weitere Wörter