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While You Were Regenerating.

This took the longest time to do! I dread to think how many episodes  Seasons of Voyager I got through while painting this little beasty.

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Loscon Appearance

After a hiatus of 33 years, I will be making my re-entry into the world of convention panelists at Loscon. This is actually the first time I have been a guest at a con, since my previous appearances were due to my being on the convention committee. 88 weitere Wörter

Main Characters

Two / Portia Lin / Rebecca (Melissa O’Neil)

Khan Noonien Singh (20th Century Augment)

Here’s a wonderful Star TreK connection by the Dark Matter creators (regardless if non intentional) 367 weitere Wörter

Seven of Nine

“I speak for the Borg.

Seven of nine, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix zero one,

but you may call me Seven of Nine” (Roddenberry 1997).

This was how my favorite character introduced herself onto the stage of Star Trek Voyager. 1.143 weitere Wörter

Personal Story

Boldly Going: "Endgame"

Star Trek Voyager wrapped its seventh and final season in May of 2001. The third spin-off carried the franchise into the new millennium. It was the only  1.090 weitere Wörter


Becoming human: The AI in Star Trek

Star Trek consistently takes a humanist approach to science fiction. There are a multitude of species and worlds but the focus always stays with Starfleet and its largely human-crewed ships; advanced technology is certainly present and often plays a major role in the plot, but it’s a tool, a setting, more than it is the focus. 1.225 weitere Wörter