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Star Trek Returns? Second Contact LIVE!! (UPDATED)

Hey there Kardashians! (Let’s see how many Trekkies that irritates…hehehehehe)

Looks like the Enterprise has decided to make another stop on Earth… errr… in Quahog again. noch 2.439 Wörter

Family Guy Tips And Tricks

"Future day"

  Previously on star trek voyager.
Uss voyager was traped in the delta qudrent after being brought by an alien being refered to as the catetaker. The caretaker was dying. noch 907 Wörter

Star Trek

Sketch: Seven Of Nine

One of my favourite sketches. While many of my sketches don’t quite hit the desired mark, this one of Seven Of Nine comes close.

Seven, played by the beautiful Jeri Ryan, is an iconic character from Star Trek: Voyager.

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First of Ten and Seven of Nine

God. The idea of montheistic religions is defined by that one deity existing and having created pretty much everything. He (as I have come to notice, that everything supposedly credited to or coming from this being or idea has a rather male point of view) therefore reserves the right to tell us, how to live and what to do and believe. noch 357 Wörter

On How It Is

Jeri Ryan Explores The DC Universe On Next Season of Arrow

(KBCWtv) – From traveling the galaxy as “Seven of Nine” on Star Trek: Voyager to lawyer turned school teacher “Veronica “Ronnie” Cooke” on Boston Public, Jeri Ryan has set her sights on exploring the DC Universe. noch 190 Wörter


We need to talk about Seven of Nine

Seven of Nine and her relationship with Captain Janeway is one of the many reasons I maintain the stance that Voyager is my favourite Trek series, despite very close competition from DS9. noch 1.087 Wörter

Star Trek

Seven of Nine Costume

Firstly, I am appropriately chastened by the span of time that has passed since my last post. #chastened.

I have 2 new Victorian dresses and 1 new costume to show you…. noch 1.699 Wörter