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Every Day Love Dies: 1968

Catch my begger’s reflection in Macy’s window display hawking colognes, cufflinks and cigarette cases. This fuckin culture. A parade of pre-paid promises. Cut your corpse to suit this week’s style, stink of the finest ambergris and pussy will swarm like blowflies to fresh excrement. noch 2.193 Wörter

Voice for Humanity: Defending the Rights of Parents to Protect their Children


In commemoration of World Humanitarian Day, the Church of Scientology honors civil rights attorney Allison Folmar, who is defending the rights of parents to protect their children from harmful psychiatric drugs. noch 444 Wörter

Human conduct

by Milestone Two crew

We have had a number of articles regarding ethics in the last week, and here is an additional observation that our readers may enjoy. noch 1.137 Wörter


False Prophets

Any teacher or prophet who does not genuinely wish, encourage and enable students or adherents to ultimately learn and discover beyond what he has to impart is really no teacher or prophet at all. noch 54 Wörter

More Child "Processing" With Mace-Kingsley

Wait until her sister says “COB is weird” or “I don’t like Scientology any more” and Scientology orders her to disconnect and never see her again. noch 10 Wörter


"The proof of any assertion lies in its applicability." - L. Ron Hubbard

The proof of any assertion lies in its applicability.”  – L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, pg. 76