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What is Scientology?

This is the first in a two-part series on the Church of Scientology.

A recent HBO documentary on the Church of Scientology has brought the religion L. noch 642 Wörter


David Miscavige Caught Lying On Film - Alters a Government Document

The following clip is from the October 1993 IAS celebration often referred to as “The War is Over” event. You can view the full video… noch 264 Wörter


Overholser, The 2 Hubbards and The Jesuits, The Alaskan Mental Health Care Bill and The Brainwashing Manual

On October. 8, 1993, 10,000 cheering Scientologists celebrated “victory” against the Internal Revenue Service.

The only problem is, it wasn’t the IRS’s idea to yank their tax-exemption in the first place. noch 17.554 Wörter

Historical Research

What I Watched In... April 2015

Hey guys — I know I haven’t posted an awful lot lately. Well, it’s May, which means I’m getting off work for the summer in a few weeks. noch 204 Wörter


Weird Old Dead Guys

Christians laugh at Scientologists because Scientologists believe some weird stuff that some weird old dead guy wrote, and it’s obviously all made up.

Atheists laugh at Christians because Christians believe some weird stuff that some weird old dead guy wrote, and it’s obviously all made up.


Just sayin'

by Dave Soroka

I don’t know if this is the kind of thing that’s necessarily part of Grade 0, but last week in a session, on Grade 0, I had a cognition regarding mental pictures, and I tried throwing one away. noch 133 Wörter


The story of a static


Once upon a time there was a thetan, and he was a happy little thetan and the world was a simple thing. It was all very, very simple. noch 101 Wörter