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Playing Dirty - The Real Version (not the Omar Garrison propaganda version): Hubbard and the CIA

In his book The Game Player, CIA agent Miles Copeland tries to politely address the subject of the CIA’s playing dirty mandate without revealing still classified documents on the matter. noch 1.954 Wörter

Historical Research

Tom Cruises Mom Could Be Missing! Why Is No One Talking About This?

This story is kind of wild. Reports are Tom Cruises mom is missing, she hasn’t been seen since April.

She was seen doing lunch with Tom in April at the Scientology Center. noch 26 Wörter


The Real Reason For Hubbard's 1955 Brainwashing Manual - and Where He Got It From (the CIA)

For those of you that have been following along, you already know about the fact that Bob Mandelstam of the CIA made a deal with two religious front groups – the MRA (Moral Re-Armament) and Scientology (L. noch 5.950 Wörter

Historical Research

Getting on board the CIA Train - Ron Hubbard, Nationalism and CIA Countries "Of Interest"

Miles Copeland was a CIA agent starting pretty much right when it began in 1947. Later on, he wrote a book called The Game Player… noch 5.244 Wörter

Historical Research

'Going Clear' Documentarian Alex Gibney Says Journalists Really Need To Press Tom Cruise

After the HBO documentary Going Clear dealt a devastating blow to the Church of Scientology by exposing its decades of abuses, many believed that its unofficial celebrity spokesperson Tom Cruise should make some sort of public statement and address the “church” he supports so openly. noch 250 Wörter


Scientology books reviewed

“I have faith. You are a member of a religion. He is part of a cult.

“Every participant in a discussion about the Church of Scientology reveals a position by using the nouns ‘religion’ and ‘cult’. noch 220 Wörter

Book Review


By Lana M.

I am sitting watching two kids playing an imaginary game with spaceships, laser shields, missiles and intricate plots, rules and challenges.

Their mocked-up worlds are real – very real — to them (and to anyone that wants to play the game).   noch 282 Wörter