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Is Scientology really science? Amazingly Scientists Now Say....

Scientists Now Say’s resident Scientology expert Franz Reichelt has delved deep, deep, deep into the the Scientology jungle and come to a shocking conclusion. Earth, October 2017. 622 weitere Wörter


meeting my landlord

Blistering cold again this morning. Wrapped self in duvet for walk into woods. Enjoy sitting on the small arched bridge which spans the stream before it opens out into a pond. 559 weitere Wörter


i can read!

I love reading. Was always my escape as a child. Haven’t been allowed to read. Well, not for fun. All we read was church books. The same shit over and over again. 468 weitere Wörter


Under The Tree 006 - Battlefield Earth

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This week on Under The Tree we go into what some have claimed to be the worst movie ever made. 102 weitere Wörter


Hypocrisy on high alert

As many of us have, I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole nauseating news about what Harvey Weinstein did to so many women, about the women and men in Hollywood who are coming out loudly in interviews and on social media against him, and much of the deep hypocrisy that goes along with the people surrounding this story. 2.268 weitere Wörter


my days

Right. I admit it. I miss having a purpose. Am quite annoyed at self for admitting this. Because purpose turned out to be a lie. No, we were not saving the world. 490 weitere Wörter


Scientology's European Headquarters Grand Opening in Firhouse

The Church of Scientology has announced the grand opening of its new European Headquarters in Firhouse, South Dublin. Aimee Walsh reports on the headquarters which is due to open on October 14th. 296 weitere Wörter