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SCIENTOLOGY – CULT – LEADERS Their Top Ten Obsessions..

Continuing our countdown of the top ten obsessions Scientology’s cult leaders share.

For or against Scientology, they share at least ten common obsessions.

5.  RANK…

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Anti Scientology

New Scientology Ad Campaign for Spring 2017

Who says Scientology isn’t pro-family? We in Scientology say that the family that Fair Games SP’s together stays together. Mom & Dad: Go Fair Game some SP’s today and take your children with you so they can learn the ways of Scientology!


Stephen Boyd's fascination with Scientology

For being a person that valued his individuality, it does seem odd that Stephen Boyd would become so fascinated with a dogmatic, controlling religion like Scientology. 851 weitere Wörter

Stephen Boyd

The dark side of the moon

In March 1969, Robert A. Heinlein flew with his wife Ginny to Brazil, where he had been invited to serve as a guest of honor at a film festival in Rio de Janeiro. 1.204 weitere Wörter


Tour Video and Reminders

Our center has made a new video which tours the Reno FreeZone Center. You can now see this on the „Our Center“ tab. But I wanted to make sure and give you the update and post it here as well. 69 weitere Wörter


Scientology: Clinton's Cult Lobbyist?

Scientology has a lengthy history of working with the Clintons, having funded election campaigns of both Bill and Hillary.   Several Scientology Hollywood players funded Hillary Clinton’s campaign with over $70,000.  1.360 weitere Wörter


Tom Cruise felt he couldn't practice Scientology 'openly'

Tom Cruise is arguably one of the most famous Scientologists, but at one time he felt that he couldn’t practice his beliefs openly.

The actor is a topic of discussion in Stephen Galloway’s new book,  509 weitere Wörter