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By Lana M.

L.Ron Hubbard is not and never was a God.

He was a man who spent a lifetime looking for answers as to what haunts man. noch 554 Wörter


The Secrets of Scientology

The Secrets of Scientology is a documentary which was broadcast on 28 September 2010 as part of the BBC’s Panorama documentary strand. Presented by John Sweeney it is a follow-up of his 2007 investigation into the Church of Scientology and features interviews with former high-ranking members of the organisation.


See CIA Director Allen Dulles Bait And Mislead FBI Man Hoover - Who Then Starts COINTELPRO!

I’ve often said that the CIA has had a rather interesting relationship with Hoover and the FBI, to put it mildly. It goes back to British intelligence man William Stephenson and his covert activities around the time of WWII when he was forming, literally, British Intelligence West – the Office of the Coordinator of Information first (headed by William Donovan), then it became the OSS, then the CIA. noch 2.395 Wörter

Historical Research

Religion Is Not a Trend

By Jaclyn Weiner

Over the years, religions have used celebrities to brand and popularize their churches. The Church of Scientology is the most well-known example of a church that practices this form of recruitment, and has used celebrity endorsements in order to attract followers since of its creation in 1954. noch 748 Wörter


Theta and MEST


By Chris Black

I have been auditing a pc and friend lately on False Purpose RD auditing. We have been delving deep into the basics of Life and Theta. noch 438 Wörter



Oxytocin! The Love Hormone!

“Whatever the facet of love we consider, oxytocin is involved”. -Michel Odent. Here are some facts about oxytocin you probably didnt know: noch 489 Wörter


Tony Ortega - The Underground Bunker

Mark my words.  Tony Ortega and his unnamed sources will rue this day when they declared Monique Rathbun as fair game and subjected her to intentional libel.