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Dr. Frank Wonderman: Why Counter-Intention on COB's Lines Must Be Smashed!

Just as Trotskyite wreckers and diversionists were a threat to the worker’s revolution in Russia, so too are Psych wreckers and diversionists who traffick in reasonableness a threat to Scientology’s noble aim of Planetary Clearing. 280 weitere Wörter


In Memoriam - Brian McNee

Today is the 365th day since my husband died. Tomorrow marks the year and a day – the first anniversary – that I have dreaded each and every day of this year gone by. 2.754 weitere Wörter


Why do people post here asking what Scientology is, or how to join?

You have the entire internet at your finger tips. Use it to look this stuff up or read the sidebar. If you want to discuss Scientology, great. 32 weitere Wörter


The rational skeptic world view

Humans have always tried to make sense of the world we live in. We have always tried to come up with simple explanations that covers what we see. 543 weitere Wörter


A Conversation with Chris Crimy

The Scientology Widow blog took a little break over the last few weeks for some maintenance and so I could deal with some personal obligations.  I return next week – picking up where we left off in the discussion of… 61 weitere Wörter


Is Catholicism a Cult?

For many an internet troll on Catholic YouTube channels, „Catholicism is a cult“ is a go-to comment. When in doubt, just lump the world’s largest religion in with fanatical fringe groups to win an argument. 416 weitere Wörter


L. Ron Hubbard Intelligence Agent History, One Piece At A Time #3: First British Propaganda Efforts, Targets Chinese

This is the third post of a series detailing L. Ron Hubbard’s intelligence career, one piece at a time. The first two were answering the question of: What were the major influences destined to propel the young and impressionable L Ron Hubbard into supporting the British „New World Order“ plan for World Government – first visible as the League of Nations? 1.897 weitere Wörter

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