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As a graduate of Religious Studies and a RMPS (Religious, Moral, Philosophical studies) teacher. I am fascinated by all things religion.

More over I am fascinated by Scientology. 276 weitere Wörter


Behind Closed Doors - Mike McClaughry's Book Banned

I was contacted some time ago concerning a series of events that happened during November of 2015 at the private Facebook group called Outer Banks. 1.630 weitere Wörter

Historical Research

Scientology in Ireland is nearly dead: Here’s how Tom Cruise & the gang plan to bring it back

Rod Keller gives a very insightful report on the opening of a National HQ in the Underground Bunker. It is clear that Scientology for whatever reason sees Ireland as important in its global strategy. 1.429 weitere Wörter



I felt like I was pretty much done with the ASC (Anti-Scientology Cult) awareness-education business after the post How Gullible Can One Get?  However, within a couple of days of publication I received a blackmail threat from ASC headquarters (from ASC royalty in fact).  296 weitere Wörter

One thing that works remarkably well in Scientology...

… the suspension of shit.

Most people are able to curtail their issues if they are motivated to do so.

You can suppress your compulsions, suspend your anger, curtail your depression and put your mental anguish on hold… if you know there is a solution up the road. 402 weitere Wörter


The denial of facts

Anyone holding a strong belief be can be subject to confirmation bias – the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories. 160 weitere Wörter


Scene 42: Daisy's New Ally

Previously On:

Daisy presents evidence to Amory’s Comm Ev committee

Last Lines: She wonders if there is something else, a vital fact she is missing. She knows what to do, something that always makes her feel better.

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