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Magic pill to OT

By Lana

The state of Operating Thetan is not easily achieved.

Getting through each Grade as fast as you can, or skipping parts of the Bridge, will not get you there. 325 weitere Wörter



Reading my way through Popsugar’s 2016 Book Challenge.

Category: A book written by a celebrity

Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood & Scientology – Leah Remini (256)

Rating: 364 weitere Wörter

Book Review

All journey’s have their ups and downs and this one is no exception. Week two was quite early to have a ‚down‘, but hey! I did choose Scientology. 2.387 weitere Wörter


We Won't Be Fooled Again

This would be my subtitle for Steven Greer’s phone-delivered briefing of about a week ago that was just offered to his newsletter list and which I am listening to now. 629 weitere Wörter

Handling Suppression On Earth

My Scientology Movie Review

Louis Theroux returns to do what he does best. Ask people questions and make them feel real awkward.  548 weitere Wörter

Film Reviews

Scientology Non Church Organisation opens in Dublin with a lot of blow ins

„Official 1984 Orwellian presentation of Joycean redefinition of language signifying the opposite of what happened.“ The Scientology Organisation has been in Ireland for 50 years but has not too date been able to obtain charitable status in the three areas which define a charity.

2.651 weitere Wörter