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​“Wow, it is so shocking. A gay man defending and supporting Scientology.“

Well, Dianetics said homosexuals can only achieve partial happiness because they do not procreate, and this is something I have come to longed for, or fantasized about; here, I direct them to „Ally When Convenient.“ I went over their head and said, „Each one of my clones will fight in your name, and I will devote all my energy to explain homosexuality in a way that is universal, beneficial and so powerful it breaks the rule of three.“ noch 240 Wörter

Twitter 33 - Cannabis

Ecco la prova che la cannabis fa bene: #Scientology (si, Scientology) ordina ai nostri parlamentari di fare proibizionismo.#cannabislegale

— Claudio CrimiTrigona (@Crimiclaudio) July 30, 2016



By Ian C.

Landmark Est and Psych Repair Rdn

I feel free of so much garbage that I held on to for 20 years as I just completed three rundowns – one of which wasn’t even intended! noch 969 Wörter


Scene 26: Missionaire

Previously On:

Amory has her first encounter with „normal“ life outside the CoS.

Last lines: The experience back at the bar makes her even more weary of wogs.

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Scene 25: Frolic Room

Previously On:

Amory’s first task in the ethics project is to clean the apartments of the high ranking officers.

Last lines: Other than Garrett and Don, Amory hasn’t spoken to anyone all day.

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L Ron Hubbard's Necronomicon Love

Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an author of pulp horror fiction who died penniless from cancer and malnutrition in 1890. Like many great artists his brilliance only came to light posthumously. noch 384 Wörter


Having Control

Much of our Nation’s turmoil stems from individuals and groups of people wanting control. We want to prove our point of view while claiming your point of view is wrong. noch 547 Wörter

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