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Searching for Meaning

I spent a good portion of my life searching for meaning and understanding about my life and the world in which I live. I tried everything—sex, drugs, rock & roll, with a trip into the cultic world of Scientology. noch 893 Wörter

My Faith & Transformation Journey

Granting beingness

By Lana M.

“A process has not been the correct process or has not been run correctly, or has not been run long enough if there has not been in the preclear an increase in his ability to grant life to others and his environment.” noch 1.173 Wörter


The Fraud in Scientology's Narconon - Malicious Damage


As DANTE’S EIGHTH CIRCLE is from a poem: “Dante’s Inferno” about the nine circles of Hell… the ‘Eighth’ circle being FRAUD – Scientology and their Narconon rehab centers are the image of fraud.  noch 55 Wörter


No "forced treatment" for cannabis

Forced “treatment” of homosexuals is horrifying, and so is forced treatment of pot smokers.

Treatments to try and “cure” homosexuals have historically included atrocities such as icepick lobotomies, testicle transplants, electroshocks and chemical castration. noch 605 Wörter


Nikki and Chris ... excerpt from the chapter "Money Trail"

Nikki POV

I showed Chris the check for $25,000.

Nikki: “Could you just say no to this if someone offered it to you?”

Chris Mercer: noch 171 Wörter

Mars talk ... from the chapter "A World Without Guns"

Judith Feld:
“The early colonists will be forced to work together or they will die. The Red Planet itself will govern every second of their existence.” noch 88 Wörter

Free of harmful effects

By Chris Black

Ian completed his Dianetic (NED) Drug Rundown recently, and had this to say about his auditing:

“I am free of the harmful effects of drugs, medicine, and alcohol. noch 75 Wörter