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Monuments To Three Dead Empires

On this sunny Monday I decided to get some fresh air and inspect the remains of a few empires which exist only in history books. 1.462 weitere Wörter

How To Win Friends And Wear Eyeliner, Also Philosophers' Graves

Meeting people in Berlin has been a challenge since I arrived. I already discussed at one point that Germans are very closed off, and that it is hard to find friends when you’re already alone. 1.428 weitere Wörter

Neo-Gothic by... Schinkel?

Firstly, as a man who mastered neo-classicism, Schinkel has an eye for proportion. So when asked by Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm IV to undertake a new architectural philosophy, he knew the design was in meticulous and balanced hands. 455 weitere Wörter


ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS Collection KARL SCHINKEL Architecture Design Funiture More

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS Collection KARL SCHINKEL Architecture Design Funiture More
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two squares, unalike.

Juxtapositions: the first square is further development of a project I featured some time ago, where the square is the internal volume (indeed cubic in it’s section), but flanked on two ends with large masonry walls that curve in to the entrances, and again to form corner towers, while opening to full-height glazed opening on the sides.   27 weitere Wörter

Entire Buildings

schinkel sings

Or rather, his Singakademie sings. . . or something like that.

A standard basilica form sits completely within a Greek-gabled stone volume, but with a wonderful circular stepped dias for the vocalists (er, singers).   40 weitere Wörter