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two squares, unalike.

Juxtapositions: the first square is further development of a project I featured some time ago, where the square is the internal volume (indeed cubic in it’s section), but flanked on two ends with large masonry walls that curve in to the entrances, and again to form corner towers, while opening to full-height glazed opening on the sides.   noch 27 Wörter

Entire Buildings

schinkel sings

Or rather, his Singakademie sings. . . or something like that.

A standard basilica form sits completely within a Greek-gabled stone volume, but with a wonderful circular stepped dias for the vocalists (er, singers).   noch 40 Wörter



On May 22, 1699 Prussian Elector Friedrich III – the future King Friedrich I – gave his royal consent to the new French Reformed Church parish to build their own temple, establish a cemetery and erect whatever community buildings they might need. noch 210 Wörter


wright, et al.

Continuing yesterday’s Miesian Cheney (and derivatives), this example pulls its plan directly from Schinkel’s Neue Wache in Berlin, which I’ve drawn below.

Entire Buildings

missing mies

After a short weekend break, I’m back with a few loose ends of Mies that I stumbled on in my sketchbooks.  Another take at Seagram… noch 23 Wörter



It’s been a long week of Mies, Mies, and yet more Mies.  So here’s a bit of a respite from the daunting Modernism his work exemplifies: Karl Friedrich Schinkel.   noch 46 Wörter

Nine Square

Episode 49: Gendarmenmarkt

Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin


  • Historic town square from 1688
  • Various historical buildings are located there
  • Buildings have been destroyed and rebuild several times

Berlin’s urban jungle is super diverse and offers much to explore: cozy courtyards, lush parks, massive former GDR housing blocks, interesting churches, medieval districts, the riverside and many many squares. noch 144 Wörter

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