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Episode 49: Gendarmenmarkt

Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin


  • Historic town square from 1688
  • Various historical buildings are located there
  • Buildings have been destroyed and rebuild several times

Berlin’s urban jungle is super diverse and offers much to explore: cozy courtyards, lush parks, massive former GDR housing blocks, interesting churches, medieval districts, the riverside and many many squares. noch 144 Wörter

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Berlin´s Lustgarten and the old Berliner Dom, designed by Schinkel and demolished in the early 1890s to make room for today´s cathedral.


Here seen from Kronprinzenpalais in Unter den Linden, over Schloßbrücke, in 1889. noch 9 Wörter


Berlin Konser Binası ve Jandarma Meydanı // emre

Berlin’de tarihi, formel, turistik, canlı ve güncel şehir hayatına katılan meydanlar var. Bu özelliklerin hepsine bir arada sahip bir meydan ise pek yok.  Gendarmenmarkt’ın böylesi bir çok yönlülüğe sahip olmaya en yakın meydan olduğu söylenebilir. noch 1.047 Wörter

Schinkel and His Classical Utopia

Neo-classicist architecture is not a new idea.  It has been shaped to suit different needs throughout the eras of its use, both in different countries and by different political regimes and architects.  noch 871 Wörter


Paying for Berliner Schloss

Audun Engh of INTBAU kindly noted, after reading my last post, that the figures next to architectural elements and statuary in drawings of a Berliner Schloss façade near the end of the Extrablatt PDF represented not the cost of those elements but the price for having one’s name associated with them, as a way to raise private funds to ornament the outside walls. noch 344 Wörter