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Sweethearts in the Old County Finally Marry in Canada

This week Amy Johnson Crow has us write about a Valentine.

The article I found about my husband’s 2nd great grandfather fits the bill. Gottlieb Wiesner was born in Poland in 1858. 134 weitere Wörter


A page from my diary on the beautiful city Berlin – Ich bin ein Berliner.

Berlin is radical : The only tradition this city will accept is that it doesn’t have any tradition.   21 weitere Wörter

Daily Musings

"But the word of the Lord endureth for ever." Ikegaya's Nested Churches at Berlin's St. Elisabeth's.

„Des Herrn Wort bleibt in Ewigkeit“.This text, 1 Peter 1:25, was on the frieze of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Elisabethkirche in Berlin from 1834, when it was built, through its destruction in World War II, until well into the 1990s, when it sat as a ruin. 241 weitere Wörter