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The stained glass windows of the Marienburg Fortress... in Charlottenburg?

In the Neuer Pavillion at Schloss Charlottenburg there is a nice quaint collection of Kaspar David Friedrich paintings, quaint reproductions of Meissen porcelain and to unwary eye, a small but amazing items that link the early legends of the Teutonic Knights during the crusades to the modern Prussian state, all crafted by the hands of one man… noch 544 Wörter



The balcony is our favourite part of our apartment, overlooking the Schinkel, Amsterdam’s busy working canal.

Taking the photo above reminded me of how extraordinarily different the Schinkel looks depending on the time of day, the season, the activity and the light. noch 73 Wörter


Neue Wache - neoclassical remembrance

by Hugh Thomson

In 1967, the French literary critic Roland Barthes published his influential essay ‘The Death of the Author’. In the essay, he criticised the traditional practise of considering the intentions and biographical context of an author when interpreting their text. noch 996 Wörter

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