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Move SCUP 2011 database

So after I setup scup 2011 up I noticed that the database was being stored in the user’s app data, while this didn’t seem to cause any issues I would rather it have been outside of a duser location. noch 131 Wörter


Upgrading to Configuration Manager 1606

Another exciting release if you are into Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) the second upgrade is now out. We have already had 1602 and now we have 1606. noch 1.740 Wörter


Group policy settings were overwritten by a higher authority

I noticed that my update packages were showing mostly as unknown so after a bit of digging i found the following issue.

looking through the WUAHandler.log I noticed I was getting the following message… noch 59 Wörter


Exclude folders from SCCM software inventory

To exclude folders from software inventory

  1. Using Notepad.exe, create an empty file named Skpswi.dat.

  2. Right click the Skpswi.dat file and click Properties. In the file properties for the Skpswi.dat file, select the…

  3. noch 36 Wörter

Edit client cache size in 1606

The 1606 update has so many new features, one of my favorites is the client cache size settings. In previous versions I would use non official tools like right click tools to edit client cache size but now its natively supported. noch 11 Wörter


Custom Start Menu Windows 10

So I wanted to make the transition to windows 10 as smooth as possibly for our users and I noticed in a test group their biggest issues were actually signing out.  noch 309 Wörter