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Troubleshooting Client instalation

Бывает так что натыкаешь на интересную статью в интернете,но в данный момент нет времени с ней ознакомится. Для того, что бы обработать огромное количество сайтов,я использую inoreader. noch 414 Wörter


SCCM: Downloading updates fails zero percent complete

From Steve Thompson’s blog:

Examined a server recently that refused to download deployed security updates. This server was also a Distribution Point in a remote location. noch 10 Wörter


SCCM: Lenovo BIOS upgrade in SCCM TS

Bill Dunn published a nice post about the subj. Just in time for my next project! Thank you Bill.

From Bill Dunn’s post:

Lenovo BIOS Updates in the Task Sequence… noch 579 Wörter

SCCM: Vulnerability Assessment Configuration Pack

Available for IIS, SQL and Windows OS itself.

Can be downloaded here more details in SCCM team blog.


SCCM - Assets & Compliance - Compliance settings - Configuration Item

Compliance Settings

Is a utility that helps you make sure that resources in your environment are compliant with a standard and/or criteria you set. There are many built-in features like being able to check registry key/values, File system(File version,date, folder etc), Active directory and if that won´t help you then there´s also the option of being able to create your own script in VB and Powershell to help you determine if the node is compliant with the setting you are looking for (Freaking awesome!). noch 596 Wörter


KB3114941 Uninstall SfB Crash update with SCCM

Microsoft deployed again bad update that caused us to remove this patch from deployment and have to uninstall the update. Since WUSA uninstall command does not apply tho this it needs custom command. noch 89 Wörter