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SCCM Client Health PowerBI Report - Version 0.1

Recently we’ve been struggling to get our client health under control. We implemented the script developed by Anders Rodland which has helped us fix large numbers of broken clients in our environment. 360 weitere Wörter


Windows 10 Automated disc Cleanup after feature update with SCCM

I got tasked to create script that does disk cleanup after feature update, Windows 10 already does this automatically but not right away after installation. So to hurry things along I created following script. 145 weitere Wörter


SCCM High Availability Role

At MMS2018, one of the more interesting items was the introduction of the new SCCM HA Role (hint: this is in 1805 TP).

Now, it could be that I’m only slightly partial, given that it was… 200 weitere Wörter


SCCM - Deployment (Created By)

The question is pretty simple, really: Who created that deployment? It is not for finding fault or anything actually. It is more to any other reason that you can think of. 38 weitere Wörter

The Most Basic of Basics

Some of the less-common issues I’ve run across in the past few months on the road.  They all tie back to being careful to read the documentation and following the guidelines properly.  582 weitere Wörter


Skip Wireless Setup on Win10 OSD

Had this come up enough that I wanted to make a record of it. Normally a quick Google search gives you the answer buried in a thread somewhere. 79 weitere Wörter


Random DISM errors occurring during SCCM OSD Task Sequence

Outline – This is a problem that had me scratching my head for quite a while. 2 exact machines next to each other, one would install the drivers fine and go on to complete the Task Sequence and the other would fail on the driver install. 419 weitere Wörter