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Parallels Mac Management for SCCM – Part 2 - Parallels Proxy

In Part 1 of the series on Parallels Mac Management for SCCM,  I talked about installing the Parallels Console Extensions into your environment. In Part 2, I will install our first ‚role‘ the Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy. 1.013 weitere Wörter

SCCM 2012

SCCM Collection Queries Running Slow? Split 'Em up!

Like many of you, my SCCM environment contains a rather large number of collections (1000+).  These collections are used for various purposes from identifying systems with certain Software installed, or identifying systems by Hardware Attributes such as Make, Model or Free Disk Space. 1.174 weitere Wörter


ConfigMgr - Windows 10 Feature Update without a Task Sequence

Today I would like to talk about the upcoming Update Cycles you have to do, when you are using Windows 10 Current Branch or Current Branch for Business. 988 weitere Wörter

Operating System Deployment

SCCM File Backup Considerations

Everyone (hopefully) is aware that the SCCM database needs to be backed up. And, that there a number of other components that need to be backed up in order to have everything on hand in case there is a need to do a full recovery. 634 weitere Wörter


Remote Software Center – Concept Preview |

One thing always leads to another and that’s exactly how this project came to start. Last year i did a blog post on how to Invoke Software Updates remotely with Powershell and one on Applicat… 8 weitere Wörter

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Decommission SCCM Distribution Point

Hi all, as discussed in my previous blog post I have been tasked with replacing a clients Distribution Point servers. In that blog post I explained the process for commissioning the new DP servers and in the this post I will document the process for decommissioning the old DP servers. 218 weitere Wörter