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SCCM What version (CB/CBB/LTSB) of Windows am I running? OSBranch01 and Build01 Fields

In Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Current Branch two new fields were added to keep track of what type of build and version you are on.   157 weitere Wörter

Configuration Manager Current Branch (SCCM)

#HASMUG16 Automate Securing Windows 10 - It starts with UEFI -Compelling events

Today I had a wonderful time speaking at HASMUG.  One of the biggest issues is getting to Windows 10 securely which starts with UEFI configured and Secure Boot enabled.   869 weitere Wörter

Configuration Manager Current Branch (SCCM)

PowerShell: Export-CmReports.ps1

Another I glued together today for a lab project.  No error trapping, weeeee!

 Export-CmReports exports SCCM SQL RSP reports to RDL files in
 a specified location

 3-character site code

 NetBios hostname of SCCM RSP host

.PARAMETER ReportFolder
 Name of logical SSRS report folder, or "ALL" to export all folders
 Default is "/" which is not recursive

.PARAMETER OutputFolder
 Path location where RDL files will be exported
 Default is $USERPROFILE\Documents

 Written by: David Stein
 Date Create: 10/19/2016

 Export-CmReports -SiteCode "ABC" -HostName "CM1"
 Export-CmReports -SiteCode "ABC" -HostName "CM1" -ReportFolder "My Custom Reports" -OutputFolder "C:\Temp"
 Export-CmReports -SiteCode "ABC" -HostName "CM1" -ReportFolder "ALL" -OutputFolder "C:\Temp"

function Export-CmReports {
  param (
      $ReportFolder = "/",
      $OutputFolder = "$($env:USERPROFILE)\Documents"
  $url = "http://$HostName/ReportServer/ReportService2010.asmx?WSDL"
  Write-Host "connecting to SSRS web service..." -ForegroundColor Cyan
  $ssrs = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $url -UseDefaultCredential -Namespace "ReportingWebService"
  if ($ReportFolder -eq "ALL") {
    $folders = $ssrs.ListChildren("/ConfigMgr_$SiteCode", $False) | ?{$_.TypeName -eq 'Folder'}
  else {
    $folders = $ssrs.ListChildren("/ConfigMgr_$SiteCode", $False) | ?{$_.Name -eq "$ReportFolder"}

  if ($folders.Length -gt 0) {
    foreach ($folder in $folders) {
      $fname = $folder.Name
      $fpath = $folder.Path
      $reports = $ssrs.ListChildren("$fPath" , $False)
      if ($reports.Length -gt 0) {
        Write-Host "Folder: $fName : $($reports.Length) reports" -ForegroundColor Cyan
        $OutPath = "$OutputFolder\$fName"

        if (!(Test-Path $OutPath)) {
          md $OutPath -Force
        foreach ($r in $reports) {
          $reportName = $r.Name 
          if ($r.Hidden -eq $True) {
            Write-Host "skipping hidden report: $reportName" -ForegroundColor Gray
          else {
            Write-Host "reading: $reportName..." -ForegroundColor Green
            $def = $ssrs.GetItemDefinition($r.Path)
            $stream = ::OpenWrite("$OutPath\$reportName.rdl")
            $stream.Write($def, 0, $def.Length)
            Write-Host "exported: $reportName successfully!" -ForegroundColor Green
      else {
        Write-Host "no reports were found" -ForegroundColor Cyan
    } # foreach
  Write-Host "done!"
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ConfigrMgr - The complete Backup (currently)

Motivated from my attend at IT/Dev Connection in Las Vegas, I wanted to create my complete Backup from ConfigMgr so far.
Because I was required to copy a lot of work from other people together, I decided to create a blog with each detailed step to achieve a fine Backup at the end, and I will start from the beginning, until we have reached our goal: 1.289 weitere Wörter


Forcing/Re-Triggering an SCCM Application Install

$ComputerName = "PR00001"
$AppName = "Microsoft Office 2013 Pro"
$s = New-PSSession -ComputerName $ComputerName
Invoke-Command -Session $s -Argu $ComputerName,$AppName -ScriptBlock `
param ($ComputerName,$AppName)
write-host "Getting Parameters for '$AppName' on $ComputerName"
$App = Get-WmiObject -computername $ComputerName -Namespace "root\ccm\ClientSDK" -Class CCM_Application | where {$_.Name -like "$AppName"} | Select-Object Id, Revision, IsMachineTarget
$AppID = $App.Id
$AppRev = $App.Revision
$AppTarget = $App.IsMachineTarget
write-host $AppID, $AppRev, $AppTarget -ForegroundColor Yellow
write-host "Triggering Installation!" -ForegroundColor Green
('ROOT\ccm\ClientSdk:CCM_Application').Install($AppID, $AppRev, $AppTarget, 0, 'Normal', $False) | Out-Null
Remove-PSSession $s
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SQL 2016 - Export Maintenance Plan

Since I started to back up my System Center Configuration Manager Site within a SQL Maintenance Plan, I wondered how I would be able to export this Plan. 169 weitere Wörter

SCCM 2012

Ensure Windows Installs On C: Drive During SCCM OSD Task Sequences

When Windows is installed during an operating system deployment task sequence in SCCM, it is possible that it will end up on a drive letter other than C: like pictured here: 275 weitere Wörter