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每个人都会死, 但并非每个人都曾真正活过。

měigerén dōu huìsǐ dàn bìngfēi měigerén dōu céng zhēnzhèng huó guò。

Everybody dies, but not everybody actually lives.

Все умирают, но не все по-настоящему живут.

So, where are you from?

„Excuse me.“

She stopped, order pad in one hand, pen in the other, and looked at me. As did the rest of my family. It was the good-bye breakfast before they left for home hundreds of miles away. 499 weitere Wörter

Hostage taker at Moscow bank turns himself in


MOSCOW (AFP) – A man who took four people hostage at a bank in central Moscow late on Wednesday (Aug 24) has surrendered to police, local authorities said. 281 weitere Wörter

Current Affairs

Old Rasputin

She didn’t used to drink. Lately, she drinks anything she can get a hold of. Last night, she overdid it on a local stout. I am being lenient about her behavior for the time being. 35 weitere Wörter

Word/Concept/Phrase Prompt

Doorinda - Daliya Truskinovskaya

„Doorinda“ (excerpt) by Daliya Truskinovskaya

English Publication History: Red Star Tales (Russian Life Books, 2015)

Original: Russian (Дверинда), 1990

Translated by Julia M. Sidorova, 2015… 610 weitere Wörter

Even Dark Souls Is Hard


This is Russian cosplayer niamash (whose Witcher work we’ve featured before) as Dark Souls 3’s Fire Keeper.

You don’t see much Dark Souls cosplay, I’m guessing because the character design is so crazy that replicating many of the costumes would be so hard/expensive that it puts most cosplayers off. 12 weitere Wörter