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Dang! I hate it when that happens!

Someone has been monkeying around with this website. I made a simple search in English, but ended up on a Norwegian Page translated to Swedish. noch 155 Wörter


Russian music class from the Antonio pappano and the five mighty wonderful composers 

i really loved my russian music lesson at the royal opera house tonight .

what a kind conductor – he held the microphone and gave us a brief introduction before he played – the mighty handful was referring to a group of five russian composers (as chemists and engineers?) to keep making russian music wonderful – they founded their own school . noch 325 Wörter


Mad Monday

I’m tired of all things. Don’t wanna do anything. Just lay in my bed and cry the whole day. I’m done with this day.

See yaa!



Have I loved you?

I have been preoccupied with a rather fascinating book, recommended to me by The Modern Theologian. It could quite be the best book I have ever read. noch 646 Wörter


Update On The Russian Resources Page

Remember that Russian resources page I talked about? Well, it is in progress. I’m making very slow progress on it—mainly because I’ve been working on other things, like violin and knitting and writing, not to mention some stuff for work. noch 28 Wörter

Foreign Languages

Dating on a foreign language: A positive aspect

Yesterday, I ate lunch with my flatmate, and I noticed an Asian-European couple speaking Japanese. Because Japanese is my first language, I automatically pick up when people speak it around me. noch 317 Wörter