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Бхригу Сарал Паддхати (правило BSP-1)

Бхригу Сарал Паддхати

(правило BSP-1)

(Saptarishis Astrology)

Перевод: Елена Шмелева

С поклонами Господу Ганапати и Мудрецу Бхригу, мы начинаем эту огромную задачу раскрытия секретов Основателя Ведической астрологии Мудреца Бхригу. noch 76 Wörter


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Proof please? CNN claims Russian missiles crashed in Iran, Moscow refutes, US can’t confirm

A CNN report, claiming that several Russian cruise missiles targeting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) positions in Syria actually landed in Iran, has been refuted by the Russian Defense Ministry, while the US State Department say they can’t confirm. noch 57 Wörter


ISIS shoot down helicopter in Syria's Hama province

Rebels shot down a helicopter in Syria’s Hama province on Thursday, a monitoring group said, as Russia continued air support for Syrian government forces fighting on the ground. noch 31 Wörter

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