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From-Moscow-With-Love: How This Pretty Russian Model Plans To Change Samba In Rio.

Juliana Titaeva, a pretty Russian model, has told tales of how she plans to samba herself to stardom all the way from Moscow to Rio in Brazil. 604 weitere Wörter


#1 Poem of Funny

In Spanish:

Anoche soñé contigo, soñaba que me besabas, y cuando desperté, era el gato que me lengüeteaba.

In English:

Last night I dreamed of you, I dreamed that you kissed me, and when I woke up I was the cat that languished.

In Russian:

Прошлой ночью мне снилось ты мечтал ты поцеловал меня, и когда я проснулся, был кот томился меня.


#4 Poem of Love

In Spanish:

Si tan solo pudiera expresar mis sentimientos lo haría sin pensar, porque te has vuelto en mi alegría y en la luz de mi mirar. 31 weitere Wörter


My Family Gets Taken Hostage By The Russian Military?

Last night I finally got some more sleep, not enough sleep but more than the previous night, and I woke up behind schedule so I to get out of bed quickly to get ready for work which caused me to forget most of my dreams because I jumped out of bed too soon and too quickly; but fortunately I barely managed to remember part of one or two or three dreams which I will type as one dream. 746 weitere Wörter


English To Russian Translation

Do You Trust Your Translator?
If you are seeking English to Russian translation, the most important part of the relationship between you and your translation company is not what most people would guess. 21 weitere Wörter

Скажите ему кто-нибудь, что он проиграл

Ной потерпел кораблекрушение

Проект потерпел провал.

Да он и устал, наверное. В конце концов,

На каждого грешника не напасешься агнцев.


Movie Review - Come and See

Come and See (1985, dir. Elem Klimov)

As we get older, we’re told our views on life will change. That is a somewhat accurate assessment I’ve found. 1.150 weitere Wörter