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FAQ Friday #2: Our Bilingual Home Situation

Hello and privet!! I’ve decided to do another FAQ Friday post. The first one I did, if you missed it, was all about our names. Click… noch 784 Wörter


The DNR Invited LNR Citizens to Relax in Sea of Azov Resorts Once the Fighting Ends


At a media briefing today in Lugansk, DNR First Deputy Minister of Youth, Sports, and Tourism (Minmolsporta) Aleksandr Gromakov invited LNR citizens to come to coastal resorts on the Sea of Azov shore after the war ends. noch 253 Wörter


No Rest for the Weary

My apologies on not posting. I have a few reasons for it, the main one being that the public internet I am connected to is prone to not working for extended periods of time. noch 390 Wörter


Olya by imwarrior

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The Concert Ticket by Olga Grushin

I guess like others, my first thought was not as good as…that’s the trouble with creating a perfect work of art, one is haunted by it forever. noch 335 Wörter

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