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Russian 15 Week Challenge: Week 1 Update

So, it’s been one week since I started learning Russian as a part of my self-imposed language challenge, and so far it’s been going pretty well; at the moment I’m still fuelled by that first bout of motivation you get when you start something new and don’t want to spend your time doing anything else. 393 weitere Wörter


Поэзия из Сибири | Poems from Siberia

By Anna Evtushenko, Cendana ’17

The first piece describes a discrepancy between “ideals” we read about and “reals” we choose in life. The second, dedicated to the class of 2017, explores duality in the author’s perception of the Yale-NUS community she has been a part of. 434 weitere Wörter

Conversion Options

Рассмотрим две опции Conversion Options: Perceptual intent и Relative Colormetric intent. Rendering Intent — это способ пересчета. Эти два типа преобразования цветов используются наиболее часто. В каждом конкретном случае один из вариантов может быть предпочтительнее другого. 33 weitere Wörter


When the Idea of Regulating The Russian Language is Expressed Using an English Loanword

Language norms and language policy are funny notions when the official statements on these very subjects are expressed using loanwords.

Yeah, you read it right. As was my habit, I was skimming through newspaper articles in Russian in hopes of stumbling upon bizarre stuff concerning Russian. 222 weitere Wörter


Russians are fighting the war of words against the U.S. with American words

So much divides the United States and Russia right now, and the list seems to get longer every day: Ukraine, Iran, Syria, North Korea.

But there’s one way in which Russia and the United States are getting closer. 823 weitere Wörter


The Big Cover-Up: What Republicans Don't Want You to Know

Unless you are brainwashed and support Republicans without questioning their actions, motives, or words, you are well aware that having an illegitimate president who lies constantly is nothing new for GOP politicians. 500 weitere Wörter

Cybersecurity expert: Russian strategy of 'reflexive control' exploited our brains in the 2016 election

There are many explanations for why the 2016 US presidential election turned out the way it did, but leaked documents certainly played a role. Laura Galante, a security expert who analyzes how states use cyberspace, believes the existence of hacked emails — taken from the Democractic National Committee, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and elsewhere — exploited a vulnerability in the Continue reading Cybersecurity expert: Russian strategy of reflexive control exploited our brains in the 2016 election… 7 weitere Wörter