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How a few millimeters of Russian rock helped unwind a meteorite mystery

January 23, 2017 —Are the meteorites of today just like the ones that used to strike our planet hundreds of millions of years ago? The answer to that question is of interest not…


Trial access to Russian and Ukrainian e-resources : 'Niva', 'Vestnik Evropy', 'Za vozvrashchenie na Rodinu', and the Donetsk/Luhansk newspaper collection

The University Library has arranged trial access to four new electronic resources on offer from East View.  Please send feedback to by the end of… 920 weitere Wörter


Learning Russian

I’ve really enjoyed learning the Russian language. It has been extremely challenging but rewarding. This past summer I took an exam at the university here and passed level A1! 578 weitere Wörter

Rocket Farm

rocket farm is my situation
rocket farm is straight up ahead
please advise now my situation
rocket farm is dead ahead

I can’t find my way back home… 107 weitere Wörter


Oblepikha: A secret gem from Siberia

Have you ever heard of sea buckthorn, or oblepikha in Russian? It is a bright yellow-colored berry that grows mostly high in the Siberian mountains across North Asia and North Europe.  527 weitere Wörter


The pro:files #8. Ilnur Zakarin

Could 2017 be the year that Ilnur Zakarin finally loses those final few kilos and registers his first negative weight values?

According to his Wikipedia page… 331 weitere Wörter