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“Apple pie and baseball.
Parking lots and rock’n roll.
Standstill freeways and eminent domain.
UAE drones and preemptive strikes.
An airborne pigskin and painted fans. noch 37 Wörter


New Single : Fever - Elvis Presley & Michael Buble / New Album : If I Can Dream - Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Elvis Presley is still alive to get “Fever” with Michael Buble and “If I Can Dream” he did a Full Album with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra… noch 9 Wörter


Pic of the day

Click to enlargeReuters/Nacho Doce

A burqa and a pink-polka-dot Gibson Flying V electric guitar is not a common combination. Stereotyping, however, is exactly what Muslim woman and professional heavy metal musician, Gisele Marie, wishes to challenge.

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It's the wedding, not the destination...

Okay, okay … actually the saying goes, “It’s the ride, not the destination”, but as always my mind tries to link everything to the world of weddings. noch 608 Wörter


The Rock Day!

what I can’t understand I have to forget
what I see I have to forgive
what it’s real I have to understand.