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Queria saber o que dizer agora

Queria saber o que dizer agora,

Mas faltam palavras na minha boca.

Queria saber o que dizer da tua roupa.

Do teu corte de cabelo, noch 149 Wörter

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Article de la semaine pour Riviera Buzz. Article of the week for Riviera Buzz

Dire Straits’ former frontman Mark Knopfler will be making his guitar cry just for you at the Palais Nikaïa in Nice this May! noch 369 Wörter


A Fuga

Veja esta casa,

Veja este quarto,

Veja esta cama.

É tudo tão vazio

E sem calor.

Veja o sol,

A luz que ele emite,

Veja o convite… noch 120 Wörter

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two months to go - can't wait for the upcoming festival season!

hey guys, there’s a festival coming up in my hometown! I had the pleasure to document it last year and my camera and I will be there this time, too. noch 76 Wörter

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Tool: AEnima

Tool is a popular band in the same vein as Pantera or Lamb of God, in which that people who are fans of them cannot seem to comprehend that I don’t generally listen to them, though because of the recommendation of a trusted friend I actually decided to give Tool a chance. noch 423 Wörter


Motorhead: Ace of Spades

Motorhead has been a mainstay in metal since the 70’s and odds are I don’t need to explain much about Lemmy and crew if you are reading this and Ace of Spaces is their biggest and best known song despite Lemmy’s distaste for it. noch 237 Wörter

Heavy Metal

Se sentir saudade

Se sentir calor,

Mergulhe no mar.

Se sentir frio,

Venha me abraçar.

Se sentir medo,

Comece a gritar.

Se sentir coragem,

Fuja do comum,

Saia do seu lugar. noch 53 Wörter

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