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Single: Good Rockn' Tonight - Elvis Presley

“ I heard the news there’s good rock’n tonight“

How could Babyhead resist?  He couldn’t and he didn’t.  He was hooked on rock roll.

Elvis, Scotty and Bill make magic or should I say make rock’n roll!!   noch 38 Wörter


There’s one thing I truly love about concert photography: humans in motion. And there’s no better place to catch some of these than a good old thrashmetal show. noch 27 Wörter

Julie Photographs

Rural West Virginia

nature’s rock ‘n roll
no sweeter sounds ever played
music festival

Photo Credit:  Rick Shore

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Escape with Aunt G. - Story Excerpt

It was nine o’clock in the morning when my phone rang. It was Aunt Gigi.

„Jimmy Honey, Hello,“ she said.

„Aunt Gigi?“ I asked. It had been a late night because the Band and I had played the Starlight Club. noch 427 Wörter

And the stars look very different today

David Bowie was one of my hero’s, I grew up with his music. I used his music lyrics to learn English and he challenged me quite a bit. noch 259 Wörter

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