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Single: Good Rockn' Tonight - Elvis Presley

“ I heard the news there’s good rock’n tonight“

How could Babyhead resist?  He couldn’t and he didn’t.  He was hooked on rock roll.

Elvis, Scotty and Bill make magic or should I say make rock’n roll!!   noch 38 Wörter

Ernesto Gets Close

Ernesto was devastated over the loss of Simon. He asked his friend Joe to go with him back to the fields and look for the cat. noch 1.045 Wörter

Creative Writing


There’s one thing I truly love about concert photography: humans in motion. And there’s no better place to catch some of these than a good old thrashmetal show. noch 27 Wörter

Julie Photographs

Rural West Virginia

nature’s rock ‘n roll
no sweeter sounds ever played
music festival

Photo Credit:  Rick Shore

© 2016 All Rights Reserved


Escape with Aunt G. - Story Excerpt

It was nine o’clock in the morning when my phone rang. It was Aunt Gigi.

„Jimmy Honey, Hello,“ she said.

„Aunt Gigi?“ I asked. It had been a late night because the Band and I had played the Starlight Club. noch 427 Wörter

Creative Writing

And the stars look very different today

David Bowie was one of my hero’s, I grew up with his music. I used his music lyrics to learn English and he challenged me quite a bit. noch 259 Wörter

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