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Hero of War (Part 23)

A/N: Almost at the end; just a few more parts to go! :D

The weight of the paper in my hands immobilizes me. I look down at the envelope. noch 281 Wörter


Hero of War (part 22)

Private Lloyd came by to visit me one last time before the troop departed. His face was less sunken than before and the bags under his eyes had lessened. noch 401 Wörter


Hero of War (Part 21)

A nurse stands to my right, drawing blood from my arm as the dream fades into the deepest recesses of my mind. Sophie’s face lingers in front of my eyes for a moment before dissipating into the harsh fluorescent light. noch 205 Wörter


Hero of War (Part 20)

I turn away, rejecting the eyes that do not belong to my brother. The woman beside me  adjusts something on the machines. She has flat dandelion-colored hair and lackluster blue eyes. noch 593 Wörter


Hero of War (Part 19)

Light assaults the thin skin of my eyelids. The pain, the heat, the dizziness– all of it is gone. Voices pierce through the faded pounding of my heartbeat. noch 335 Wörter


Hero of War (Part 18)

The first week ended and our descent into hell began.

Attacks came from all sides. The onslaught of bullets never seemed to end. Our ears were filled with the sounds of the fired shots, resembling the cacophony of jackhammers and ringing just the same. noch 210 Wörter


Tonight on Noise Brigade: 04-11-16

On tonight’s editions of Noise Brigade, I opened up the show with songs from Bad Religion, Reel Big Fish, The Kings of Nuthin,‘ and Rise Against. noch 196 Wörter