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Hero Of War (Part 1)

She’d always promised me she’d fight the world until her last breath. It’s a promise she kept, even though she lost the fight.

With tears rolling down my cheeks, I squeeze her hand, feeling the warmth of the life we’d once shared slip through my fingers. noch 230 Wörter



Parts: TBA (It’s so long I haven’t finished typing it up… Whoops.)

Upload Days: Friday, Tuesday

Genres: Tragedy (as always), War, Family/Friendship, a little Romance… noch 76 Wörter


Week 2 Day 2 (Favorite Artist/band)

Hello everyone, for this blog I will be doing it on my favorite artist/band.

My Favorite Artist is Rise Against, I’ve been listening to Rise Against for about 4-5 years. noch 118 Wörter

Rise Against

Rise Against bassist Joe Principe shares a pizza in a strip mall lot

Rise Against’s Joe Principe sits shotgun for a trip to Chicago suburb Downers Grove. We visit Dan’s Pizza, an awesome mom & pop carry-out pizza place tucked into a nondescript strip mall. noch 54 Wörter

Music Guests

From Heads Unworthy (ONE SHOT)

A/N: I didn’t make an informational post for this one because it’s a one shot. It’s loosely inspired by the song “From Heads Unworthy” by Rise Against (one of my absolute favorite songs by this amazing band). noch 1.112 Wörter



By Chris Jarvis

Darlington’s melodic hardcore punks are on the up. Off the back of a new EP, increased media coverage including a feature in Vive Le Rock magazine and… noch 1.709 Wörter


A Mythic Retelling: Sisyphus

(So, after the darkness of my last two posts I thought I would do something different. As it says in my about, one of my passions is mythology, and I quite enjoy telling people these myths…so, I thought that I would do that here…this one is actually a rather different interpretation of a Greek myth of a quite clever king, given to me by one of my best NT friends) noch 388 Wörter

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