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The Good Yet to be Done

By:  Lindsay Sementelli

Last week, I wrote a post inspired by the ideas of Philip Loring in his article “It’s Time for a New Story of Humanity’s Place in the World.” As a quick refresher, the article centers around the idea that we humans have long thought of ourselves as naturally at odds with the environment and all living non-human things. noch 1.125 Wörter

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Rise Against 07.06.2015 Haus Auensee Leipzig

A few weeks ago on 7th June 2015 I had the pleasure to see the bestest band from Chicago again: Rise Against. Because I moved to Berlin in April, Leipzig was the nearest city where they performed and it was really exciting to see a ‘new’ venue. noch 598 Wörter


What alignment are you? This band is Chaotic Neutral

When I was in junior high, I played Dungeons & Dragons, and loved it.  Long before the MMORPG came along, D&D was how people could satiate their need to immerse themselves in a fantasy world with dragons and orcs and magic.   noch 1.101 Wörter

Band Interviews

Rise Against returning to Australia for Round 2

Chicago’s political pioneers Rise Against entertained us earlier this year when they supported the Foo Fighters on their national tour and promised they’d return to our shores by the end of the year. noch 203 Wörter


Rise Against Return To NZ

They’re one of punk’s most exciting, politically social bands, renowned for energetic live shows and dizzying, larger than life anthems. Frontier Touring is thrilled to welcome back acclaimed Chicago four-piece… noch 75 Wörter

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- Awake

& the Bravest of faces are the ones where we fake; and the roles that we Play.

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Supreme Court Rules In Case Of Same Sex Marriage

I know what you’re thinking and it’s probably what the hell is this music and movie blogger doing writing an article about same sex marriage? While I openly admit that I am not gay, I have always believed that they should have the same rights as anyone else who wants to get married. noch 236 Wörter