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Hero of War (Part 27 FINAL)

I stand beside the surrogate mother in the delivery room. Through the window I can see into the hospital hallway. Sophie’s parents stand outside the room, anxious to meet their granddaughter. noch 400 Wörter


Hero of War (Part 26)

A/N: Next part is the last one guys! :D

The key turns easily in the lock and I let myself into Sophie’s house. Inside hangs the same silence that announced her departure a year ago. noch 601 Wörter


Rise Against Live

Hey guys!

I wasn’t really sure what to write about for my first post, so I figured I’d go with one of my favourite gigs of all time: Rise Against, when they performed live at Sydney in December 2015. noch 587 Wörter

Hero of War (Part 25)

I spend the car ride home gazing out the window at the world I’d left behind. Despite the year-long absence, not much had changed. The highway is just as crammed with colorful cars. noch 511 Wörter



Check out the new video from Drakulas (feat. members of Riverboat Gamblers, Rise Against):


Hero of War (Part 24)

I return home with the letters gripped tightly in my hands. I read Sophie’s over a dozen times until every word, every capitalization, every punctuation, every curve of each letter is engraved in my brain. noch 474 Wörter


Hero of War (Part 23)

A/N: Almost at the end; just a few more parts to go! :D

The weight of the paper in my hands immobilizes me. I look down at the envelope. noch 281 Wörter