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Because I’m doing (by which I mean ‘ignoring in favour of seeing friends and running for a position on the Dodgeball Team Committee) a degree at the moment, I’ve not got oodles of time for a post, but there was one thing I picked up on in your post Izzy, your engagement with books. noch 668 Wörter

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Rise Against Interview

Interview with Rise Against – 14 August 2009, Belfast

You formed in 1999 and released your first album “The Unravelling” in 2001 with Geffen. That’s a remarkably short amount of time and a well-known label. noch 362 Wörter


Dave Day

From now until the day I die February 26th shall be known as Dave Day in my household. The day that Mark and I finally, after being fans for most of our lives, went to see the Foo Fighters live. noch 1.287 Wörter

Live Review: Foo Fighters at Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland

Foo Fighters

w/ Rise Against (USA) & Miss June (NZ)

Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland

Saturday 21 February 2015

I am a huge Foo Fighters fan. I saw them put on three-hour show across two stages at Vector Arena when I was 16 years old. noch 1.342 Wörter

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Y'all are not gonna like me....

First for the good stuff. :) So far, I have updated the story home pages for a few stories with the casting pics. Now there’s no separate pages, just a slideshow on the main page. noch 211 Wörter

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Rise Against - The Black Market


15 Juli 2014 – DGC/Interscope

Rating Xandra:


Rise Against 2014 adalah band yang sangat berbeda dengan yang dibentuk pada tahun 1999; mereka bersiklus melalui setengah-lusin gitaris, musik mereka telah terdengar lebih merdu sejak hari-hari awal mereka dan mereka telah menjadi band  noch 254 Wörter