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Pegasus Festival featuring Citizen, O' Brother, Glass Jaw, Thrice and Rise Against.

Recently our head photographer Robbie Clark went down to the great state of Texas to cover Pegasus Festival. Which included the amazing line up made up of Citizen, O’ Brother, Glass Jaw, Thrice and Rise Against. noch 8 Wörter


My favourite punk lyrics!

(at the moment. This stuff can change by the hour)

This could be a massive post. A whole series of posts, even. I could write a frakking book on this one. noch 1.055 Wörter

Things That I Like

Home Life VS Media: When World[view]s Collide

When it comes to your worldview, a lot of factors come into play. Perhaps the most important, is your home life. No one will have nearly as much influence on you as a parent. noch 670 Wörter

CD Reviews: Rise Against - The Black Market

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The Black Market

4.5/5 Stars.

After an excruciating three years of waiting, fans of punk rockers Rise Against can rest easy knowing that the Chicago natives have produced another awesome album with… noch 250 Wörter

Album Review

Sunday Sessions - Budweiser Made in America Festival

The Budweiser Made in America Festival is a fairly new entity, only being around since 2012, yet even from the beginning it has featured some stellar acts. noch 136 Wörter


Rise Against - The Sufferer and the Witness

Thought I would start off this blog with the same CD that started my collection and that is the fourth studio by American Punk Rock band – Rise Against… noch 433 Wörter


Flashbacks of the Teen Kind

In highschool, I was desperately into alternative metal/rock. Over the years, my tastes have changed, but I still love listening to that kind of music. So the other day when, my FM transmitter I use to play music from my phone went to crap, I pulled out my large cd collection that lives in my car. noch 155 Wörter