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Finding Meaning in Music

So, this is not going to be like a traditional article that would be put up here on this blog, but I felt like I needed to get a few things off my chest, so this was the way that I decided to do so. 483 weitere Wörter

Album Review: Vanishing Life- Surveillance

When I first heard about Vanishing Life, I already knew, without hearing a song, that this band was going to be something I’m going to enjoy. 341 weitere Wörter

Album Review

The Term "Melodic Hardcore"...

The term „Melodic Hardcore“ seem to be thrown around more and more as time goes on, however the notion that Rise Against, Bad Religion… 228 weitere Wörter


Sing Me a Story II: The Revenge of the Story Song

Today’s story song:

„The Ballad of Hollis Brown“ by Bob Dylan

Is it cliched to cite Bob Dylan? Possibly. But fuck it because there’s a reason this guy is an American classic. 518 weitere Wörter


Watched this video by Rise Against again last week and just thought about the beauty of the ordinary.  The commitment to it.  The respect of it. 263 weitere Wörter