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Pinkpop Festival announces lineup: Foo Fighters, Muse and Robbie Williams to headline

One of the finest European music festivals, Pinkpop, is back with another stellar lineup. The event takes place on June 12th to the 14th in Landgraaf, Netherlands and attracts some of the most popular touring acts from around the world. noch 59 Wörter

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Watch Dave Grohl Play Drums for Rise Against to Cover His Early Band, Scream

By Philip Cosores

Foo FightersDave Grohl hasn’t played drums as his primary gig in a couple decades, but he’s still known to get a kick out of picking up the sticks and pounding away, whether it is for a… noch 134 Wörter


Foo Fighter's, Dave Grohl and Rise Against cover Grohl's former punk band Scream - Watch

Before joining Nirvana, Dave Grohl drummed for DC-based hardcore punk outfit Scream. Now a member of the Foo Fighters, Grohl and co. are currently finishing up an Australian tour with popular punk rockers… noch 52 Wörter

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Your Kentucky-Florida Officials Are...

Kentucky is 73-33 with Tony Greene under whistle. He has called four games this season…obviously Kentucky won them all. He was in College Station for the double-overtime though. noch 316 Wörter



how many rock/metal songs have a title like “rise,” “rise up,” “rise against,” etc? christ, that sucks. first off, it’s lame. i can just picture the artists writing the songs, imagining them to be real anthems for their generation, picturing their songs being becoming the soundtrack to some kind of revolution. noch 67 Wörter

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Because I’m doing (by which I mean ‘ignoring in favour of seeing friends and running for a position on the Dodgeball Team Committee) a degree at the moment, I’ve not got oodles of time for a post, but there was one thing I picked up on in your post Izzy, your engagement with books. noch 668 Wörter

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