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A Beginner's Guide to Visiting Germany's Wine Regions

Originally published in USA Today on August 18, 2016.

Seeking security, my right hand grasped at the nearest wooden pale as my left foot slid on the loose slate. 1.783 weitere Wörter


"Everything happens for a Riesling"

Made from a white grape variety, Riesling is the 20th most grown grape variety in the world. Even though it might not be on the top of the most grown list, it is one of the top three white wine varieties, along with Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc. 446 weitere Wörter


What Are You Waiting For?

The next time I hear somebody complain that Napa is too commercialized, too touristy, I know what my response is going to be. Two words:  74 weitere Wörter


Food-and-Wine Pairing Made Easy: 4 Tips

When matching wine with food, flavors are important. That’s fairly obvious.

In fact, we talk all the time about matching wine with the dominant flavor of any given dish. 250 weitere Wörter

Food And Wine Pairings/Recipes

Thai Food For Days

I’ve now eaten at SLA Restaurant in Montclair twice, and I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE.

In fact, I have found myself craving Sai Ouer (the most delish Thai sausage with a spice we cannot put our thumb on) and the best Pad Thai I have EVER tasted.   448 weitere Wörter


What We Have Been Drinking in Italy (Part Two)

As I mentioned last week, my wife and I did a quick little Tour of Northern Italy last week where we put a little dent in the supply of Italian wine available. 987 weitere Wörter