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Zind-Humbrecht with a focus on Clos Windsbuhl

Zind-Humbrecht is one of the very best wine producers in Alsace, if not the very best. This producer is located in the Turckheim village and was created in its present form in 1959 from vineyard holdings of the Zind family of… noch 2.629 Wörter


Three Ottawa sommeliers toast the season

Samuel James, sommelier,
MeNa Restaurant, 276 Preston St.

What are you looking forward to this spring?

To bring cool climate chardonnays to the forefront. There is a lot of diversity in chardonnay and it has a bad reputation of being overly oaked, but fresh, crisp, unoaked chard can show off terrior beautifully, and has a lot of versatility. noch 967 Wörter


Australian Riesling: Does It Get Better With Age

Drinking good wine, with good food, in good company is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Riesling is considered to be one of the finest white grapes in the world, producing a whole range of styles from bone dry to lusciously sweet. noch 355 Wörter


Dear 'I want a riesling, but I don't want a late harvest riesling'

Of course. I would never serve anyone a late harvest Riesling, late harvest grapes are just soooooo bad! The tannins and the notes are all off, aren’t they?… noch 9 Wörter

Dublin Wine Fest Day 3 - Riesling Flight @ Ely Wine Bar

This is as close as I’ve ever come to a live blog…

This is the second in a series of festivals run in Dublin this year by  noch 575 Wörter

Tasting Events

Wines for spring – try something different!

If springtime is usually when you start phasing out red and drinking more white, then make this the year that you think outside the box and try something different. noch 385 Wörter

Wine Market

From the Bordeaux region of France


Food pairings: Semillon goes with fish but there are many better matches. Serve dry Semillon with clams, mussels, or pasta salad.

Districts: sémillon is the major white grape in the Bordeaux region of France.

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