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Summer of Riesling

For the previous two years we have brought you the wall of Sauvignon, but this year we have decide to celebrate the Summer of Riesling. Riesling is a huge favourite of ours here in Woodberrys and we are constantly trying to get the people to try it, usually without much luck as many people are still hing up on the idea of the sweet, cheap and crappy German wines of the 80s, and 90s like Black Tower and Blue Nun and let us not forget liebfraumilch. 63 weitere Wörter


Willi Schaefer

On my recent journey to find best possible match to Anglo’s strawberry dessert I once again tasted some fine German Riesling’s. Decision had to be made quickly. 162 weitere Wörter


2006 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese goldcap #9, 7.5%

This is wonderful estate, and a magnificent site (commonly abbreviated to BJS). The goldcap indicates a richer selection -other wineries may employ different colour, or lengths of capsules, or stars to show “extra”. 106 weitere Wörter

It wasn't that zippy?

Inexperienced to the German Riesling, i was keen to get a long to work my way through some of the best that could be offered… 261 weitere Wörter

Hong Kong

Remembering the Moselle

A year ago, I was wine touring through the Mosel River Valley in Germany with  Avalon Waterways on the beautiful Avalon Visionary.  Visit my article on this wonderful experience  Wine touring by River Cruise at… 14 weitere Wörter

International Wine Touring

The Early Bird Catches the Wine

2 June 2017

Experience: 4.5/5
Wines: 5/5

De Wetshof offered one of the few Wacky Wine Weekend activities that interested me. 1.503 weitere Wörter


Yellow Tail Riesling

Recall when I said this blog is for those of us who are “luxurious” on a budget? Well the following review is what I mean. The Yellow Tail brand originates from Australia, I discovered their selection, 6 years ago and with plenty to choose from, you’re almost assured to find something to your liking. 186 weitere Wörter

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