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The Thanksgiving Eve Double Bottle

Contracted into your incision.Ejected from my own dimension

Lost in precision

Existing in some semi infinity

Some desperate tranquility

Lost in some dark light praying for double scoop of ice cream sun beams. noch 23 Wörter


Strasbourg and the Alsace Wine Route

The final leg of our short trip to eastern France! And we were ready for something a little more upbeat after our day in Verdun. We would stay in Strasbourg two nights and take a day trip along the famous Route du Vin, the Alsatian wine route, to explore the small pastel-colored villages and picturesque vineyards. noch 2.013 Wörter


Make Your Own White Glühwein

We are well into the Christmas season now and those of us living in Germany will no doubt have already had the pleasure of sampling the famous “Glühwein”. noch 238 Wörter


Last-minute wines for the Thanksgiving win

Between handling airport pick-ups and stocking up on essentials from cranberry sauce to ingredients for your great aunt’s famous stuffing, it’s tough to find time for wine. noch 348 Wörter


November Tutored Tasting: Tegernseehof

The Group met for a Tasting, led by Ralph, of Wines from the Wachau, in Austria. This is the most Westerly of the main Austrian wine areas, sitting picturesquely on the banks of the Danube between… noch 556 Wörter


Wines to Open With the Thanksgiving Feast

No matter what some wine pundits may say, there is no one “perfect” variety of wine to accompany the Thanksgiving holiday feast.

So, what to do? noch 338 Wörter

Food And Wine Pairings/Recipes

Table for 1

Visionario Bianco Delle Venezie 2014, Italy 12.5% ABV

Sipped while dining alone.


My Visionario wines are made in unique style that can only be found in the mountain-enriched vineyards of North-East Italy. noch 61 Wörter