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Dr Loosen’s Prescription

Life wasn’t easy for Palaeolithic man. Food was always scarce. He just about got by by eating what he could hunt or find …. including family members. noch 344 Wörter

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Calabria Wines Cool Climate Series Riesling Eden Valley 2015

Calabria are extending their range with this value for money “Cool Climate Series.” They’re all reasonably priced and as always, Riesling shows just how good value it really is. noch 84 Wörter

Tasting Notes

#31 - 2014 Vols 'Wiltinger Kupp' Kabinett - Saar, Germany

Estimated retail: $25


I could let one of the all-time catch phrases suffice in place of a description for this damn fine Riesling, but that wouldn’t make me much of a blogger.

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366 Days Of Wine

Coq Au Riesling

My friend Jen and I love to get together and cook. Sometimes we pick really easy recipes that we know will be delicious no matter how distracted we may get during the cooking process (or how many glasses of wine we drink…). noch 1.137 Wörter

Crispy Pork Belly Salad

Crispy pork belly salad. Salad. See that last word there, that’s why I can trick myself into thinking this is healthy. This is the kind of salad that could turn me into one of those people who is content with ordering a salad for dinner and not getting cranky 20 minutes later because you’re still hungry and everyone else was smart and ordered real food. noch 532 Wörter


Thomas hat sich die Hörner abgestossen

Thomas Hörner hat sich die Hörner abgestossen, in renommierten Betrieben gelernt und im Ausland Erfahrung gesammelt. Jetzt erzeugt er endlich seine eigenen Weine – und die können sich sehen lassen. noch 261 Wörter

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What’s in the glass tonight February 5th – Riesling

Mud House The Mound Vineyard Riesling Waipara 2014  – $$

Pale straw colour. 11.5% alc. Single Vineyard product.

Welcome typical varietal phenolic, volatile and lifted characters. noch 68 Wörter