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Finally summer has arrived with a bang as the weather forecast shows 38° C this weekend. For many people, the go-to wine when it gets this hot is rosé, but I have to admit that I’m not exactly a fan. noch 400 Wörter


Ektimo 2012 dry Riesling

Sonoma County, CA; 12% ABV
$4 at the Richmond, CA, store on 23 June

As promised on the back label, this wine is indeed quite dry.  noch 164 Wörter

Nor Cal GO

Wine Wednesday- Clean Slate Riesling

Now that Summer has officially arrived, I usually shift my wine taste from deep reds to light and sweet whites/rosé. So finding the perfect crisp, light, sweet Summer wine is essential. noch 150 Wörter


Tales from: Trier, Germany and Das Weinhaus

Here is another installment chronicling my month-long trip to Europe last fall. I had hoped to get all of these posts up long ago, but clearly, I have had to alter my goal in that regard (now, my goal is to get them up before an entire calendar year has passed—and that might be ambitious). noch 959 Wörter



Acidity is a natural component of grapes and the acid that is present in the grapes as they are harvested will translate to the acid in the finished wine. noch 435 Wörter


June In The Vineyard

June is a good month. Our cherry and mulberry trees ripen with fresh fruit for the picking, the vegetable garden is producing, and the grape vines have set their fruit which is now rapidly maturing for the fall harvest. noch 143 Wörter


Bill Zacharkiw's wines of the week

Under $18: Everyday drinking

Riesling 2013, Qba, Mosel, Selbach-Oster, Germany white, $17.30, SAQ # 11034741. Classic entry level Mosel riesling. While you don’t get the fruit intensity or aromatics of higher priced bottles, it delivers on what the Mosel is all about – minerality and a driving acidity. noch 298 Wörter

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