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2016 Moores Hill Riesling

I read an article today that used the word ‚leitmotif‘.   Sorry, but you should highlight it, right click and google search it because it is the perfect word when it comes to Tasmanian riesling.   112 weitere Wörter


Anna & André Durrmann Grand Cru Wiebelsberg 2012

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to enjoy a Snow Day. If you’re not familiar with the term, a Snow Day is when you’re able to call your boss and say „Can’t come into work today – I’m snowed in.“ 461 weitere Wörter


Ode to a Riesling

Riesling: you either love them or hate them. I have a cautious love with Riesling. There are few and far between that I truly enjoy, appreciate, and yes…love. 465 weitere Wörter


【威斯靈 X 咕嚕肉】

唔少人覺得對葡萄酒和中式食物嘅配搭㑹好難入手,咕嚕肉就係其中一個例子,有甜和酸味,而且經油泡過會有啲油膩。其實只要記住 Riesling 就會配搭得心應手。

Riesling 被喻為 Noble 葡萄品種,因為本身酸度高,又有豐富嘅花和果香。如果晚採嘅話更有熟桃味,視乎釀酒師嘅造酒方式,可以乾身或小小甜至好甜,咁多層次用來配咕嚕肉最啱不過。凡食物帶酸味就記住要選酸味更高嘅酒先合襯,如果唔係就會被比下去,酒飲落就㑹冇嚟生氣。酸度亦需要適當嘅果味去平𧗾先好,如果唔係就飲檸檬汁就可以啦。

依枝 Alsace Zusslin Riesling 仲有一個特別之處,酒莊是由代代相傳嘅家族經營,到而家已經係第13代,而且在喺1997 年就率先獲得有機歐盟認證,現在更繼續開創先河以生物動力學耕作葡萄,佢地嘅Grand Cru 田只是年産3,000 枝酒,卻絶非一些名莊把價格抬到天價一般高,而是係實實在在地由葡萄田開始釀造美酒,想到佢地嘅葡萄田喺秋天時的一片金黃色,和咕嚕肉嘅賣相和味度都係絶配。

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Super Zuurkool Salade

Ook al heb ik het hebben van goede voornemens al jaren geleden opgegeven, januari blijft toch de maand van het stiekeme schuldgevoel én de frisse start. 389 weitere Wörter

Wijn & Spijs

german countryside ride to kloster eberbach

On the weekends, when my uncle Tom isn’t working, we like to take car rides to get to know the surrounding areas. This day, it was particularly foggy… We set out to see the Rhine and a cute town, Rudesheim, where we could cross the Rhine on a ferry. 42 weitere Wörter

Mitchell Wines McNicol Riesling 2009

And yet again, dear reader we find ourselves with another riesling that underlines the point that the variety is undervalued in Australia. Aged? Yes. Quality? Indeed. 100 weitere Wörter

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