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God. You really don't know anything at all ...

I promised the fella who said this to me that I’d quote him. Well, I think I’ll just leave it as an excellent opening to my fabulous new blog space. 288 weitere Wörter

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Varietal of the Month: Riesling, Week 3

I admit that first time I tried Riesling from this week’s location I wasn’t bowled over in any way.  It wasn’t that I disliked it, for I certainly did not, but it didn’t thrill me right away either, not in the way that Mosel and Alsace have.  956 weitere Wörter


Von Hövel Hütte GG

I have just published my first article: The VDP and its Klassifikation (Part 1) in the new Content section of this site. As previously mentioned, I aim to continually expand on the information available here…  191 weitere Wörter

Hardy's HRB D674 Riesling 2017

Hardy’s long have a history of blending by taking the best grapes from the best regions and creating exceptional wines. HRB stands for Heritage Reserve Bin and the label has tactile Dionysos astride a barrel. 95 weitere Wörter

Tasting Notes

Great Values of 2017

This is a new feature I’ll probably do annually for The Washington Post, highlighting my favorite wines of the past year that I gave the „Great Value“ designation. 1.252 weitere Wörter


Varietal of the Month: Riesling, Week 2

Mosel, and indeed much of Germany, may be the origin and spiritual home of Riesling, but there’s another region nearby that could certainly share the latter title.  1.241 weitere Wörter


d'Arenberg The Dry Dam Riesling 2017

An medium-dry or semi-dry wine is hard to perfect: there needs to be a spot balance between acid and sugar. Ideally the ratio is 1.0 to 2.0 acid to sugar according to the International Riesling Federation’s Sugar Guidelines. 90 weitere Wörter

Tasting Notes