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Planet Wine: Steinberg Vineyards, near Kloster Eberbach, Germany.

While in my “Planet Wine” series I love showing you grapey corners of the world you might not expect wine to be made, like Arizona… noch 315 Wörter



It kind of blows my mind how much better the regional cuisine is in the south of Germany than here in Berlin. Seriously though, the list… noch 473 Wörter


Dessert Wine: A stack of "stickies" from New Zealand

“Stickies” is a term commonly used in Australia and New Zealand to refer to dessert wines and on our recent road trip to New Zealand we came across three fabulous examples from  noch 1.116 Wörter

Cellar Door Visit

Better with Age? The Mysteries of Wine and Time

Does a wine actually improve with age? There are certainly enough clichés floating around linking wine and ageing – ‘ageing like a fine wine’…. ‘like good wine, the best things take time’, and so on. noch 1.064 Wörter


Cantina Zaccagnini Riesling

This is a delightful riesling, that I expected to be cloying and sweet, but as it turns out, Italian Rieslings are perfectly balanced. This wine is light, with mild golden pear flavors, delightfully dry, framed with hints of orange citrus, and enough acid to make my mouth water. noch 56 Wörter

Wine Reviews

MI Road Trip: Douglas Valley Winery

Every vacation begins with a catalyst.  That “thing” that makes you decide that you are going to go there…  It could be a theme park, a museum, a fabulous hike, a concert, a beach – you get the idea.  noch 667 Wörter

Black Risotto with Crab and Artichoke (Riso Venere con Granchio e Carciofi)

This post was inspired by two of my blogging friends. The idea to use riso venere, black rice, came from ChgoJohn. Black risotto can be made in two ways: by using squid ink to make ordinary risotto black, or by using this black rice. noch 909 Wörter