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6/4/1919 The red tide sweeps into Bavaria

Revolution is on the march. In Berlin Ebert’s government has suppressed two uprisings by the Spartacists, but since then a Bolshevik-allied government has taken power in Hungary. 172 weitere Wörter


Sudan’s Old Parties Must all Fall and the Revolution Create New Reality

Of course, the demand to change the whole corrupt political partisan system and the accounting and formatting those entities that call themselves political parties while they are only criminal juntas makes them shudder for fear of the idea and the attempt. 280 weitere Wörter


Indian Parliament Election 2019: No revolutionary change will occur!

Making election in 7 phase is to aid RSS and its allies to manage their workers, money, wherewithal in most effective ways, like event management! 195 weitere Wörter

US to allow lawsuits against businesses operating on seized property during Cuban revolution

Washington , Apr 17 (ANI): United States Secretary of States Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday (local time) that the US will allow citizens to file lawsuit against foreign businesses that operate on property seized during the 1959 Cuban revolution.The decision will come into effect on May…

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Why Revolution is Inevitable in America, Part II

Recently I wrote a piece on this site entitled, „Why Revolution is Inevitable in America.“ It focused on the long-term political problems destroying America that the Uniparty Political Establishment simply will not allow President Donald Trump to address. 2.766 weitere Wörter



Protest only serves as the prenatal expression of an attitude that must still give birth to direct action. 157 weitere Wörter

How Socialist Marxist-Leninist Societies Functioned Part 1

is going to be a general overview of how Marxist-Leninist Socialist
Societies or more accurately political economies functioned. We’ll
look at past, present and future examples to help understand how it… 777 weitere Wörter