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Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

Abercrombie is one the best fantasy writers out today with his First Law trilogy being considered something of a modern classic. Now he has started something different, a new trilogy for young adult readers. noch 166 Wörter


Terminator Genisys (Film Review)

2 / 5

There’s a point in Terminator Genisys when we come across J K Simmons as a bewildered cop, who claims to have been following the cyborg story for years but clearly doesn’t understand what’s going on. noch 409 Wörter


Round Ice Ball Maker

I do not know how I have managed to have this amazing item for SO long and not told you all about it. I’ve already been telling people in town and on my personal Facebook page about this! noch 553 Wörter


REVIEW: Flying Dog Underdog

Flying Dog Brewery
Underdog Atlantic Lager
Maryland, USA

Any beer that has an affiliation with Hunter S. Thompson is going to be one I love. noch 262 Wörter


Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition

Gamestyle Archive Intro: young racers were well catered for on the PlayStation 2. Midnight Club managed to tick most of the boxes in a very competitive field. noch 967 Wörter