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Sweet Spot- Book Review

I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. This is my first book by this author. I love the humor that was in this book. 100 weitere Wörter


Book Review: You Don't Know Me by Imran Mahmood

Format: Paperback, ARC
Amazon UK | Goodreads

An unnamed defendant stands accused of murder. Just before the Closing Speeches, the young man sacks his lawyer, and decides to give his own defence speech. 979 weitere Wörter


ALBUM REVIEW: 'Mesmer' by Northlane

A number of questions begin to formulate concerning this album, the most prominent being „why?“ Why did Northlane go down the route of releasing a surprise album, a method that’s in equal measures confusing and exciting for fans, and frustrating for those of us who have to cover the things. 726 weitere Wörter


Torn- Book Review

I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have a read a few other books by this author and kind of knew about her writing style. 99 weitere Wörter


Royal Steam Seafood 御蒸香海鲜楼 at Jurong East

No photos. Because.. I don’t even think that I will be writing this post.. Only after dining there then I decided to write.

Driving past there everytime from Westgate/Jem/Imm, feeling curious about this restaurant situated along jurong east area directly IMM Building. 268 weitere Wörter

Black Lagoon Review Anime&Manga- Spoiler Alert!

The Lagoon Company; a team of pirate mercenaries, that smuggle goods in and around the seas of Southeast Asia in the early to mid 1990s. “We’re a delivery company… who sometimes break the rules to put food on the table. 1.192 weitere Wörter


Dark Sight- Book Review

I got this book as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. This is the first book in this series. Allegra has visions that show that humanity will be completely wiped out in a few months. 72 weitere Wörter