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Producer: Episode 3 Review

Welcome to my episode 3 of Producer recap. I must say, I feel that the direction has tightened up and feels less fragmented. Please keep in mind that I am a lover of Korean variety shows, but I don’t have as much experience with them as most, so I’m still warming up to the overall style and direction. noch 2.578 Wörter


Ofir's Four Rules for Successful Bitcoin Investments

Today we are pleased to have a guest post here on the BTCjam blog courtesy of Ofir Beigel. Ofir is an Entrepreneur, Bitcoin lover and blogger at… noch 1.184 Wörter


Christopher B.'s Review of Master Roll Vietnam - South Yarra (5/5) on Yelp

Very good Vietnamese rolls, great flavours, just the right amount of spice and good service. I would come here again in a heartbeat. Also the prices are very good.


Review: "Locke" (2014) transcends road movie monotony with a great moral crisis.

Director: Steven Knight
Written by: Steven Knight
Starring: Tom Hardy, Olivia Coleman, Andrew Scott, Ruth Wilson
Length: 84 minutes
Verdict:  ★★★½/★★★★

 “Locke,” the wildly ambitious one-man-band starring Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke, a Welsh concrete foreman overseeing the creation of Europe’s largest concrete slab (outside of nuclear and military, we’re reminded), takes place in one car, in almost real time, on one stretch of road between town and city. noch 609 Wörter


Truly Pawsitive Boarding!

Contributed by Sisi Soh
Last month, I was away in Japan for over two weeks and got Alan from Pawsitive Mind to look after Lucy. Alan specializes in home boarding (boarding at the dog’s own home) because he believes they cope and do better when they are in a familiar environment.  noch 559 Wörter


Magno Girl

I finally got a chance to read Joe Canzano’s Magno Girl. I have it in good old fashioned paper-back form because I’m old-school that way. I’ve known Joe for a while now…well about as good as you can know someone you’ve never seen in the “real-world”. noch 507 Wörter