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1441 Pizzeria, Mumbai

Customised pizza is pretty new and catching up fast towards pizza fans enthusiasts. 1441 pizzeria is one of those few which offers such kinda food. 240 weitere Wörter



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„Pro-Ject Audio seems to have also wrung out a lot of the dynamic range potential of the ES90382QM with a 124dB rating whilst retaining a very competitive THD rating of 0.0003%. 35 weitere Wörter


Scribbler Unboxing and Review!

There’s an aphorism that goes something along the lines of „if something exists, someone somewhere has found a way to make p0rn about it.“  I strongly believe the same applies to subscription boxes… 1.151 weitere Wörter


Twitterrific For iOS Review -

10 Years ago, Appstore launched with 500 third party apps, one of them was Twitterrific. Not only it survived,but thrived, all these years. It is one of the most original apps in the Appstore. 1.175 weitere Wörter


REVIEW: Tomb Raider

Chris Luckett

You know how once a plane’s going fast enough, it naturally wants to lift off the ground? Tomb Raider is a plane that’s constantly trying to take off, but no matter how fast it keeps speeding, director Roar Uthaug is intent on grounding it. 563 weitere Wörter


New Movie Review: 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' (2018)

It’s robots smashing giant aliens into buildings. Honestly, what did you expect?

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018); directed by Steven S. DeKnight

Following 2013’s smash (geddit?) hit  928 weitere Wörter


Review: Rachel Davies & Liz Sedley - Agile Coaching

I have finished it. This might sound weird, given I finish a lot of books. But this one was special. First, it’s work related. In the way that it is about where I want my career to go. 213 weitere Wörter