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Colour Me Happy: Educational Colours Review

November rain is not only an amazing Guns N’ Roses song, but also a bit of a bugger in New Zealand when summer is supposed to be on its way. noch 365 Wörter


Things to do in Salvador de Bahia

Hello travel lovers!

I haven’t been bloging this past month but if you follow my adventures on Instagram, you know that I am currently in Brazil. noch 768 Wörter


Reviews - Captain America: Civil War Trailer #1

In case you haven’t heard (somehow), the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. There are honestly no words to accurately describe how awesome this trailer is, or how excited I am to watch the movie when it’s finally in theaters next year. noch 315 Wörter



2006, $1.75, at Out of the Closet Superstore in Glassell Park

First Impression: She can do Reverse Prayer Hands while doing a backbend.

Second Impression: Show-off. noch 367 Wörter


You Can Leave You Head On

An evening in 1997 found my sister and me trying to convince my mother to frequent a theater with a friend. She was reluctant, not very keen but at the end we just piled her with her shoes, jacket and purse and kicked her out. noch 1.120 Wörter


Review: Satechi's Type-C Hub is almost the perfect MacBook hub with USB 3 + SD Card ports

Satechi’s new Type-C USB Hub announced in October at first glance looks like the perfect solution for using single-port Retina MacBooks with wired accessories and SD cards. noch 701 Wörter