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Review: "Danny Collins"

Danny Collins (R, 2015, 106 minutes)

Written and directed by Dan Fogelman

Starring: Al Pacino, Christopher Plummer, Bobby Cannavale

Inspired by a true story, Al Pacino stars as aging 1970s rocker Danny Collins, who can’t give up his hard-living ways. noch 459 Wörter


Comic Review: 'Star Wars #7'

Star Wars #7 shakes things up by going back in time to showcase a little adventure Obi-Wan had during his exile on Tatooine. Sadly, this may be a story only the most diehard of Obi-Wan fans will enjoy as it’s not very important to the overall scheme of things. noch 21 Wörter

Star Wars

Comic Review: 'Lady Mechanika 0 & 1"

Steampunk can sometimes be a trite setting for watered down storytelling and mediocre writers looking to attach themselves to a hot genre. There’s no doubt there’s some great steampunk cosplay out there, but I’ve been hard pressed to find some good steampunk storytelling. noch 46 Wörter

Comic Books

Wednesday Words - Parchment Poll August 2015

I’m presenting my Parchment Poll slightly differently this time… What do you think?

Brilliant books – will re-read

Lord Hornblower by CS Forester A tale of daring and adultery; Hornblower’s adventures continue to intrigue and inspire. noch 391 Wörter

Freya Pickard

Windows 10 is Now Here - What's New and What's Different?

Normally, I am well “behind the times”. Today, or let’s say, yesterday, I’m actually right on-par, keeping up with the “in crowd”. Going against my usual principles of letting someone else be the guinea pig, I went ahead and got Windows 10 the instant it was available. noch 968 Wörter

General Techie

Review: The Brevity of Twit by K.D. Rose

Humor in 140 characters or less.

A witty walk through the minefield of tweeting, twitter, and the many uses we have socially for it. From serious poetry to a scandalous take on improper grammar, this fast paced take on the brevity of chatting in 140 characters or less will have you falling in love with tweeting all over again. noch 689 Wörter

New Release

Up and Coming - August

The last month saw some interesting books and films being explored on here. Some were a disappointment, others better than I expected. The thing I am most proud about last month was actually managed to stick to each review – it definitely kept me moving. noch 480 Wörter