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My Love Story!! - Episode 22: “The Letter to Me”

I’m gonna need a minute to gather my thoughts on this one…

Sometimes a story finds a way to hit every possible button for you at essentially the same time, creating a conflicted ball of feelings that’s equal measures of warmth and ache. noch 127 Wörter


Review: Of Stars And Swords #1

After witnessing the death of her family at the tender age of 5 and spending 11 years in an orphanage, teenage Seren decides to embark on a journey of revenge and self discovery.   noch 253 Wörter


Books I Want to Read - September 2015

I have just finished another novel (PS. I Still Love You by Jenny Han) and I’m in that oh my gosh what am I going to read now, I feel so lost… noch 334 Wörter


The Glenlivet Classic Range Review

Let’s try something new here.  Instead of devoting an entire article to each expression of Glenlivet, I’m combining reviews of their Classic Range into one post.   noch 696 Wörter


In the Heat of the Night (1967)

In the heat of the night, there is murder;
In the heat of the night, there is crime.
There is prejudice pointing the critical finger… noch 684 Wörter


Translation Please

Next up in Book Battle 2015 is a novel translated into English. I had a few different options on this one and had a hard time narrowing them down. noch 189 Wörter