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T. F. Thompson July 9, 2018

Oh, this is a good one for sure and an issue bound to cause some Christians to cringe.

And while this post is not a position against social justice, I do assert that the message of Jesus was not about social issues at all.

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Even For Our Enemies

Good morning! Today is Monday, it’s the perfect day to love others. It’s the perfect day to be kind. And even a good day to pray for those who may have or continue to persecute you. 439 weitere Wörter

Christian Devotional

Good Morning July 16

Angles are interesting. When one flies over the mid-west looking out at the farm fields everything is in perfect squares or rectangles. This is very efficient, and easy to drive around. 164 weitere Wörter

Good Morning

Getting the a priori doctrines right

I’ve been thinking for some time about how that, if you don’t have the a priori doctrines straight, all the doctrines that follow get screwed up. 473 weitere Wörter

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The Moravian Origins of the Missionary Newsletter

Missionary newsletters are a mainstay of evangelical culture. Those of us who have grown up in evangelical churches can attest to this. This informal literary genre typically contains a combination of updates on continuing mission efforts, requests for financial gifts and „prayer support,“ as well as cultural insights and descriptions about what mission work is like in a particular setting. 700 weitere Wörter