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Franzisca Radke, the German who changed education in Colombia

Franzisca Radke was a German pedagogue who changed education in Colombia and a pioneer in the organization of the educational system, promoting the professionalization of the teaching career. 1.360 weitere Wörter

Ariadna Schweitzer

Germany in Colombia

My experience in Colombia has been wonderful. Colombians are very kind, cheerful, respectful and curious people for European culture, especially the German one and I don’t blame them, despite the negative propaganda and stereotypes that have been created about us for decades, Europeans and being more specific, Germans, we have made great contributions to the world in different areas such as art, music, culture, science, technology and education. 1.485 weitere Wörter


Florenz - Meine große Liebe

Seit langem schiebe ich meinen ersten Beitrag vor mir her. Lange suchte ich nach einer Ausflucht, einem Weg meine Gedanken zu sortieren. Ich schrieb Tagebuch, doch erst durch meine Anmeldung auf Pinterest eröffnete sich mir die Welt der Blogs. 521 weitere Wörter


Tanzania 2017 (part V): Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania:

From the Ngorongoro Crater, my journey continued into the Serengeti National Park where I would spend a total of three nights. 1.269 weitere Wörter


Wild Forest Hudelmoos

Natural Reserve Hudelmoos

Hudelmoos is a natural reserve which lies close to my hometown in Switzerland. Walking though the dense forest, which is surrounded by moor areas, feels like being swallowed by nature. 87 weitere Wörter


Winter at our lake

We had a very special winter at our lake this year. Periods of rain and wind were followed by periods of sunshine, extreme cold and blizzards from the East. 60 weitere Wörter


Cherry Blossoms in Switzerland

When birds are singing in the morning and cherry blossoms are blooming on the tree, there is only one meaning, spring is finally here!