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Hastings, New Zealand | Photo journal

EN – This is what it looks like at Frida’s & Jason’s. Frida is a friend I met when I lived in Sundsvall, Sweden. We worked together for two summers, then she went to travel and work in New Zealand, and then she didn’t come back. 185 weitere Wörter


Die summende Gaststätte

Nach einem langen Spaziergang im Wald freut man sich über ein Glas Wasser und ein ausgiebiges Mittagessen.

Morgen fängt der Ausflug bei leichtem Schneefall an, später scheint die Sonne, dann regnet es. 73 weitere Wörter


Innsbruck, Østerrike

Siden det var langhelg her denne helgen, hadde vi bestemt oss for å ta en tur til Innsbruck i Østerrike for å gå på julemarket og fått stått litt på ski. 559 weitere Wörter



Absorbed. By the culture and country, by my daily life between highway racing, work, sport, travel planning aaand travelling. If only I left more time for this baby. 1.073 weitere Wörter


Day 60 Jamaika 🇯🇲- Yeah Mon 😎

Yeah Mon, Smile Mon, Thanks Mon….I do not know how many times we heard that in Montego Bay, Jamaika 🇯🇲! In Jamaika we arrived at around 7:30am and did not leave until 9pm so we had a lot of time. 92 weitere Wörter


Miami beach for sunrise, but not in Miami USA!

Hey! So not too long ago I posted a picture on my instagram mentioning about Miami beach, first reaction be like, oh what you went to the States?! 192 weitere Wörter