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"Power Rangers"

While watching „Power Rangers,“ all I wanted was Krispy Kreme. Mmmmm…. Krispy Kreme….

In Angel Grove, a Breakfast Club ensemble of high school students befriend each other and find strange coins. 376 weitere Wörter


Power Rangers - Movie Review

A franchise that didn’t really need rebooting, but most certainly did need a new take on things.

When I first heard about the idea of a Power Rangers reboot, I thought “That’s a really bad idea”, I thought that, just like a myriad of other reboots, it wouldn’t work out all that well. 733 weitere Wörter


Movie Talk: POWER RANGERS (2017)

Everett, Sarah, Osvaldo and James went to see the recent Power Rangers movie, then joined up with Matt at Sean O‘ Casey’s to discuss it over dinner…

Sean O'Casey's

Hello, it's me.

If you’re reading this, I’d just like to say thank you for visiting my rebooted web blog. I’m hoping the reason you’ve visited is because you enjoyed the articles and posts from my previous page, and wish to continue following my journey with anxiety and parenthood. 109 weitere Wörter


Power Rangers - Movie Review


  • This review was „pre-gamed“ in a previous post! If you’d like to read up on some juicy background and what I was looking for when I walked in the theater, click…
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Power Rangers Delivers Nostalgic Entertainment

By Caleb Fox

A word of warning to fans who may be tempted to revisit the 1990s live-action television series which gave birth to the Power Rangers franchise before seeing this new Hollywood adaptation: don’t do it. 644 weitere Wörter