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reboot project

So, for this project I’ll be rebooting „Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons“ as this was a show I used to watch a lot as a kid (along with similar shows like Thunderbirds and Stingray) 49 weitere Wörter

Recent Literary Reboots

Hollywood has been rather awash with remakes these days. Disney’s live-action re-makes are getting particularly out of hand: now they’ve moved past retelling fairy tales to retelling their own retellings of fairy tales, even to the point of re-casting actors from the original productions (see: … 979 weitere Wörter

"Power Rangers" gets a final trailer

Lionsgate has release the final trailer for the upcoming big-screen reboot of the 90’s classic that I am more excited for than I should be, „Power Rangers“. 80 weitere Wörter


Berserker Insomnias Reboot Design Concept

For Studio 1 we really hit the ground running and had me somewhat lamenting all the wasted time over the break that I didn’t use effectively enough to increase my skills, especially in programming. 894 weitere Wörter


Ghostbusters: Answer The Call (2016, dir. Paul Feig)

Two-thirds okay all-female re-cast reboot, one-third CGI mess that ruins a fine running gag, Busters ’16 is nevertheless an interesting misfire with breakout performances from Jones & McKinnon. 9 weitere Wörter


The Business of Nostalgia

Maybe you’ve seen it in a Buzzfeed article remiscing about trends from the early 2000s. Maybe you’ve been reminded of it by a recommended TV series on Netflix you watched years ago. 690 weitere Wörter

Series I want to finish #1

A lot of you will probably recognize this problem, but half of my bookshelves are filled with the half of series or only the first book. 442 weitere Wörter