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it's been forever & we've missed you!

So the thing we were never going to do, we went ahead + did…dropped the ball on keeping up our blog. It becomes one of those things where you know you should post…but it’s been so long, you don’t want to post, because all a new post will do will point out how long it’s been since you’ve posted…so you wait longer to post. noch 275 Wörter


Holy Crap, Foamy the Squirrel is 13 Years Old!

It seems so weird to think of a time when I watched videos online pre- Youtube or Vimeo. I still remember once upon a time how blown away I was by the fact that I could download the trailer for Jurassic Park III (I was thirteen at the time and expected the movie to be amazing) and watch it as many times as I wanted. noch 603 Wörter

Online Content

HC: Reboot

I apparently lost the whole batch of saves for this couple, including all the kids.  I think it is time for the reboot.  They deserved makeovers and will officially start the Homemaker Challenge from the beginning.  noch 1.622 Wörter

Sims 3

It never rains but it pours

This morning we moved Reboot from its previous location at the far side of the anchorage (I am never happy unless the nearest boat is 100 yards away very close in to the dinghy dock in preparation for installing the new rigging tomorrow. noch 157 Wörter

Recovery and a Reboot

I am on day 2 of recovery! Nutrition wise I pretty much gave myself Marathon day and yesterday to eat whatever I wanted. But today I am back to eating smart! noch 451 Wörter

Bone Tomahawk writer and director to reboot Puppet Master series

One of last year’s most underrated gems was S. Craig Zahler’s visceral Western horror, Bone Tomahawk. Starring Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins, and a handful of other bonafide veterans, the film offered an uncompromising 132 minutes of terror and some of the sickest gore to ever hit the silver screen. noch 169 Wörter


hello, may! #mayreboot

What a cold and dreary start we’re off to this May! But May, for me, is a magical month. Well, really, it’s more like mid-May through mid-June that’s magical…by then I’m done grading, but M’s still in school, so I have time to catch up on things and even maybe relax a little bit. noch 1.505 Wörter