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'The Mummy' (2017). Trailer Review.

‚Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.‘ Not a bad tagline, if we’re being honest with ourselves. It lays out a well-known, simple and effective premise: a state of equilibrium is shattered, an alien Other is introduced to the narrative, and it’s up to our as-yet-unknown heroes to restore balance by the final act of the film. 512 weitere Wörter


The Mummy (2017) (trailer)

I just watched the trailer for the new Mummy movie and I wanted to share a quick opinion of it while it was still fresh in my mind. 555 weitere Wörter

Westworld: Season 1 (TV Show Review)


A brilliantly complex and well put together show, Westworld sits happily ranked at IMDb’s 16th best show. Starring Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs, The Elephant Man), Evan Rachel Wood (Across the Universe, The Wrestler), Thandie Newton (The Pursuit of Happiness, Mission Impossible: 2), and Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale, Source Code), this is not exactly star-spangled (other than Hopkins and Wright they are mostly new to the scene) but has incredible acting. 382 weitere Wörter

Trailer - The Mummy (2017)

So following my post last week about the teaser trailer for next summer’s Tom Cruise reboot of The Mummy, the first full official trailer is here…and spoiler alert – it looks goooood!


At First Glance: “The Mummy (2017)”

Reboots seldom seem to be more than a quick cash crab for studios. They can spin it all they want, but rarely are they worth your time. 967 weitere Wörter


Mad Max: Fury Road

Max Rockatansky is an icon of Australian cinema. He’s the character who made actor Mel Gibson a household name, drove the coolest car ever put on film and almost single-handedly placed Australia’s film industry on the world stage. 551 weitere Wörter