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Star Trek Into Darkness

Dude, 2013 was not the best year of my life. It was the year my wife and I were between children. I was stuck in a job that I didn’t like, but allowed me plenty of time to read. 1.167 weitere Wörter


Animated Series' Needing Remakes

Considering the 2010’s appear to be the age of reboots, a list of non-cinematic works with reboot potential has been (badly) compiled here. This list focuses solely on Western animated series ostensibly made for children. 2.471 weitere Wörter

Will Smith Is In Talk To Play The Genie In An 'Aladdin' Reboot

Disney is on a roll with their live action remakes, so it only makes sense to redo Aladdin.

I think Disney nailed the Genie’s character if they can get Will Smith to agree. 42 weitere Wörter


A New Focus

This post is trailing my last one fairly quickly, especially when you look at the breaks I had started to take in between posts, but I suppose with me figuring myself out again, I’m bound to have a little more to talk about now. 769 weitere Wörter

MST3K: The Return, a Minimalist Review

While fans of the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) are either loving or hating The Return  (read: Netflix “reboot”), its reception elsewhere is much more lukewarm. 398 weitere Wörter

Minimalist Reviews


I decided that I really needed to reboot my body to be able to keep up with Kieran and to keep participating in the activities that I love for the rest of my life.   197 weitere Wörter


TRAILER: Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High AKA Vol. 2

No, seriously. That’s the full name of the long awaited finale of the Troma Team’s sequel/reboot of their 1986 cult classic Class of Nuke ‚Em High… 163 weitere Wörter

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