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Livin' Single Reboot... Anyone???

Imagine This…. Okay so if you grew up in the 90s and during that time we had a show called Livin‘ Single a show about 20 something year old single women and men livin‘ in New York. 357 weitere Wörter

Rebooting copyright (blog)

Ah hello hello hello. Long time no, um, blog.

I’ve been busy going back to first principles and working out how we can adapt to a world in which the failure of copyright seems to be collapsing the media ever more quickly. 214 weitere Wörter


#265 Daily dose : REBOOT Fast

Fast Reboot for Android

Never worry about (actually) rebooting your phone again

Refresh your phone

Fast Reboot simulates a reboot by closing and/or restarting all core processes and third-party applications and thus frees up valuable phone memory. 174 weitere Wörter

Daily Dose

A Sunday well spent...

A Sunday well spent can truly make your upcoming week better. Sundays are times for us to reboot. For the kids to gear up for the school week (this week my eldest has High School Mon/Tues) and for the parents to gear up for the work week, the week of crazy taxi driving etc. 385 weitere Wörter


Movie Remakes

What do people make of Movie Remakes or as sometimes called Reboots? I’m going to mention just a few that I watched recently or watch often. 567 weitere Wörter


Reboot your thinking

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break.


We can be so hard on ourselves, and this time of year when the calendar gets full and work gets intense trying to meet deadlines while working around holiday schedules, it’s important for me to remember: self-care is not selfish. 356 weitere Wörter


Online, initialize automatic type in „“ habit;

I’m trapped,

So I’m gonna drivel some crap into your lap;

Who could have predicted! – I’m addicted! –  to the rap of societies fallacy; 236 weitere Wörter