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Reboot News: 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' is About to Make a Comeback

Thanks to FOX, it looks like Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will be making a comeback. And try to makes us forget about the 2003 film version starring Sean Connery. noch 72 Wörter

New This Week

Leatherface: The Sexy Years

Another financial quarter, another reboot/remake/reimagining of a classic horror announced. This time, it’s yet another attempt to wring any remaining pennies out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre… noch 1.128 Wörter


Video : Médine - Reboot | @Medinrecords

Since music is a universal language I can really enjoy the French Hip-Hop scene and we’ve found another gem, promising French artist Médine who dropped off the visuals for his single ‘Reboot’ earlier this week. noch 11 Wörter


Live the right life for you by

Being a man
“Live the right life for you”
Clear – Reboot
Create – Activating
Experience – Thrive


FILM TRAILERS: 10.000 km | 7 Minutes | Knock Knock | Point Break |

Here are my four favourite new film trailers of last week! Which one is your favourite? And for those who can remember the original “Point Break” noch 338 Wörter