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I haven’t written for a while. My grammar and style have gone to hell. For that I make no apologies.

I have decided to revive this blog just to write about what I’m up to, or what is interesting me, or whatever. noch 574 Wörter


VINCE GILLIGAN Making 'Jack and the Beanstock'

We don’t know why Vince Gilligan wants to do a live-action Jack and the Beanstock, but we’ve already bought a ticket. The creator of the cult hit  noch 123 Wörter

The 90th Step

Hey guys, today I had myself an installation and configuration war, because of my software project.

For hours, I sat before my notebook, researched ways to make it right and it felt like I was stuck. noch 75 Wörter


Cabbage Lunch Tacos

These are an absolute life saver if you have kids or a husband that loves Mexican. So these are made with a little meat of your choice and then the veggies. noch 155 Wörter


'Gone Girl' Director Promises to Return 'Full House' to Dark and Gritty Roots

Writer-Director David Fincher has been tapped to helm Netflix’s reboot of popular 90’s sitcom Full House.  The award-winning director is best known for his films, which include  noch 369 Wörter


The Future of Spider-man

For those that don’t know yet…..

Spiderman is going to be rebooted yet again. Yes, I know……… Yeah…….. The worst part is that I actually really really liked the last one they did with Andrew Garfield… noch 340 Wörter


Mixed Fruit Paleo Reboot Breakfast Smoothie

One of my newer favorite breakfasts is the Paleo Reboot Breakfast Smoothie. This is the smoothie that has transformed my mornings. This one is without eggs, but we have also added egg to it to give an extra boost of protein. noch 154 Wörter