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'The Crow' Reboot is Finished

I’m currently laughing inside while typing this, because I think this is just so funny. You’ll have to forgive me, but it seems like every attempt at getting… noch 281 Wörter


Is The Crow Reboot Dead?

A reboot of the 1994 movie based on the comic books of the same title had planned to start filming this Autumn, however, since the very beginning the project has been stuck in development hell & has now hit another MAJOR snaggle.  noch 425 Wörter


IY: eBook Review: Reboot, Pippa Jay

Author: Pippa Jay
Title: Reboot
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: ’26 pages’

‘”Welcome to immortality in utopia!”
From the moment Damien signed up for a perfect life with ReGen Inc., he didn’t ask any questions.
noch 487 Wörter

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Wonder Girls | "REBOOT" Album Preview + HA:TFELT Edits Group Teaser

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Wonder Girls. And though I never really listened to them much before, being about to witness this comeback and new vision for them has truly been an exciting experience! noch 105 Wörter


In Theaters This Week (7/30/2015): ‘Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation’ & ‘Vacation’ Reboot

In a Summer packed with blockbusters, including sequels and reboots (neither are a bad thing), we get two of each this week and I couldn’t be more excited as a movie fan. noch 241 Wörter


Wonder Girls Release "I Feel You" Trailer And "Reboot" Album Spoiler And Oh God I'm Nervous

Over the past week or so, the Wonder Girls have released flawless teaser after flawless teaser showcasing each member playing their chosen instrument with all the flair of a maestro. noch 265 Wörter

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Wonder Girls Rilis Highlight Medley untuk Album “Reboot” - IndoKpop

Wonder Girls memberikan sebuah bocoran audio untuk lagu-lagu yang akan ada di album mendatang “Reboot”.

Album ini akan terdiri dari 12 buah lagu. Berikut daftar lagunya : noch 49 Wörter