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Tremors: Rebooted

I must have been living under a rock. If you have too, listen up:

Tremors is getting a TV show reboot!

Tremors was a film series in the 90s. noch 101 Wörter

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Maplestory is getting a reboot version

Maplestory is getting a classic server on which you will be able to play in old-school Maplestory style. noch 127 Wörter


Does 'The Mummy' Reboot Want Tom Cruise?

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AppId is over the quota
One report claims Tom Cruise is in talks to star in Universal’s ‘Mummy’ reboot, while another claims the actor isn’t involved at all.BYBrian Gallagher | November 24th, 2015… noch 395 Wörter


Tom Cruise to Star In "THE MUMMY" Reboot

Tom Cruise can’t stop, won’t stop. The action star incarnate recently wrapped on his drug-smuggling thriller Mena before heading directly into production on Jack Reacher: Never Go Back… noch 474 Wörter

Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion

In this PRRS Age (Prequel, Reboot, Remake, Sequel), there is a tendency for repetition. Creators simply serve audiences more of what they already had in the first installment, with a few technological tweaks here and CGI wonder there. noch 139 Wörter


Kevin Bacon Will Star In And Executive Produce The 'Tremors' TV Reboot

Tremors will never die. America’s love affair with graboids and the doofuses that encounter them has resulted in five movies of varying quality, a one-season TV series on SyFy and STRONG OPINIONS from the beardo that loiters in the aisles of your town’s remaining video store. noch 214 Wörter


Run for it! Kevin Bacon rebooting Tremors on TV

Over the summer, Kevin Bacon admitted he had actually dreamed of returning to the graboid-infested world of Tremors. At the time, the actor insinuated that chances were slim his hopes would be realized, even though  noch 205 Wörter