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Fox and His Friends

Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s film Fox and His Friends (1975), portrays the story of Fox or Franz, a man who had very little money, but was able to win 500,000 marks from the lottery. noch 610 Wörter

Hinter den Masken

Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Warum läuft Herr R. Amok?, Münchner Kammerspiele (Regie: Susanne Kennedy) – eingeladen zum Theatertreffen 2015

Von Sascha Krieger

Um es gleich vorweg zu sagen: Die Frage, die Rainer Werner Fassbinder und Michael Fengler im Titel ihres 1970 erschienen Films stellen, beantwortet auch Susanne Kennedy in ihrer Theaterbearbeitung nicht.  noch 856 Wörter


Moving pictures, #6

I’m trying to get caught up on these, since I’ve been watching so many films recently – all that bloody sportsing on television. Damn sportsing. Have never understood its appeal. noch 1.307 Wörter


Moving pictures, #5

And now it seems the Blu-ray player is starting to act up. Bugger. Annoyingly, I recently discovered it’s also region-locked for DVDs, although I was sure it was region-free when I bought it. noch 1.370 Wörter


Film Review: 'Fassbinder: To Love Without Demands'

If ever a helmer opened himself to Freudian interpretation, it was Rainer Werner Fassbinder: He practically demanded such analysis, so one can’t really criticize Christian Braad Thomsen for doing the same in “Fassbinder: To Love Without Demands.” Friend and devotee of Fassbinder from 1969 to the end, Thomson runs through the director’s career with a psychoanalytic bent, supported by an unreleased interview he shot in 1978 when the great man was particularly exhausted and loose-lipped. noch 564 Wörter


Bitter Tears

By Waqia Kareem

she said once,
in a text
you are
the most beautiful person
i’ve ever been with
this was the caption to a photo of her naked white body… noch 146 Wörter


Top 10 Favorite Films (Thus Far)

  1. Wings of Desire (1987), Directed by Wim Wenders

An intimate portrayal of the common citizens of Berlin through the eyes of an angel who wishes nothing more than to be among them. noch 370 Wörter