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January 2016 Blindspot: Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

The Blindspot Series is a series of twelve posts spread throughout the year designed to offer bloggers a chance to catch up classic films we somehow may have missed. noch 1.039 Wörter


Fox and His Friends (Rainer Werner Fassbinder,1975)

In his 1975 film, Fox and His FriendsRainer Werner Fassbinder presents a twisted and heartbreaking Pygmalion-style story set in the gay community of 1970’s Munich. noch 110 Wörter


Eye on Iñárritu: '21 Grams' Mistakes Suffering for Meaning

In the grand scheme of cinematic interconnectedness, 21 Grams is a consumable work of gritty self-congratulations. Coincidence, destiny and the mysterious 21 Grams (our soul?) are the central “ideas” that propel Alejandro González Iñárritu’s American feature debut as a freak accident leads three families to become forever intertwined. noch 499 Wörter

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Werner Schroeter's Playful and Dreamlike 1972 Low Budget Film "Willow Springs"

“Werner Schroeter will one day have a place in the history of film that I would describe in literature as somewhere between Novalis, Lautréamont, and Louis-Ferdinand Céline; he was an ‘underground’ director for ten years, and they didn’t want to let him slip out of this role.” – Rainer Werner Fassbinder… noch 864 Wörter


Die Ehe der Maria Braun

El matrimonio de Maria Braun (1979)

La joven Maria está casada con Hermann Braun, un soldado que luchó en la segunda guerra mundial y del cual se desconoce su paradero. noch 612 Wörter


A Need for the Imagined & Legitimized Spectatorship in ALI: FEAR EATS THE SOUL

According to Christian Metz, the cinematic apparatus is a false—or imagined—existence that causes perception and is itself a perception, but ultimately an illusion. Because of this, Metz often compares cinema to the mirror, which functions essentially as a reflector or an identifier, hence Metz’ title of this essay: “The Imaginary Signifier.” noch 1.557 Wörter