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The Last Ten Films I've Seen

  1. Kuroneko (Kaneto Shindo)
  2. Lola (Rainer Werner Fassbinder)
  3. Fort Apache (John Ford)
  4. Veronika Voss (Rainer Werner Fassbinder)
  5. Macbeth (Orson Welles)
  6. All These Women (Ingmar Bergman)
  7. The Son of the Sheik…
  8. noch 752 Wörter

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Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Will Be Girls

Stomping around the stage like Godzilla terrorizing Tokyo, the “internationally ignored song stylist” Hedwig (Darren Criss) spends nearly two hours performing what is less a traditional musical and more an almost one-man drag/cabaret show.   noch 381 Wörter


Have You Tried The BRD Trilogy?

German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder was amazingly prolific – over 40 features and shorts in just 13 years. Between 1979 and 1982 he wrote and directed three films which are probably his masterpieces.  noch 805 Wörter

New German Cinema: Rainer Werner Fassbinder's 'The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant'

Rainer Werner Fassbinder puts emotion at the forefront of his manipulative, Douglas Sirk-styled melodrama, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant. Loneliness, fear and desire collide in Fassbinder’s one-room crucible; his female-centric cast seethes with passion as even the slightest interaction causes a life-altering reaction for all involved. noch 551 Wörter

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New German Cinema: Rainer Werner Fassbinder's 'Beware of a Holy Whore'

The addition of color in Beware of a Holy Whore brings Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s delicate staging and intimate framing to magnificent life. Having previously explored a gritty noir series, the self-reflexive and vibrant nature of… noch 619 Wörter

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