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Hunting for QR treasure

Today, I tried something new in my maths lesson. I’ve read lots online about QR code treasure hunts, but hadn’t quite got my head around how I could use them in class. noch 653 Wörter

Insurgent (2015)

Rating: 7/10
Why: I liked it. There was a lot of action and surprises. I think the first movie was better though, just because it made more sense to me. noch 135 Wörter


Personalized Bar Codes and QR Codes!

Today we talked about the whole copyright symbol© at the beginning of books. I explained how it was a type of ownership. So, the kids added their own handwritten copyright on the inside cover of their cloud books. noch 84 Wörter

#MaggieManifesto Triptychs

I’ve been debating a couple of different ways to display my manifesto drawings. I think that I have finally settled on a suitable form for them to take on the wall and have excitedly started making the elements. noch 203 Wörter

¿Qué clase de mente caótica hace esto?

El 15 de mayo de 2014 una pregunta que no tuvo intención de ser respondida obtuvo réplica, otro cuestionamiento.

Mi solución a las posibles consecuencias es: este trabajo.












Front Wheels and QR Codes.

Instagram Publish Date ~ 2 June 2011

The experimenting with new subjects continues, and this caught my eye when I was out and about one lunchtime in Central London (D’Arblay Street). noch 172 Wörter


WhatsApp Finally Comes To The Web !! #WhatsappWeb

WhatsApp didn’t get to be the world’s biggest mobile messaging app by following the crowd, but once in a while it has to mirror some of the features of its rivals. noch 177 Wörter