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This node generates a string for input to the ECCLevel input of QRCode node. When run first time it opens a drop down window where one can select between the 4 levels of error correction level on QR codes. noch 49 Wörter



Creates QR codes based on a string input. Accepts single arguments as well as lists. There is also support for color and adjustment to the error correction level. noch 35 Wörter


Snow Safari

My topic for the next while in school is Brrrrr! Cold Places.  The element the children always seem to enjoy most about this topic is learning about the animals that live in Cold Places. noch 502 Wörter


Darlie Double Action MultiCare benefit is to keep your breath fresher and cooler

Hi Shoppers!

It’s the feeling of home with Darlie Double Action because it is added fluoride to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.
The combination of dual mint and Enamel Protect Formula refreshes your brushing experience to give you and your family charming smiles all year round! noch 19 Wörter


QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator:

Create QR codes that link to websites or text

Use to link to class websites, or create scavenger hunts or other activities. noch 18 Wörter

Marketing Hieroglyphics (what ever happened to the QR Code?)

There was a point in time, not that long ago, that QR Codes (Quick Response Codes – those funny little squares that contain unique information to allow you to instantly access a web-page of content from your smart phone) were everywhere. noch 351 Wörter

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