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Walmart Pay Using QR Codes Launched

Major retailer Walmart has launched its own payment solution called Walmart Pay, which uses age-old QR codes and do not need new point-of-sales hardware.

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Let's Be Miitomo Friends!

I can’t wait to share some really exciting news…

Nintendo, the gaming giant, has launched its first social mobile application Miitomo and it’s available for download in Australia starting March 31! noch 279 Wörter

Blacksalt fish

Nowadays QR-codes are used in all kinds of industry. At the Blacksalt restaurant located in Washington DC QR-codes are used for transparency reasons. noch 180 Wörter


Tutorial: How to generate QR Code's on iOS

Using the CoreImage framework, one can easily generate QR Codes from within an iOS app with very few lines of code. Using the CoreImage filter, specifically the ‚ noch 249 Wörter


Heinz Gets Messy With QR Codes

A consumer was using his cell phone to learn more about consumer-driven competition with the help of a Heinz QR code. The code didn’t lead to the outcome he was hoping for—an entry for a personalized ketchup bottle—it led to another vice that certainly was not appropriate for a Happy Meal with fries. noch 632 Wörter



This node generates a string for input to the ECCLevel input of QRCode node. When run first time it opens a drop down window where one can select between the 4 levels of error correction level on QR codes. noch 49 Wörter



Creates QR codes based on a string input. Accepts single arguments as well as lists. There is also support for color and adjustment to the error correction level. noch 35 Wörter