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Membuat QRCode Scanner Dengan Android Part 1

ragu juga sih mau nulis judul ini, cuma apa salahnya ya kan. dicoba dulu deh. lagian ini kan juga bisa jadi catatan saya ke depan. jadi pada tutorial ini kita akan beralih dulu dari Python ke Android. noch 1.146 Wörter

Catatan Koding

Program Pembaca Data QR Code ( e-Faktur )

Pada tanggal 1 Juli 2015, pemerintah akan memberlakukan e-Faktur untuk pengurusan administrasi Pajak, baik pajak masukan atau pun pajak Keluaran.

Dalam format baru faktur pajak ( yang diterbitkan melalui e-faktur) terdapat QR Code, yang mana QR code tersebut berisi data tentang Faktur pajak tersebut. noch 58 Wörter

Visual tag-a sweet little story about the location

As the usual,it is the orientation day for RMIT students waiting for their new semester. Ailee is a totally fresh girl for RMIT,today she wants to have a look around the campus by herself.When she arrived the Bowen Str,she found there have no people,so she take off her shoes and walk on the ground by barefoot.She feel so free,and begin to image the future of study and life in this new university. noch 21 Wörter


SWOT quadrants, SWOT summary, QR Tactic & Fracking Well Drill Tactic - Dani


A unique QR code tactic will be developed for the campaign that will be positioned on-site at our various pop-up locations. It will be printed onto the pop-up structure, as well as printed onto flyers that will be displayed at the site, to catch passers-by. noch 2.264 Wörter

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Gamification 1

Melbourne QR Scavenger Hunt


Melbourne QR Scavenger Hunt will test your knowledge of the city of Melbourne in a fun and adventurous way. Follow Melbourne QR Scavenger Hunt on Twitter @melbqrhunt to get your first clue to a specific destination in Melbourne. noch 77 Wörter