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six Années qui ont Changé le Monde (2015)

Six années qui ont changé le monde – Hélène Carrère d’Encausse – 2015

Le putsch. 19 Aout 1991.

Comment ne pas songer au précédent de Khrouchtchev, écarté du pouvoir en 1964 par un putsch « pacifique » ?  noch 908 Wörter


Heroic Moscow police foil CIA-backed color revolution

MOSCOW- A plot to spark a revolution and topple Russia’s government was foiled on Saturday thanks to the quick, professional action of law enforcement officials. noch 259 Wörter


Defending Becky Quick against liars

CNBC’s Becky Quick has come in for some criticism for being unprepared during Wednesday’s debate. To refresh your memory, here’s what happened during an exchange with Donald Trump:

noch 442 Wörter

The Evil-5

Anthony Kennedy, Elena Kagan, Sonya Sotomayer, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg: These are the Evil-5. An evil decree of putsch from the caverns of hell have they hatched.Unscrupulous instruments dressed in black proclaiming justice blasphemously. noch 240 Wörter


Saturday Word of the Day: Putsch

*Putsch: a plotted revolt or attempt to overthrow a government, especially one that depends upon suddenness and speed

“How did you end up here?”

“I was part of a Putsch.”


“And it failed.”

– END –

Saturday Word Of The Day

July 6th - Putsch

Putsch – n: secretly plotted and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government

I gaped at Sebastian lazing about in the throne, fiddling with a sapphire topped scepter. noch 82 Wörter

365 Words Challenge

The brutal arrest of those implicated in the Burundian Coup

The date was May 14th 2015. Our police and army are financed and trained by the tax monies of US and EU citizens. Is this how they were taught to treat putschists?