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Some days. 

Some days I really hate blogging or writing. These are the days when I might be in a bad mood, not feeling so well, or just being lazy. noch 96 Wörter

Light at the end of the tunnel.

When your light seems dim, and there is no hope,

Just please hold on and don’t let go.

There are those times where you want to hide, noch 130 Wörter

Ironies of Life

„Never strive to pull the door that is meant to push.“

Ironies Of Life

July 24

It may seem small, but it’s not.  The house on our church property is being converted into a small tabernacle.  And we will be able to seat around 140 chairs in this place.  noch 165 Wörter


Monday Musings

Give me coffee or give me death!

Ok, maybe that isn’t at all what Patrick Henry intended in his convention speech but it seemed fitting considering this is Monday.  noch 525 Wörter

Cheering On

Elevator Etiquette

What is it with us Indians and elevators? I was at a mall yesterday waiting for the elevator and in those 5 minutes of waiting went from happy after watching a movie to absolutely disgusted that I decided to even step outside my house. noch 239 Wörter

$cordovaPushV5 not firing on('connection)' event

This was my latest project which was an cordova project using the Ionic framework and I had to integrate push notifications into it. To do this I used the  noch 345 Wörter