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Reliving the Past: Push...

After the snow, frigid weather, whipping winds and more snow, all I can say is – can not wait for warmth, sun and the soft breeze on my face as I pedal along this journey. noch 116 Wörter

Everyday Experiences

Let's Build a Community While Also Establishing Lore!

So, you may have noticed that on the sidebar thing is a Facebook plugin thingumgy. You may have dismissed it as unimportant. If you have, you would be wrong… noch 282 Wörter


Watch Push (2009) Movie

Watch Push (2009) Movie Run time: 12 111 min Rating: 6.1 Genres: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller Director: Paul McGuigan Writers: David Bourla Stars: Camilla Belle, Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans Trivia: Two young Americans with special abilities must race to… noch 9 Wörter

How to get out of the anxiety mode

Good afternoon,

Going out of my way, caring for my loved ones, even though my life is not going exactly the way I want. That puts me into a giving mode, instead of the selfish mode. noch 267 Wörter

Initiating Public Push using NodeJS

This post was written by Naveenan Murugesu

Initiating BIS Push using NodeJS

Push is a very interesting feature to add to your application.  It can dramatically enhance the performance and the user experience of your application.  noch 510 Wörter

Web Development

Woman pushes husband to his death from a balcony in Lagos

One Mrs Onyinyechi is wanted by the Police for pushing her husband from the balcony of a one-storey building on Valentine’s Day.
According to Punch Newspapers, some residents claimed that Onyinyechi, who was a teacher in a private school in the area, was angry that her husband did not give her a Valentine’s treat on a day when most lovers made out time to celebrate each other, other residents said the couple was quarrelling over a monetary issue before the incident. noch 290 Wörter


Workout - Day 41

So after about a week of feeling like death might have been something better to wake up to, I’m back! I finally feel semi-human after what felt like an eternity of haze and pain getting over a cold/flu/plague, whatever it was it locked my butt. noch 131 Wörter