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May the force be with you

So, today as I was busy with my laptop, my bro asked me ” What is force? “. To be honest, it baffled me too even though I’ve learned about it at school. noch 99 Wörter


Recovering from Injuries - part 3

New maximum of 6 chin-ups. Decided against a power tower because don’t have enough room and have ordered a doorway chin up bar. Have had a niggling pain in the shoulder so had to back off and missed goals for the month of September. noch 56 Wörter


Power Of Physique Launches New Push Up Bar Training Kit

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 05, 2015 ) Birmingham, West Midlands — Power of Physique, an innovative sporting brand owned by HyMarq Limited, announced today that the company will launch its new push up bar and training kit on October 1 exclusively on noch 13 Wörter

Unicom push vice cards to increase in chip for the introduction of data 3G version iPad

by The Library of Congress
The importance of the terminal for mobile Internet from iPhone, iPad let apple website industry with the commanding heights is obvious. noch 20 Wörter

A change of pace

As the end of the year gets nearer, I hear more and more people talking about a change of pace. The vast majority are talking about the approaching holiday season where they can kick back for a few weeks and forget about the rat race and it stresses and pressure. noch 296 Wörter


South Africa won’t push ‘anti-Semitic’ dual citizenship ban

South Africa is not planning to ban dual citizenship, a senior official told Jewish organizations Wednesday, after the country’s government was said to be considering a policy meant to stop the country’s Jews from joining the Israeli army. noch 301 Wörter

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