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Nehéz elvonatkoztatni és olyan szuperhősös, különleges erővel bíró emberekről szóló filmet értékelni, ami kívül esik a Marvelen, esetleg DC n. Nagy az elvárás ilyen esetekben. Vannak kiválóak, színvonalasak, mint pl a… noch 214 Wörter


Scaring Myself

I ve been low for a bit. Trying to ignore it and push through hasn t been much help. Today, decent mood. One think goes sideways and BAM. noch 83 Wörter

PUSH JUICE - Cropped Square

This time I am not really sure if this is a FNB post or photography post. Well..

PUSH Juice is the new juice cafe located in Pluit Junction. noch 109 Wörter


Day 19: It is all about the music

I have so many ideas about writing today that I am not sure which one to start with. And way too many good songs in my head. noch 68 Wörter

Unemployment Diary

Journal Entry 187 - Body Temperature and Metabolic Rate


5/16 – 174.4lbs – 2900 Calories – 7100 steps – 3.6 miles

5/17 – Missed – 1900 calories – 10300 steps – 5.2 miles… noch 1.082 Wörter


Since starting this weight loss journey in September, I have gone through three gym partners. One was my cousin, one was a good friend from school, and the last was a girl I knew in school whom I’ve gotten closer to. noch 387 Wörter