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5 Tips to Get You to a 6 Minute Mile

I don’t know about you, but running has never been my favorite. Primarily because it kicks my ass more than most workouts. Luckily I have found better ways to increase your runtime, and ultimately making you a better runner. 567 weitere Wörter


Defending Trips with Cover 3

When an offense aligns in a Trips (3×1) formation, they are attempting to gain an advantage in either the run or pass game.  In the passing game, they are looking to overload the 3 receiver side of the coverage or isolate their player in a one-on-one match-up on the single receiver side.   310 weitere Wörter


like the tides
i am moved
by the moon


5 Reasons why you should workout with a friend

Many people chose to workout alone, this maybe the only way that you can fit exercise into your busy schedule, which is fine.

But sharing your workout with someone else can be very useful and here is why… 73 weitere Wörter

Five-Hundred Word Challenge 235: People, Move out of the Way

The other day…

Wait.. which day was the other day?

I can’t remember.

Oh wait.

It was Sunday.

On Sunday, whilst making my way to Redfern from UNSW Library via bus, there was a point where I had to get off the bus in order to walk for about ten minutes. 507 weitere Wörter


The Best Golf Push Cart Seats for Relaxing on the Green | Best Golf Cart Reviews

The golf push cart seat reviews. This guide is designed to help you find the best golf push cart seats & Pust Cart with Seat for your needs.

Clipping Path Service

Hybrid Bikes – Everything You Need To Know

The bicycle (also sometimes called a ‘push bike’) is one of the most versatile modes of transport available to us. This is a form of transport that is human powered of course, meaning that you need to put in considerable