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Day 8: Mapping your course

Today, I started Week 2 of Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push challenge. Last week was concerned with goal making, reducing goals into doable chunks, and defining what we want to get out of this challenge. noch 180 Wörter


Weekly Round-Up (01/02/2016)

This weekly summary is a new feature that I will be looking to continue. At some stage I’m aiming to live-stream this over Periscope and upload the video onto this weekly feature page, so it’s something a little different – but for now, until I do some research, it will be written! noch 375 Wörter



Are we selfish ?
Have we become so cold, helping others is looked down upon ?
That instead of helping you look the other way ? noch 116 Wörter

Day 7: Success is your only option

Today’s chapter was about becoming your own personal coach, and learning to rely upon yourself for success. Chalene makes some strong points about positive thinking, which have been touched upon in prior chapters but are at the forefront here. noch 356 Wörter



I ache to say more
I long to expose my truth
To walk into your arms upright
and strong
To speak in crystal clarity
until you know… noch 36 Wörter


Day 6: Reverse engineering your health goal

Similar to yesterday’s reverse engineering of the push goal, today was doing exactly the same to the health goal.

Deconstructing it into tiny bite-sized chunks was, as yesterday, a slightly more time-consuming task than they have been so far, and has taken a lot of thought. noch 174 Wörter


Day 5: Reverse Engineering Your Push Goal

Day 5 of the 30 Day Push starts with a title that seems a little intimidating. And it is true that today’s activity takes a little more time and effort (for example, I started it this morning and have still been adding to it tonight). noch 136 Wörter