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My purpose 

My only wish in life is to help people. I would go above and beyond to do so. I love being able to fix problems and give people the extra push they need to be on their way to happiness. noch 103 Wörter



Push me away until there’s nothing left.

How much more will I tolerate?

Why won’t you just cooperate?

Help me. Help me.

That’s all I want to cry. noch 56 Wörter


Week 1 in the books capped off with Rugby!

This is me at the end of week 1 of Smolov. On the ground, pretty sure I was mostly dead, maybe completely dead, and wondering where the strength to get up was going to come from. noch 750 Wörter


Trying To Stretch, Not Push, Myself

So both my T and Psychiatrist want me to start “stretching” myself, not “pushing”, to be more active and involved especially now that I ve been on my meds for a while now and have developed various tools and awareness. noch 70 Wörter

How would you test fitness?

I like checking the local news station website on Friday because they have “9 things to do in Denver” every Friday for the weekend. Kind of interesting to see what they come up with, and, hey, maybe I actually do one of those 9 things sometime? noch 833 Wörter