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December 25, 2016

Christmas Day 9:39pm

     Doesn’t even seem as late as it is… there’s a tree dancing on the screen of the laptop I’m sitting behind… Guilty as charged… I’m on the infamous ‚facebook’… still on pass, still at my parent’s house… I’m sitting at the kitchen/dining room table, mom is sitting across from me, house is ‚quieting down‘, younger brothers are on the couch and loveseat, ’sprawled out‘, one of mom’s favorites is playing on the PS4 (the latest Jason Bourne movie)… life is good… aside from the minor squabblings brothers have- this holiday has been one of peace and growth… 1 Timothy 1:11 is a verse that I read today that validates a ‚truth‘ I have been living out for a few months now… I drew strength from a meditation that God entrust me with the knowledge of the Son… that I’d accept the message and carry i… by His grace and mercy… not that I would cower in fear of failing (more or less) The scripture states, and I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry…‘ this scripture encompasses the whole idea, one which is founded on truth, that Christ counted me faithful, putting me into ministry… He didn’t call me, that I would ‚maybe‘ work out, or ‚maybe‘ follow through… so, who is ‚doubt‘ (e.g. 31 weitere Wörter

We have to keep going. 

Today I am beat down, and exhausted, but somehow I found a reason to wake up. New opportunities are that much closer to becoming my reality. 76 weitere Wörter

Reclaiming the Dream

A new year has begun and of course it’s only fitting that we create new goals for 2017, right?

Even before 2016 has ended, I already have something brewing inside of me that I am excited to fulfill this coming year. 864 weitere Wörter


High-ranking Catholic priests push for an end to celibacy

A group of 11 retired high ranking Catholic priests is causing vocational drama across Germany with their request to abolish celibacy in an open letter, written in review of their fifty (50) years as clergy. 209 weitere Wörter

Lifestyle, Beauty And Fashion

winter as push

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and its own corner… 46 weitere Wörter


Wanda considers deeper health-care push with hospitals in China


Billionaire Wang Jianlin’s property-to-entertainment conglomerate is weighing a push into private health care in China, tapping into a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry in the country. 370 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

Trials and tribulations. 

Yesterday before work I almost lost my cool. I almost broke down and gave in. I almost let the pressure get to me. I really had to dig deep inside of myself and realize why I moved across the country. 205 weitere Wörter