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Pin Your Journeys Travel Map Push Pins

Pin Your Journeys Travel Map Push Pins

In each order of 100 travel map push pins you’ll receive a key that will help you color coordinate your past journeys, planned vacations, dream trips and where you can find friends and family members. 12 weitere Wörter

Opinon: What Frank Put Them Through

Publication: PUSH Magazine
Date: August 2016

With the dust still settling, the devastation of Frank Ocean’s marauding campaign of hate against his admirers is beginning to show. 1.213 weitere Wörter

Frank Ocean

In Push for G.M.O.s, China Battles Fears of 8-Legged Chickens

For many in China, the term “genetically modified food” evokes nightmares: poisoned seeds, contaminated fields, apocryphal images of eight-legged chickens.

China and the global agricultural industry are betting billions of dollars that they can change those perceptions. 32 weitere Wörter

13.7.2016 baby Idris is born

At 9pm I couldn’t take the contraction pain anymore,the contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes by now. We made our way back to the hospital this time my husband couldn’t find parking having to drop me off at the entrance for me then to pace up and down the corridor eventually after finding parking loaded with my bags in tow we  made our way again to the 4th floor of the maternity unit. 351 weitere Wörter


Wish I had some decaf...

I slept for shit last night because I was upset. Still woke up at 0530. I had a nap in the afternoon, a sweaty, nightmare filled nap. 696 weitere Wörter


clip stapler


this thing kissing my feet. awesome feeling right. mix emotion after that. but. that day i have a lot positive suggestion. and i call it lucky me. 21 weitere Wörter


Vatican and China in final push for elusive deal on bishops


ROME/HONG KONG/BEIJING: Representatives from the Vatican and China are expected to meet before the end of the month in Rome in an effort to finalise a deal on the ordination of bishops on the mainland, a move aimed at ending a longstanding dispute, according to Catholic Church sources familiar with the negotiations. 1.361 weitere Wörter

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