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Sails, turbines and fans

Fail to Sail: First Attempt In Learning to Second Attempt In Learning

Discover how we used the Scientific Method in Stage 1 classrooms to design hands-on experiments that teach Stage 1 students about sailing, fans, and turbines in a safe-to-fail environment. noch 64 Wörter

For Teachers

Still at it? 

Why do you wake up in the morning? What still motivates you to work? Why still put in the effort after this long?

Whatever it is, I’m glad you’re still fighting and keeping your dreams alive. noch 35 Wörter

Push Rewind: Phone call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare PS4, PlayStation And also Freebies, Alienation

Modern warfare

A rather modest week below at Push Square Towers, as rumours and intros took the area of actual announcements. The big leakage centred standing by of Responsibility: Modern Warfare, which appears positioned to launch on the PlayStation 4. noch 23 Wörter


Chee to 'push very hard' for retrenchment insurance scheme if elected


SINGAPORE: Dr Chee Soon Juan, the Singapore Democratic Party candidate for the Bukit Batok by-election, has said that he will „push very hard“ for a „retrenchment insurance scheme“ if he is elected into Parliament.   noch 803 Wörter

Current Affairs

Week 96 II MA

I began this month with a lot of anxiety about everything. Most of all my studies and academics for the first time in the last 6 years of energy and enthusiasm took a toll on me. noch 458 Wörter


Wisdom Nugget: Lift vs. Push

It takes more effort to LIFT vs. to PUSH; however, you gain more (MUSCLE) from the exerted pressure of lifting. Ladies, let’s lift each other up rather than push each other over to reach the top. noch 6 Wörter