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Morning Quotes

Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams


How to make git commits via the console

Here is my way oversimplified guide to using the console to push your changes onto Github. It can be really intimidating for new coders to interact with the console, so this is a very straightforward, no nonsense tutorial. 231 weitere Wörter


Open Doors

There will be no introduction or anything today. We are just going to dive into the discussion. „When one door closes, another one open.“ That statement has just been proven to me in many more ways than one. 370 weitere Wörter


When I worked at Ashley Furniture I used to take what I called a „Batman.“ These batmans were essentially clarity breaks. I’d stand up from my desk, call batman, and walk away. 704 weitere Wörter


When You Actually Cared

When you were in first grade, grades didn’t matter. All you had to worry about what was getting your color pages finished in time to watch power-puff girls. 360 weitere Wörter



We live in a finite world where everything has a beginning and an end. It’s hard to comprehend endlessness and it can be difficult to wrap our minds around infinity. 528 weitere Wörter