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Which Voice....Part Dos

Yesterday I wrote about taking control of your thoughts and listening to the good angel versus the bad. I wanted to just expand a little more on it. 474 weitere Wörter


Apple just made a huge deal to push the iPhone into big businesses


Apple has signed a deal with Deloitte, the world’s largest consulting firm, to accelerate its big push to get the iPhone into the hands of big businesses.  220 weitere Wörter


Which Voice?

It’s that time of the week where you are thankful it isn’t the beginning and praying that it is the end. The time of the week that you’re dragging out of bed looking for a pick me upper to head into work. 668 weitere Wörter



I am proud of myself. I am amazing.

We haven’t worked out for 1 whole week. We are traveling. We are in conference. We have made bad food choices. 56 weitere Wörter

At age 33, I am constantly grappling with what it is that I “should” be doing. Whenever I feel that I am beginning to get a clearer understanding of what that is, suddenly the trapdoor beneath my feet swings open and I am in free fall.  1.050 weitere Wörter