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One of those days

The days when you are the least ready to get up and go. Those days when you feel like you have zero energy. Those days when the aches and pains are all that you can think of. noch 26 Wörter

The Push

The school year is over, and I’m predictably about to cry at any given moment. Guilty of over-celebrating every moment of my daughter’s lives, they wake up on the last day of school to ballooned rooms and streamers decking out the doorway. noch 883 Wörter

Christian Living

I Do, I Do Believe in Fairies

I was told that I have a childlike imagination. One that believes in Santa, fairies, unicorns and the like. It isn’t that I really believe in all those things. noch 616 Wörter


Go for it. 

If you never push beyond your limits, you’ll never know how far you can really go.

UK would lose at least 500,000 jobs after Brexit vote: Osborne


Britain would lose at least half a million jobs within two years of a vote to leave the European Union and a fall in the value of the pound would push up inflation sharply, finance minister George Osborne said on Monday. noch 121 Wörter

Money Matters

All Life Matters

If you personally know me or if you follow my blog you know I haven’t been secretive in regards to my battle with anxiety and depression. noch 616 Wörter


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