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Lagom #8 - Eau de toilette

We released a new song called Eau de toilette and the last one of the album! It’s interpreted in French, Spanish and English, still by taste of being multilingual like the guy we want to wink in that new song. noch 38 Wörter


Lagom #7 – The Connection

Hej! You might have missed us, but we are back with a new incredible song. This time we recorded a cheap autotune song about how hard is to get a Swedish friend… or something more, you know what we mean ;) noch 46 Wörter


Lagom#6 - Erik Le Rouge

This is the new song of Lagom. If you like geology and viking’s legend, you won’t be disappointed… except if you don’t understand french! Musically, it’s a tribute to… noch 26 Wörter