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My Doom/Turok SP User Map Conversion

This is going to be a SP level for Doom and Turok 2. It will be added into my Turok Lives Again Mod. Using Blood Textures and Doom 64 resources. 215 weitere Wörter

My Maps

Midwestern Blog Needed

I’d love to learn how to get more traffic to my blog. Being such a new blog, I only have about thirty views a month. As well as more traffic, I’d love to get more comments, interactions with my articles. 359 weitere Wörter


Turok Lives again

Turok Lives Again V0.1 Download:

This is a small mod that I will update in the future. It features a Tommy gun and a Doombuilder version of Blood One Unit Whole Bloods level 1 Cradle To Grave. 216 weitere Wörter


Niemeyer Project Proposal: Composting

Expanding Composting Efforts on Campus

Allie Niemeyer

Project Overview:

The intention is that I will apply for (and acquire) a SIP grant for an indoor composting system which Tree House will implement along with their current outdoor pallet composter.  898 weitere Wörter