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Нити Красноярска, a new tool for discovering Krasnoyarsk

It is quite unlikely that you will hear someone in Russia or elsewhere saying that this summer he will go to Krasnoyarsk for his vacations. Usually foreigners don’t know this city and many Russians have never been there. noch 1.101 Wörter


Humans of Ballou Book Launch! Celebrate with Shout Mouse Press!

Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge. They are chaotic, sometimes painful, sometimes contradictory, but they come from deep within us. And we must key into those feelings and begin to extrapolate from them, examine them for new ways of understanding our experiences.

noch 384 Wörter

Reading Project 2016 - Where My Heart Used To Beat #5

I should have known not to read another book by Sebastian Faulks. The last book I read of his was a total bore. But alas this book was ready to be picked up from the library so I gave him another chance. noch 239 Wörter


MGA: Capítulo 221 – Cayendo En Una Trampa

Wahahhahaha nada mas digo que es un cliff. Y bien hondo, de cual no podrán salir hasta el viernes…. Sowwy T-T…. yo tampoco el proximo cap asi que entiendo su dolor… noch 1.698 Wörter


MGA: Capitulo 220- Reunión de Enemigos

Hola, yo se que ando desaparecida pero sólo me faltan dos semanas de clases y estoy hasta aquí (-.-‚)´\ de exámenes y proyectos, así que ni tiempo de traducir nada… les dejo este cap, disfrutenlo y sufran hasta que Yari y Io estemos menos ocupadas… :D… noch 1.597 Wörter


Can I view my child's website now?

When they are finished, they will be available to the world to enjoy!

For now, though, they are only viewable by the teacher and the student author of each website – as they are still in progress. noch 21 Wörter

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