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NebbieBox - Cat Entertainment Center

Another project is a cat entertainment center using a combination of servo controlled mice and feathers. For the prototype I used a wooden wine case (6 pack) and inserted tubes and servos for two mice. noch 140 Wörter


Home Automation Motion Sensor

This is a prototype of my battery powered PIR motion sensor unit that I have on my front porch. It has run for several months on 3 AA batteries. noch 132 Wörter


Autumnal Vibes

With the change of the season gradually coming through, I’m getting so excited to get out and shoot the amazing colours that autumn brings.
Lots of exciting shoots and projects planned! noch 6 Wörter


New Project: Sugar

This semester, I am going to do honors special project. To explain about the project briefly, honors students are required to do two independent studies, and this special project is one of them. noch 406 Wörter


Possible projects for this semester

I don’t know if anyone has posted about this or not this semester

  1. I would like to get another Delaware Run clean up scheduled and help with the Delaware Run project…
  2. noch 37 Wörter

A spotty JJ for PR sewing bee

A few weeks ago the new PR Sewing Bee contest was announced and I decided to join. I don’t remember why I didn’t enter last year, but I did watch it and it seemed like a lot of fun. noch 436 Wörter

DIY: Ribbon + feather mobile & fabric wall hangings.

The nesting bug’s got me pretty good so of course I have a few DIY projects rolling around in my head that I’m itching to try. noch 80 Wörter