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February Shorts Revisited

It’s not February anymore. Thank goodness. What a truly nasty little month February 2015 turned out to be. I’m extremely glad to find myself contemplating March and the possibility that one of these days it might actually stop raining and think about becoming Spring in Belfast. noch 543 Wörter

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Week 9: Common Clichés

The grass is always greener on the other side.  People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  Actions speak louder than words.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.   noch 267 Wörter

52 Week Challenge

Officials break ground on the I-5/Florence Avenue Interchange Project

Metro DCEO Lindy Lee

Groundbreaking for I-5/Florence Avenue Interchange Project.

L.A. County Supervisor and Metro Board Member Don Knabe.

Metro Director Don Knabe, Caltrans District 7 Director Carrie Bowen, Metro Director Diane DuBois and Metro Deputy CEO Lindy Lee (Photos by Joseph Lemon/Metro) … noch 556 Wörter


Inspirational Projects

“This is one of the first projects we’ve done this year that I want to actually work on in my free time,” one of my students said today during STEM class.   noch 738 Wörter


Colorful Vintage Illustration Gallery Wall // DIY Gallery Wall Tips

I’m always changing things up in this small, little apartment of mine. I was craving a little more color on my living room walls, so I planned on ditching the large abstract canvas and doing a gallery wall instead. noch 340 Wörter


Springtime Living Room & Coffee Table Update with Annie Sloan

Our living room was the first room that I “finished” when we moved in. But when is any room ever really finished?I have continued to make updates a bit at a time in the last two years. noch 354 Wörter


March 5

Today I worked on my OKC Flyer for Non-Designers Design Book.  I moved some things around to where it wasn’t so crowded and messed up.  I also added some background images also.

Before –

After –