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Symmetry Breakfasts --- Breakfast as an Art Form

One morning back in 2013, Michael Zee made breakfast for himself and his boyfriend, Mark. When he plated the meal, he noticed it was symmetrical, and took a picture of it with his IPhone. 216 weitere Wörter


Rust is Bad, Kids

Rust is always bad for guns, but sometimes (like on this old Remington) it can get better.
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How to fight back ...

The key to thriving is in ignoring the idiots, of which there are plenty around. They also appear to have bags of dosh. But dosh doesn’t maketh the woman or man: grace under pressure does. 51 weitere Wörter

Me To Yous

My New Job

I was recently told by my teachers that I articulate well.

Articulate – 

Definition: having the ability to speak fluently and coherently.

So, because of that and my pressing need to fight my Anxiety Disorder, I decided to challenge myself.

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Personal Work

Project: Knife Sheath Modifications

All three of the boys have Light My Fire Swedish FireKnives (a.k.a. a Mora knife with a built-in ferro rod). After watching videos on YouTube from… 328 weitere Wörter


Displaying data on LCD screen using Arduino.

Hey, guys!! Welcome to my second post on how to display data on LCD screen using Arduino.


Basics of Arduino. (Thats all!!)


Arduino IDE installed along with the „LiquidCrystal“ module ( Included by default in the recent versions.) 533 weitere Wörter