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More time studying related to higher SAT Scores

Positive Correlation between Hours Studied and SAT Scores

Using datasets from


SELECT * FROM tutorial.sat_scores ;

we find the variables in this dataset are school, teacher, student_id, sat writing, sat_verbal, sat_math, hrs_studied, and id… noch 168 Wörter


Construction More Active in Summer than Winter

Using data from

The following query displays the first 100 entries in the table from the database.

SELECT * FROM tutorial.housing_units_completed_us

LIMIT 100;

A preview of the output shows us that the main variables are year, month, south, west, midwest, and northeast. noch 491 Wörter


Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects - Page 2 of 6 -...

Utensil Organizer
12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips (with pictures)
DIY Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer — Easy!! 13 Sneaky Smart Ways to Use Adhesive Hooks and Strips 21 DIY Bathroom Organizational Projects That Will Make Your Bathroom Look… noch 12 Wörter

I Have Nothing to Say

Hello, Friday, my old friend. Actually, I don’t really like Fridays. I like Thursdays, because the week is almost over but you’re not quite wasting weekend yet. noch 90 Wörter