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Growing Up

To be completely honest, I don’t think I’m completely ready to grow up. To handle my own life by myself. To pay bills, or study for midterms or finals. noch 234 Wörter

This is the last blog of the year

I hope this has been a good way to keep you informed about our year. It has been a pleasure as well as an honor to be your child’s teacher this year. noch 71 Wörter


Latest construction PowerPoint for Purple Line Extension

View this document on Scribd

There’s nothing dramatically new in the above presentation, which was used at a community meeting for the Purple Line Extension project on Thursday night. noch 71 Wörter


Infographic: Foothill Operations Campus by the numbers

Quick reminder: there is a public open house and dedication tomorrow for the new Foothill Gold Line Operations Campus in Monrovia. In the meantime, some relevant numbers above. noch 8 Wörter