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Pretty in Paint!

In my house, the rule is that paint makes everything better. Here is a small post with just a few of my projects for you to see what a 5 minute paint job can accomplish! noch 13 Wörter


Matching Headbands for Mom and Baby, Simple Knitting Pattern

You may think I’m being dramatic when I say that I love my niece more than anything in the world. But it’s true. I started knitting again specifically to make her as many cute things as possible! noch 101 Wörter


Protect Your Research with a Variable Temperature Sealer

With so much time and money invested in scientific research and development it’s important to ensure your work is protected. It can sometimes be challenging getting a research grant approved by the… noch 427 Wörter

Australian Research Council

Senegal - Stormwater Management and Climate Change Adaptation Project (AF)

The World Bank Board of Directors has approved additional financing for the Senegal Stormwater Management and Climate Change Adaptation Project. The additional financing amounts to a total of $38 million, of which $35 million is provided by the World Bank. noch 110 Wörter


Here Come the Tautograms!

No, it’s not some kind of new-wave European boy band – although perhaps it should be. A tautogram is a sentence where each word starts with the same letter. noch 119 Wörter