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I digressed quite significantly this morning when I broke a glass jar in the cold storage room. Which turned what was a quick trip for jars into a let’s clean up this whole entire space. 457 weitere Wörter


Project Management and Other Fun Stuff

With a new job and new job title come new hurdles. I shouldn’t say hurdles, but ways to expand my skillset. One field that I have always sort of struggled to understand is project management (PM). 150 weitere Wörter

Adult Education

I'm a Yarn Artist. Sorry, what's that?

I had planned on writing about my progress for my Eden Unearthed piece, giving you all regular updates, snap shots of the progress and the ups and downs of my journey however I simply haven’t had the time! 660 weitere Wörter


Oxley flexes its strength in township projects, new markets


‚Oxley has an edge over its competitors given the reputable partners it has engaged.‘ – Ching Chiat Kwong, Oxley Holdings executive chairman and CEO. 1.271 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

BBQ Prep stand basically done 

The drawers stick a bit, and may need some adjustments, but the wood grain looks nice.

I will add a clear stain to it once the back deck project is finished.


New Farm Hand

Our niece, Carmelle, arrived this past weekend for a month long stay to help on the farm. She flew in from Colorado, and we are very excited to have her here, as we don’t get to see her too often. 247 weitere Wörter