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Seven Signs We’re iMmersed in iMedia

We are two weeks from finishing one of our classes this semester, and it’s hard to believe we’ve been working in iMedia for two whole months. 328 weitere Wörter

IMedia Program Experiences

Wine Bottle Vase

Happy Tuesday!

I am reposting a favorite post from my previous blog as a test on my new site.

I am so ready for Spring! 144 weitere Wörter



JavaPi is an ongoing project to document use of the GPIO pins on the raspberry pi, as well as interact with them over a network/through web server requests. 36 weitere Wörter


Challenge Tuesday - Two halves don't make a whole!

This is the second week of failure to report.  After my last post I started reading a second book last week; unfortunately I am about 50% into both which is no good to man nor beast when it comes to writing a post! 145 weitere Wörter


PiBox Project

PiBox is a Raspberry Pi based custom built console for Retro Game Emulation.

Check out the build HERE


Skeleton and Senses Project

Here are some links to help your child with their projects.

Click here for bones.

Click here for science kids.

Click here for your skeleton. 18 weitere Wörter