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Group Project:

„Endangered Animals in Greece and in the World“


Ends Workshop

Designing an off-boarding experience for sketchbooks:

Designing an off-boarding experience for an IKEA bunk bed:

Rethinking transaction models:


When I was 17, my cousin from Taiwan visited our family. 310 weitere Wörter


Finals Frost Fest 2015

When registering for classes, I spend a significant amount of time researching my options. I try to make choices that would be most beneficial to my learning and development. 261 weitere Wörter


1 School Year of Work

This image represents 8 months of my life. I couldn’t be prouder of the outcome. More to come.


May Day is coming!

May Day is a leftist holy day. On May Day, we celebrate the working class and honor those who fought for workers‘ rights, especially those seven anarchists who were murdered by the state after the 1886 riot in Chicago’s Haymarket Square. 289 weitere Wörter

Costume Design for the BPP

I was the costume collaborator for the Bloomington Playwright Project Summer Mini-Play Festival in 2009 – this is a sampling of them shown by the group for which I directed (based on American Girl dolls come to life), and a young actor playing the main character „Lucky“ for a play I co-wrote.