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Singapore headline consumer prices showed no rise in January


FILE PHOTO: A Singapore dollar note is seen in this illustration photo May 31, 2017. REUTERS/Thomas White/Illustration/File Photo

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Singapore reported no consumer inflation in January, for the first time since late 2016, due to lower accommodation and private road transportation costs, data showed on Friday. 128 weitere Wörter

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Što je važnije

Jedne su godine, u doba Purima, sjedili za stolom R. Menahem Mendel iz Kocka i njegovi hasidi. Nakon što su već ispunili tri micvot (zapovijedi) koje zahtijeva taj praznik, prešli su na zadnju i najslađu: jesti i piti do adlojada, „do trenutka kad čovjek ne zna više razliku između ‚Neka je blagoslovljen Mordehai‘ i ‚Proklet bio Haman.'“ … 193 weitere Wörter


Thai Beverage Ltd Is Trading Close To Its 52-Week Low Price: Is It A Solid Business?


Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (SGX: Y92) is a company operating in four different segments, namely, Spirits, Beer, Food, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages. At the current price of S$0.835, the company is trading close its 52-week low price of S$0.83. 528 weitere Wörter

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The only missing detail of the new Galaxy S9 is leaked: its price

Few days from now Samsung will unveil its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9, and we already know almost all its features and specifications. Its price was one of the few doubts that we had about the device in its two versions, but someone has already confirmed how much it will cost. 170 weitere Wörter


Origin of Fracking Dates Back to the Civil War

By John Manfreda – Re-Blogged From Business Insider

Over the past decade, the biggest story in the US energy sector has been hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. 769 weitere Wörter

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What's Driving The Bitcoin Craze And What's Driving Its Fall?


In the history of the world economy, nothing comes close to the changes in Bitcoin’s price and fortunes.

In the span of just a few years, Bitcoin… 805 weitere Wörter

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– Gde si devojčice? Devojčice? DEVOJČICE!

– Ajde ne deri se majmune, probudićeš mamicu…

– Mamica je mrtva. Mrtva je mamica.

– Ćuti ti cmizdro. Devojčice, devojčice, evo nosim mala klešta, izvadiću ti dvojčice, devojčice… 690 weitere Wörter