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Guess the price of car wash.

How do you justify such a huge price for car wash?
I paid, got my car washed for that price but just wondering why I do this. noch 32 Wörter



i love to babysit you can trust me to i do sales to and the price is $2.00 an hour !!  and i love babies !! so much


Eyebrow threading 

My eyebrows are devilish. They are unruly and every time I pluck them I ruin them- so I tried threading and I thought I’d share my experience with you. noch 222 Wörter


REVIEW: Distraint

Status: Released

Developer: Jesse Makkonen

Publisher: Jesse Makkonen

Genre: 2D psychological horror adventure

Release date: 21th October 2015

Type: Single-player

Distraint is psychological horror adventure game with very powerful moments of sadness and terror. noch 876 Wörter


The Asus Zenfone Max : Powered Throughout Your Day

This model marks another era of the Zenfone as evidenced by the vertically oriented packaging that it comes in.

Pulling the Zenfone Max out of the box feels familiar but the heft and overall appearance remains distinct from all the other Zenfones that came before it. noch 780 Wörter


“Not everyone can frequently afford (or justify) expensive new clothes or shoes. Just remember cost-per-wear. Will you wear it every day?”

Jayne Min, fashion blogger… noch 19 Wörter

“A little secret is that I never pay full-price for my designer bags, I always buy them pre-owned. I don’t take the best care of my bags so I figure they’ll look a little worn after a while anyway/” noch 22 Wörter