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Unit Test: InternalsVisibleTo

Over the years of using Unit Test, I have found that it improves the quality of my work significantly. I strongly recommend every developer should use Unit Test whenever they write code. noch 244 Wörter


WordPress File Header Comments

The best thing about WordPress is that everything it does is extensible, this means that developers can do anything they want by building on top of the WordPress framework. noch 595 Wörter


VPN Gate Client Plugin 4.19 Build 9599.134715

– VPN Gate Client Plugin 4.19 Build 9599.134715 –

SoftEther VPN allows to hide your ip address and protects your privacy. Choice a country and protect your personal id on the internet. noch 160 Wörter


New Plugin available & nextPluginPoll

Heyey people,

here I will now present you the newest plugin. It provides you the feature, to use Pokemon exp-curves for your actors.
You can grab this plugin here:  noch 51 Wörter


Create log in Plug-in using Custom Entity

Sometime we want to know what is going on in our plugin code. When the plugin code is very large then we need to write the code for every step which is executed successfully or not. noch 352 Wörter

Crm 2011

SWT plugin for eclipse

A while ago I decided that I need to create a little app so I can convert values from hext to int and back more easily. noch 239 Wörter


NativeScript-VideoPlayer Plugin

Go get it: `npm install nativescript-videoplayer`


Before we dive in I’d like to thank two developers who had major contributions to this plugin so be sure to thank them and check their stuff out. noch 434 Wörter