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What plugin for PayPal Donations?

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What are we using for random amounts?

Plugin Post

this is about a plugin. What did we use?

Mirza Related Posts

I have created a simple plug-in for showing category based related posts for wordpress.


Date Issue

In MS CRM, we have multiple date time zone setting, each user can set his own time zone as per his requirement.

Thus, Microsoft Dynamics CRM stores all DateTime fields in UTC time, so by using the ‘DateTime.UtcNow’ approach our dates will be converted into UTC time before hitting the database. 238 weitere Wörter


Consume Web-request from Plugin

Generally, CRM not works alone, it includes many other application, such time we needs to move data from one application to another. In this situation we needs integration; We do integration with either “HttpWebRequest” or “BasicHttpBinding”.  326 weitere Wörter


TDS2 Rocks Connector

If you are using Sitecore Rocks and you want newly created items to show up automatically in the TDS project you have in your solution without doing any extra operations – except save the project and add the new files to git and then commit/push – then a plugin for Sitecore Rocks has to be installed. 40 weitere Wörter


Installing ScaleIO Plugin and SVM Template

To integrate the ScaleIO Plugin with your vCenter DELLEMC have provided a very handy PowerCli script which make the process very easy indeed.

Firstly download the ScaleIO VMware install media from the DELLEMC Support website… 244 weitere Wörter