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Free Audio Fade plugins for Final Cut Pro X

by Idustrial Revolution

XEffects Audio Fades are a set of free audio fade plugins for Final Cut Pro X that when applied to a clip or audio components of a clip, automatically apply audio fade handles. 214 weitere Wörter


IBM Connections Files plugin not working within Notes when TLSv1.2 is enforced

After enforcing TLSv1.2 on our internal Connections 5.5 servers the Files plugin would not work.

In the IHS logs I would see errors such as… 198 weitere Wörter


NEW VIDE 2.0.2!


Here’s a new update with some new features. 138 weitere Wörter


New project to expose congress' Browsing Habits

So, how much porn do you think our elected officials are watching while they’re on the job? And where do you think the White House gets most of its news – or, as the case may be, „news“ from? 1.031 weitere Wörter