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Top Rated Free WordPress Plugins to Start a Website

Building a new website?  WordPress has become the most popular CMS for building amazing websites, but with these plugins you can have total faith in your new site. 730 weitere Wörter


Dynamics 365 - Calculate Elapsed Business Hours w/ Business Closures

In our current project, we had to calculate the turnaround time of a transaction. Along with this calculation, we are taking into account a 9-5 business hours as well as the out-of-the-box business closures of Dynamics 365. 692 weitere Wörter

Dynamics 365

VIDE 1.2 now available

The new update is up :)

Full changelist:

  • Fixed VIDE_Data loading wrong dialogues (with an offset) after creating or deleting new dialogues.
  • New toolbar that replaces Editor Tools.
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What's next with WebRTC?

Web Real-Time Communication is said to have found a way to replace all plugins and applications for real-time audio/video and textual messaging. Say „bye bye“ to Flash! 604 weitere Wörter