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Txema Quintero: WPML - WordPress multi idioma

Txema Quintero : WPML – WordPress multi idioma

JavaScript erforderlich zum Abspielen von Txema Quintero : WPML – WordPress multi idioma. noch 117 Wörter


Dispatch plugin for Vim

Vim can be used to build your code by using the :make command. It runs the command appropriate for your compiler, parses the compile errors or warnings and provides them in the… noch 236 Wörter


Let us say that you want to execute a job periodically, what comes to your mind first? If you are familiar with Linux, I can hear your screaming… noch 411 Wörter

Nosetests and the docstrings

For some reason when you use the -v switch in nosetests, instead of using the test name, the runner uses the docstring (and only first line, for that matter). noch 33 Wörter


Plugin for filtering a static JSON

Fetching a data set (JSON in other words) from back-end using AJAX calls and updating your User Interface with the latest data is a common scenario these days. noch 263 Wörter


Site death, RIP

I put my personal stuff on a WP MultiSite,, I only had two sites.  My interests and pretty stuff, then my serious world issues stuff on /global. noch 260 Wörter