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Install Statistics plugin for AndroidStudio: crash and troubleshooting

Statistic is a very powerful plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, which is very useful to show files sorted by their extension along with size, line count LOC etc. noch 104 Wörter

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After Effects Beam

Nuke is great, but it doesn’t always have what you want. For those coming from After Effects to Nuke, this is one of the tools you may be missing, the Beam. noch 1.823 Wörter


Quest Log

Name: Quest Log

Version: 1.0

Author: Mr. Trivel

Created: 2016-05-03

What does it do?

Tracks quests, awards players for completing them. noch 197 Wörter


Recording Audio In a NativeScript App

Okay, so not everyone will need to record audio from a device in their mobile application, but it’s still a pretty kick-ass feature to add to your app. noch 839 Wörter


When we talk about continuous integration; there are many tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo etc. But Jenkins is the most popular because of its numerous plugin and free style configurations for jobs. noch 541 Wörter


Advanced Custom Fields Auth XSS Vulnerability

I am looking for a job in information security domain. Any lead or link is highly appreciable.


#Product : Advanced Custom Fields… noch 222 Wörter


CB Sales Manager Plugin For Wordpress

CB Sales Manager Plugin For WordPress

Easily Sell Your CB Products From Any WordPress Site! It Provides: Full Ipn V6.0 Integration, Customers Management Console, Custom Email Notification Templates, Automatic Buyer Account Creation, Strong Downloads Protection And Much More! noch 10 Wörter

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