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Movie Review: Looper

Looper is a 2012 science fiction/action movie directed by Rian Johnson. When the film came out, I was entrigued by the plot and knew I wanted to see it. noch 650 Wörter


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Piper Perabo Attending 'Wake' With Bruce Willis & Ben Kingsley

EXCLUSIVE: Piper Perabo has been cast opposite Bruce Willis and Ben Kingsley in Wake, an indie thriller from director John Pogue. When the Forrester family reunites for a relative’s wake, they are unnerved by the arrival of the dead man’s brother, Red (Willis), a diagnosed sociopath who made their lives a living hell until he disappeared years ago. noch 92 Wörter



In the future time travel is invented, and then immediately outlawed. The only people who use it are criminal syndicates that throw their bad guys back in time to be killed when they are done with them. noch 71 Wörter

Family Drama Movie

Coyote Ugly 2000: Video: Tyra Banks Dancing on The Bar

I believe this was the first scene in Coyote Ugly where the bar was open. And Violet played by Piper Perabo walks in for her tryout or audition and sees the women on the bar in action. noch 143 Wörter

Sexy Women

USA ends Covert Affairs

USA Network has ended its original series Covert Affairs after five seasons.

The show’s star Piper Perabo said on Twitter:

Thanks for all love for .

noch 97 Wörter

CANCELLED - Covert Affairs - Season 5

Fans will not get a proper ending with the series being cancelled. noch 187 Wörter